Is Silver / Gold Price Ratio Creating Historic Bullish Reversal?

For most investors familiar with precious metals, it's a great sign when silver out-performs gold. It's kind of like...
silver price support important investors concern news april 12

Silver Bear Market Faces Big Price Support Test!

When silver, gold, and the precious metals industry were on red-hot bullish in the 2000's, investors could do no wrong.
gold etf gld elliott wave forecast decline new lows summer year 2019

Gold ETF (GLD) Elliott Wave Forecast: Downside Move Underway

We haven't written about gold prices for more than a year because for us there weren't any high-confidence forecasts of trending moves....

Crude Oil Rally Targets $64, Seasonality Bodes Well for Energy Equities

Crude Oil "daily" Chart I wanted to share a few thoughts on WTI Crude...

Gold Price Correction: Targets and Thoughts

Gold has always been a tricky trade. Day-to-day movements in the US Dollar and back-and-forth statements from the Federal...
silver futures price chart analysis descending triangle bearish march year 2019

Silver Bulls Hope Support Holds On This Descending Triangle!

Silver bulls are hoping to catch a break... and hoping that break is not a breakdown. Over the past...
gold prices rising in year 2019 demand etf chart bullish

GOLD, Volatility, and Investing into 2020 and Beyond

Unlike some attractive investments, gold tends to shine the brightest during times of market turmoil. Our macro view...
gold futures major price resistance month march reversal lower bearish chart image

GOLD Records Large Bearish Reversal at Triple Resistance

Precious metals have been a hot topic for investors and the financial markets. Gold, in particular, has caught the...
farmer during corn harvest

U.S. Corn Futures Outlook: A Bullish View Longer-Term

March corn futures closed up a cent last week, finishing near $3.75. Corn continues to trade in a tight...

Stock Market Today: Eyes On SPX 2800-2820

Stocks are pointing higher once more on Monday morning. Relentless. That sums it up. Note...

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