s&p 500 index chart analysis stock market correction low reversal rally forecast_january 2019

Macro Market Trends Weekly Outlook For Investors (January 7)

U.S. Equities On a closing basis, the S&P 500 has continued to move higher from the lows established on Christmas Eve. The strength has taken the...
weak us dollar bullish gold rally higher_year 2019 january

Gold Bulls Get Two Thumbs Up If Dollar Weakness Continues

We've written quite a bit about the prospects for a Gold (NYSEARCA: GLD) rally in recent months. The setups were there - and a rally...

Quantifying Candlesticks for Trading Systems

Candlesticks are often a trader’s first exposure to technical analysis. As a quantitative system developer for a high frequency and market making firm I can...

In This Market, Stagnant Investors Gather Moss

Once again, I saw lots of bullish calls for the market. I really hope that our friends who have never lived through a sustained bear...
s&p 500 index stock market divergence year end rally chart_november 26

Year End Stock Market Rally? Burden of Proof Remains On Bulls

On a closing basis, the S&P 500 (INDEXCBOE: .INX) remains below the 50 and 200-day moving averages, both of which are declining. Investors will now...
dollar gold ratio investing chart bullish precious metals_15 november 2018

Gold Bugs Are Cheering On This Double Top Pattern!

Gold, Silver, and the precious metals industry have a pretty simple relationship with the U.S. Dollar: They perform better when the Dollar is weakening... and...
us dollar bullish etf uup elliott wave forecast higher wave 5 price target_year 2019

US Dollar ETF (UUP): Breakout or Retreat From Here?

Three months ago we posted a chart at See It Market showing how the U.S. Dollar ETF (NYSEARCA:UUP) had reached an important resistance area per...
uup us dollar bullish etf chart analysis bullish_october 29

What’s the U.S. Dollar Really Worth?

I have tried in both creative and straightforward ways to discuss with you how vulnerable the overall market is. In the same way, I have...
gold miners bullish chart october 19

Is All That Glitters Gold?

The following article is a part of my Gone Fishing Newsletter that I provide to fishing club members each week to identify macro inflection points and...
s&p 500 investing chart analysis correction lows bottom october

Macro Market Trends Blur As Equities Hit Oversold Levels

On a closing basis, the S&P 500 has regained the 200-day moving average after finishing below on Thursday. The 50-day moving average has begun to...

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