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s&p 500 index decline lower price support levels chart august 30

S&P 500 Index: Bear Market Price Targets

The S&P 500 Index has formed a bearish Money Flow Unit (MFU) top based on its near-term "daily" price chart. This formation is similar to...
tlt long term treasury bonds etf trading price support chart

Treasury Bonds Trading At Incredible Juncture

The financial markets are getting volatile here. Stocks are gyrating around lower levels, bonds are still suppressed yet volatile, and crypto is beaten down. To...
china etf fxi chinese stock market bearish warning crash chart image year end 2022

Global Investors Hoping China ETF (FXI) Holds At Support!

Next to the United States, one could argue that China is the world's most important economy. It's population and sheer size (and exports) make it...
important stock market indexes trading fibonacci resistance price zone month august chart

Major Stock Market Indices Enter Fibonacci “Construction” Zone

Several major U.S. stock market indices have bounced (rallied) over the past 2 months. But these moves higher are facing major test right now. And...
rising prices corn soybeans wheat inflation food warning year 2022 chart image

Grain Prices Suggest Inflation Is Far From Peaking

Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: All Items in U.S. City Average (CPIAUCSL) Jul 2022: 295.271, Aug 10, 2022 The chart above is the Consumer...
s&p 500 index lower price targets decline chart image end year 2022

U.S. Stock Market Indices Headed Much Lower This Fall

My intermediate-term outlook for stocks has not changed even after the rally off the June low and the stock market breadth thrusts talked about...
crude oil price trading pattern double top peak chart history

Are Crude Oil Prices Creating A Double Top Price Peak?

Consumers have taken notice to falling gas prices... and they like it. But will gas prices continue to fall? For that to happen, consumers (and...
crb commodity index peak price inflation chart august year 2022

Is the CRB Commodity Index Peaking and Reversing Lower?

It's fair to say that inflation has been one of the key economic buzz words of 2022 (along with interest rates). Will the Federal Reserve's...
important stock market indexes trading at 38.2 Fibonacci chart august

U.S. Stock Market Set To Receive Message From 38.2 Fibonacci!

As the stock market bounce continues, wary investors are beginning to wonder about how much longer this rally will last. While no one can predict...
bank to s&p 500 index price ratio stock market indicator bearish signal chart

Will Bank Stocks Divergence Lead To Another Market Crash?

The health of our banking and financial sector is critically important to a strong economy. It's also important to the stock market. Today, we look at...

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