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kospi 100 stock market index rally price targets higher _ january 2020

Kospi 100 Hits Initial Price Target, More Upside Ahead

The base pattern that Korea's Kospi 100 came out of is very bullish. We highlight the initial target being...

Stock Market Blowoff Top Here, Tough for Traders to Time

S&P 500 Index Trading Outlook (3-5 days): Blowoff price move to the upside showing no evidence of stalling out just yet....
stock market today news image

Stock Market Today: Higher Highs Amid Negative News

Not a lot is bothering this market. Whether it's negative news politically at home or geopolitics abroad, or soft economic news.
stock market today news image

U.S. Stocks Hit Record Levels on Trade Deal, Bullish Sentiment

Stocks around the globe are rising as the new year starts with a bullish tilt. In today's video, we...
crude oil peak top together stock market chart analysis january year 2020

Could January Mark a Top for Oil and the Stock Market?

It's a good idea for investors to be aware of key indicators and inter-market relationships. Perhaps it's watching the...
s&p 500 index trading price targets stock market top january

S&P 500 Index Reversal Warning As Market Momentum Lags

S&P 500 Index Trading Outlook (3-5 Days):  Limited upside to 3283, possibly 3293 Expecting a reversal...
wall street bull bear on money

S&P 500 Trends Argue for Continued Stock Market Strength

Key Stock Market Takeaways For Investors: - Momentum trend providing stocks with a tailwind.  - S&P...

Stock Market ETFs: Price Levels To Watch For Friday January 10

Tonight, we look at the levels across the major stock market indices and economically sensitive ETFs (the economic modern family).
stock market today news image

Stock Market Rally Continues as US / Iran Tensions Ease

A major concern gave way to a broad stock market reversal and rally higher. That concern being geopolitical tensions between the US...
dow jones industrial average rally new highs targets january 20 investing news image

Dow Jones Industrials: Reversal To Bring New Highs and Market Top?

Investors have endured several scary headlines and lots of political noise / news. But the stock market has remained...

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