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important etfs watch iyt xrt chart image retail transportation stocks market march 8

Why Investors Should Watch Transports (IYT) and Retail (XRT) On Monday

The stock market has stopped the bleeding with a rally into Friday’s close. The...
nasdaq composite bear market weakness reversal lower stock chart march 5

Nasdaq Leadership Reverses From 2000 Highs As Correction Weighs!

Technology is at the heart of our economy... the same way that industrials were 100 years ago. And...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Volatility Surges As Large Cap Tech Stocks Sink

As the broader stock market continues to pullback / consolidate, the Nasdaq sinks into correction territory (with thoughts of a bear market)....
stock market today analysis image

Higher Interest Rates Weigh On Tech Heavy Growth Stocks

The U.S. equities market remains in a choppy pullback/consolidation of sorts, with the Nasdaq Composite and tech stocks showing the most weakness....
smh semiconductors etf weak leadership stock market analysis chart march 3

Which Key Sectors Can Support the Stock Market?

Wednesday was another disappointing day for the market as many short-term buyers from Tuesday got flushed out in the move lower. 
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Unsettled As Tech Stocks Continue To Lag

The major U.S. stock market indices are struggling to hold early week gains as investors face on-going questions about the economy, valuations,...
10 year us treasury bond yields reversal important binary resistance chart analysis _ march year 2021

Is the 40-Year Bond Bull Market Over?

The bull market in bond prices has steady, durable, and trustworthy. Over the past 40 years, if investors could count on anything,...
stock market forecast outlook analysis march 3

Stock Market Outlook: Mixed After Uninspiring Trading Day

The S&P 500 Index sold off by -0.81% in Tuesday's trading session. This is particularly disappointing considering Monday's positive bounce. The S&P...
dow jones industrial average etf dia trading indicator analysis chart march 2

How to Stay on the Right Side of the Market With This Special Tool

Tuesday was a choppy day for the market, which had sporadic price swings plus a large amount of volatility. 
thomson reuters commodities index crb breakout price resistance test chart image march 2

CRB Commodities Index Testing Important Trend Line Resistance

The broad rally in commodities prices has been very strong, taking turns heating up various commodities along the way.

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