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stock market correction over now rally to new highs chart analysis investing news

Is the Current Stock Market Rally Sustainable?

This past week dip buyers saved the market from breaking lower.  The Retail Sector ETF (XRT) and Regional Banking Sector ETF (KRE) have cleared back...
nasdaq to s&p 500 index price ratio chart trend support analysis

Nasdaq to S&P 500 Index Ratio Undergoing Important Test!

Tech stocks have been on shaking ground over the past several weeks / few months. And this shows up clearly in today's ratio chart, pitting...
gold etf gld price inflection point analysis investing news image

Pullback Means Bullish Inflection for Gold

After reaching a peak in May 2020, gold has been in a fairly consistent downtrend. In early March, we shared how a confluence of...
iyt transportation sector etf bullish divergence reversal indicator chart may 13

Are Transportation Stocks The Market’s Last Hope?

Wednesday, the market continued the prior days' sell-off.   This has placed the overall market trend in a pivotal area as more sectors begin to look...
nasdaq futures trading technical price support important chart may 11

Can Nasdaq 100 and Technology Sector (XLK) Hold Key Price Support?

The Nasdaq 100 (NDX) rally came within 7 points of my 1390 target before quickly reversing lower.  As we noted on our May 6th...
s&p 500 earnings new record q1 year 2021

When The U.S. Dollar Is Not Just A Dollar

With the Xth wave of the pandemic ongoing and a good portion of the world’s population still stuck at home, you would not be alone...
growth stocks bull market ends versus value stocks performance chart image

Is It Game Over For Growth Stocks?

One of the most exciting and relentless investing trends of the past 4 years is the strength in growth stocks versus value stocks. But that...
qqq nasdaq 100 etf technical price analysis investing chart may 7

Large Cap Tech Stocks At Critical Time & Price Area

Large cap tech stocks have lost some steam in the past few weeks, with the Nasdaq 100 Index ETF (QQQ) having trouble breaking out...
gold futures price higher rally targets week may 10 news image

Gold and Silver Futures Rally Triggers Buy Signals

Precious metals are in the spotlight once again as a weak US dollar coupled with a weak jobs report have traders buying Gold and...
microsoft stock msft technical price support bullish investing chart image may 7

Microsoft Stock Price Reversal Triggers Buy Signal – May Target

Several buy signals have generated for stocks in the Technology Sector. This comes as the recent market pullback ends. One stock that we like here for...

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