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Artificial Intelligence Start-Ups Growing 50 Percent A Year

If you have not noticed, all the rage has recently been around artificial intelligence. Yes! This fancy buzzword is starting to show some fruits of...
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Tech Stocks Are Teetering On Pivotal Price Support!

With interest rates rising / elevated, growth stocks are struggling. And in today's market, growth stocks often are tech stocks. Today's chart looks at...
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Twitter Changes and Insights Under Elon Musk

We have been following the Twitter story closely as it could have implications for the rest of the social/community platforms. For one, we know Musk...
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How Consumers Are Using Virtual and Augmented Reality

"PwC Says one of the most surprising results in their survey is that nearly a fifth of VR users reported buying luxury goods..." There are...
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Cash App User Engagement Taking The Lead

Engagement is a crucial indicator of product market success in the mobile app world. And the most recent data shows that Cash App continues to...
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Consumers Spending A Lot Of Time Streaming Digital Content

Consumers have an abundance of options when it comes to entertainment. The internet has magnified this. Today, nearly anyone can enjoy a high-quality streaming experience...
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Cash App Gaining Ground, Fueled By Teen Usage

With commerce evolving beyond physical money and as consumers look for convenience, payment apps are playing a critical role on both the customer and...
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Google Q4 Earnings and Revenue Strong as Cloud, AI Businesses Deliver

Google (Alphabet) announced their 4Q 2021 earnings on Tuesday, February 1. And they were even stronger than expected. Investors sent the stock ticker (GOOGL)...
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Is Apple’s Packed Q1 Calendar Signaling Good News?

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. This week Big Tech has started to report Q4...
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Welcome to the Metaverse: Virtual Reality Adoption Surges

The metaverse and virtual reality are spaces we have have written about extensively. We believe that VR/AR has a place in the future, and...

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