copper and steel prices peaking at resistance investment research analysis image

Are Copper and Steel Prices Set For Major Breakouts?

Just as the economic recovery is picking up steam, there are mixed messages coming from inflation data as well as the equities (breadth) and...
xop etf oil gas trading buy price support analysis image july 21

Oil & Gas ETF (XOP): Bullish Reversal Alongside Crude Oil?

Crude oil has traded down to an important price support zone and appears to be showing early signs of bottoming. It's still early, but should...
bitcoin trading low projection this week price analysis image

Bitcoin Price Nearing Important Inflection Point (Trading Low?)

Bitcoin timing cycles are pointing to an inflection point this weekend. And although price cycles originally pointed to that being a trading "high", it...
gold miners etfs gdx gdxj testing critical support price sell signal chart july 15

Will Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ) Trigger Sell Signal?

Trading momentum indicators slowed down several months ago for the precious metal industry. And, as any investor might imagine, gold and silver stocks have struggled....
australian dollar currency trading important breakout chart image july

Australian Dollar Breakout Could Send Gold Toward $3,000

The Australian Dollar currency is trading near a very important resistance level. And the implications are massive... especially for Gold and the precious metals complex. Today's...
copper futures elliott wave 5 price top peak chart investing news

Are Copper Futures Nearing Elliott Wave Price Peak?

A 15-month rally has taken copper futures to an interesting price area. Traders who pay attention to Elliott wave patterns may wish to begin...
agricultural tech stocks trading bullish buy signals image july 13 news

Is it Time to Watch the Agricultural Tech Trend?

Supply chain issues have become a common term heard throughout 2021 now that companies are struggling to bring back pre-pandemic supply levels. With that...
gold us dollar price ratio trading support image july 13

Gold Bulls Hope Buyers Emerge At Key Price Support!

It's been a decade of ebb and flow for Gold. Bulls have seen the best of times (new all-time highs), the worst of times (nearly...
ung natural gas etf price bottom bullish base chart for week of july 12

Natural Gas ETF (UNG) Nearing Initial Price Target, Top of Base

Commodities prices remain elevated and that continues to feed into the inflation talk (along with supply side issues, stimulus, and the economic recovery). Yes,...
us dollar index technical support long term important chart investing news july 2021

Commodities Strength Depends On U.S. Dollar’s Next Move

Inflation pressures are increasing as the economy tries to digest a prolonged period of higher commodity prices. While select commodities have pulled back (and this...

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