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us dollar index repeating historical pattern chart history

US Dollar Deja Vu? Repeating Bearish Pattern In Play!

Recent weakness in the US Dollar has helped to propel commodities such as Gold and Silver higher. Today's analysis showing a potential repeating pattern that...
gld gold etf trading buy signal breakout analysis chart image

Is Inflation Permanently “Dissed”?

I wish I could say that the clearly impressive trend from peak until now in CPI and PPI is sustainable. However, I am more inclined...
us dollar index decline lower breakdown bearish currency markets chart image july 2023

US Dollar To See Further Weakness? Gold Bulls Hope So!

After peaking in 2022, the US Dollar Index has spent nearly a year in decline. But it may be set to fall even further. And...
amex gold miners index trading price support bullish investing analysis chart image

Gold Miners ETF Breaking Out of Bullish Falling Wedge Pattern!

The precious metals complex may be ending a 2 month pullback / consolidation pattern. And perhaps in grand fashion! With Gold and Silver prices bouncing off...
german dax stock market index double top pattern bearish indicator investing chart image

Is German DAX Holding The Key To Global Stock Markets?

A recent review of global stock market indices put a major European index on my radar: The German DAX. The current price pattern for the...
qqq nasdaq 100 etf 6 month calendar trading range price analysis image

Sell in July and Go Away? Stock Market Calendar Range Reset

One of the most interesting things about July in the market is the biannual reset of the 6-month calendar range. Here is a chart of...
percent of 10 year yield curves inverted versus stock market performance history chart image

Treasury Yield Curves Inversion: Is This Time Different?

Leading economists, Federal Reserve Presidents, and most investors pay close attention to the shape of Treasury yield curves. They follow them, not necessarily because...
elliott wave analysis japanese yen currency near major low bottom

Is Japanese Yen Weakness Coming To An End? (Elliott Wave Analysis)

The weakness of Japanese Yen may be coming to an end, as we see it nearing key Fibonacci price support... and when the Federal...
trading stocks making money

Complete Trader: Macro to Micro and Top Picks Live

Once a month, I do a coaching session for our members of the Complete Trader, a MarketGauge comprehensive product for the discretionary trader. During the 45-minute...
bkx bank index inverse head shoulders pattern chart

Stock Market Bulls NEED Banks To Wake Up

Bank stocks went to sleep in February and when they woke up they were down over 30 percent (using the $BKX KBW Bank Index). This...

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