natural gas futures price bottom low trading higher rally investing chart

As Oil Tests $80, What Next for Natural Gas?

Natural gas prices could be bottoming.  From October 9th, 2023, when prices in futures traded at 3.325 until February 20, 2024, when prices troughed at...
bullish out performing commodities assets january year 2024 chart image

Are Key Commodities Decoupling From Equities?

After a long weekend, the market action on January 16th held some surprises. The Bullish Trends or gainers were the dollar and here is the...
gold in us dollars price breakout forecast chart year 2024

Important Gold Ratio Testing Breakout Resistance!

Precious Metals have been strong this month and have metal heads excited for next year. One gauge that I use to highlight the strength of...
gold futures price breakout higher bullish investment analysis image

Precious Metals Are Breaking Out; Identifying Upside Price Targets

Both gold and silver have emerged from consolidation patterns with a good turn-up in momentum.  We like both metals here, and the weakness in...
gld gold etf trading chart breakout bullish buy chart november

Gold Is Testing Highs Once Again – Breakout Coming?

Gold has been quietly inching higher and higher over the past several weeks and now finds its price testing the highs. Is it time for...
dba agriculture commodity etf trading price breakout resistance chart november

Agriculture Commodities ETF (DBA) Eyeing Breakout Resistance

While there are many that believe inflation is easing, there are still several that think it's elevated. Let's just say it's an uneven playing field...
gold price breakout chart october

Gold Prices Clear Downtrend, Important Breakout Next?

Gold prices have bounced around during a volatile multi-month pullback. Each rally has been met with more selling. Could that be changing soon? Today's "daily" chart...
xle energy sector etf 40 week moving average support chart history

Energy Sector (XLE): Will “Long” Moving Averages Hold Again?

Energy stocks have remained strong as crude oil prices remain elevated. But the Energy Sector ETF (XLE) has traded sideways this year and finds itself...
spy s&p 500 index etf trading analysis chart august

Will Rising Oil Prices Smack the S&P 500?

As the market and economy cheer the rise in GDP, we can thank consumer spending: 70% of GDP, services (what consumer pay for in...
copx and dba commodity etfs ticker symbols bullish investment price charts image

Investing In Commodities and Stores of Value

For today, I used ChatGPT to ask which companies store raw materials. After all, you cannot have capital investing in infrastructure without raw materials. You cannot...

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