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crb commodity index peak price inflation chart august year 2022

Is the CRB Commodity Index Peaking and Reversing Lower?

It's fair to say that inflation has been one of the key economic buzz words of 2022 (along with interest rates). Will the Federal Reserve's...
important stock market indexes trading at 38.2 Fibonacci chart august

U.S. Stock Market Set To Receive Message From 38.2 Fibonacci!

As the stock market bounce continues, wary investors are beginning to wonder about how much longer this rally will last. While no one can predict...
bank to s&p 500 index price ratio stock market indicator bearish signal chart

Will Bank Stocks Divergence Lead To Another Market Crash?

The health of our banking and financial sector is critically important to a strong economy. It's also important to the stock market. Today, we look at...
s&p 500 index bear market rally elliott wave analysis image august

Bear Market Rally Nearing Heavy Price Resistance Zone

I am currently reluctant to engage in this bear market rally as I believe the next down leg is about to start. The U.S. stock...
qqq nasdaq 100 etf rally price resistance moving average chart august

Don’t Get Caught Up In Stock Market’s Confusion

For the moment, the stock market continues to defy the notion that inflation or slower economic growth is hurting US businesses. Corporate earnings have slightly...
fred 10 to 2 year treasury bond yield curve constant maturity chart

Ways to Profit in a Stagflationary World

Investing in an inflationary environment can be challenging. The markets have been volatile, but stocks have trended steadily higher with corporate earnings.  In stagflation, cash...
crude oil long term price trend support chart important august

Crude Oil Declines Into Important Price Support!

One of the most visible signs of inflation is gas prices. And, as you know, the price of gas is born out of the...
gold prices rallying higher investing analysis chart image august

Can Gold and Silver Hold Recent Price Gains?

As impressive as the global stock rally was last week, gold and silver's remarkable performance on Friday did not generate many financial headlines.  Still, their...
stock market breadth advance decline lines indexes chart august

The Most Important Stock Market Chart For Breadth

If I had just one thing to use to understand the markets and predict what was coming next, it would be a daily chart of...
iwm russell 2000 etf price analysis forecast month august chart image

Why Stock Market Bulls Should Be Watching Russell 2000 (IWM)

Small cap stocks are a higher beta plays for investors. Simply put, they carry more risk. Therefore, when small cap stocks are out-performing, they underscore...

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