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square stock sq price chart forecast higher year 2020 bullish analysis image

Square Stock (SQ) Rallies on Report of M&A Activity in the Payments Space

Square (SQ) Weekly Chart On Tuesday, Bloomberg reported that Western Union (WU) is looking...

Are Puppets or Puppeteers Pulling the Stock Market’s Strings?

Civil unrest is not impacting the market right now, as much as one might think it should. Someone said...
us equities rally bonds flat analysis bear market chart june 2

The U.S. Equities Bounce… and the Novel Recession

In May, stock markets continued their relentless rally out of the “corona-crisis”, latching on to any and all reasons to rally after...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Today: Cyclical Sectors Continue to Improve

There are several reasons for stocks to selloff as the list of investment concerns grows. But the stock market...
skyy cloud computing etf analysis investing june 2 long term chart

Inside the Stock Market Rally: A Short-Term Outlook for Leading Industry Groups (ETFs)

During long-term bull markets (decades), shorter-term advances during the cycle expansions (often 2-4 years in duration) rise to a minor deviation from...
money falls from tree image_ michele schneider

ETF Investing Market Update: Is It Time to Prune in June?

Now that “sell in May” did not work out so good for the bears, what will June hold for both the bulls...
pfizer stock falls lower pfe analysis indicators technical price support

Pfizer (PFE) Sells Off as Drug Trial Halted – Where’s The Buy Zone?

Pfizer NYSE: PFE Weekly Chart On Friday, Pfizer (PFE) announced they had halted a...
stock market sectors performance ranking for investors week june 1

U.S. Financial Market Update: Data, Projections, and Price Indicators

The gradual reopening of the economy with little evidence of resurgence in the virus has bolstered investor confidence.  The...
xle energy sector etf chart resistance test chart may 31 2020

Back to the Future: When Will Energy and Financial Stocks Matter?

In most bull markets, stock market sectors like Energy and Financials matter. Meaning, they are performing in-line (or sideways) as the stock...
2020 investing outlook bearish challenges

5 Reasons The Stock Market Is Poised For A Selloff

U.S. Stock Market Trading Outlook (3-5 Days):  Bearish I expect US stock markets have begun a short-term topping process that should...

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