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cumulative interest rate increases during federal reserve cycles

Should the Fed Entertain .75% Interest Rate Hikes Going Forward?

Inflation is a spotlight topic in the media with more reports and predictions surfacing every day.  Since the Fed has been sorely wrong on its...
tlt treasury bond etf trading price support demark chart may 9 2022

Treasury Bonds Weak… But Time For A Bounce

It's been a brutal two year run for treasury bonds. It all started with a spike high on the initial news of COVID (coronavirus),...
s&p 500 index performance comparison nasdaq composite ratio important this month may year 2022

Is the Market “Feeding” the Bears Technology Stocks?

The stock market has seen some ugly action here in 2022. But one thing has become clear: growth stocks have been battered worse than...
qqq nasdaq 100 rally higher buying signal trading price chart may 4

Why the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) Is a Great Trade Example for Thursday

The rate increase came in as expected at half a percent, showing that the Federal Reserve (Fed) is going for the safest play instead...
crude oil price magnet 105 dollars important inflection point trading chart image month may

Crude Oil’s Next Big Move Hinges on Key Resistance Level!

Rising oil prices have been the face of inflation, as everyone sees (and feels) the pain at the gas pump. So what's next for crude...
important stock market etfs trading price decline analysis chart image month may

Are Transports (IYT) and Retail (XRT) Making Positive Momentum Divergence?

In reference to Monday’s article, we are watching for signs of a reversal in the major stock market indices based on price and momentum. As...
s&p 500 index futures bear market price targets chart image month may

US Equities Update: Another Bear Market Rally

I have not changed my view that we are in an equity bear market decline. Within the context of a bear market, countertrend rallies across...
natural gas etf png breakout higher price targets chart month may

Natural Gas (UNG) Explodes Higher, Eyes Overhead Price Target

Inflation is felt the most with food and energy. Today we look at the latter, focusing on rising natural gas prices. In particular, we look...
japanese yen elliott wave major price bottom wave 5 chart year 2022

Japanese Yen (FXY) Nearing Major Elliott Wave Low

If you took advantage of our bearish forecast for the Japanese Yen last summer, it's time to start thinking about how to take profits. The recent...
copper futures price trading pattern double top peak bearish chart year 2022

Double Top Deja Vu: Are Copper Prices Peaking?

Commodities have been an important theme within the financial markets and economy for several months. The price rally has ushered in inflationary winds not...

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