bitcoin btc reversal lower fibonacci price support levels january 22

Bitcoin Parabolic Rally Reversal Faces Big Test!

One of the biggest breakouts of 2020 came by way of Bitcoin. And it was epic. The coronavirus crash...
euro currency breakout higher important commodities prices rising chart year 2021

The Commodities Rally Hinges on a Euro Breakout!

Over the past year, there has been a lot of buzz about rising equities, the surge in Bitcoin, the strength of gold,...
us dollar etf uup bottom low elliott wave chart forecast higher january

US Dollar Low In Early 2021? (Elliott Wave Roadmap)

As we continue to follow the US Dollar Index and Invesco DB U.S. Dollar Index Bullish Fund NYSEARCA: UUP, we wanted to...
us dollar decline lower bottom targets chart analysis january year 2021

Is the US Dollar About To Collapse or Rally?

The U.S. Dollar got hit hard in 2020, declining nearly 7 percent (year over year) and as much as 12 percent from...
stock market forecast outlook trading year 2021

Stock Market Indicators: More Green Than Red Into Holidays

It was a split market on Tuesday with the S&P 500 Index (-0.21%) and Dow Jones Industrial Average (-0.67%) falling, and the...
euro currency new bull market breakout higher analysis image december 17

Euro Currency Bull Market… Ready To Launch In 2021?

The Euro has been mired in a down trend for the majority of the past 12 years,...
future inflation signals gold and treasury bond yields year 2020 2021

Is Gold Signaling Coming Inflation?

The current market situation shows a quick attempt to push a smaller stimulus bill by the end...
cryptocurrency bitcoin investing research cartoon

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Forge Into Mainstream Investment Research

Today Bitcoin (BTC) passed its record high as certain members of the Economic Moderns Family digest their recent gains.
bitcoin gold bullish cup and handle price pattern formation chart image

Bitcoin and Gold: Bullish Cup and Handle Patterns In Progress?

It wasn't long ago that Bitcoin was pretty much left for dead. And a couple years before...
stock market top peak image

5 Post-Election Investing Themes To Watch

With the stock market rallying well over 6 percent this week (depending which stock index you track), it's time for active investors...

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