gold futures trading price reversal higher targets 1992 chart january

Gold Futures Record Ellipse Buy Signal, $1860 Important

Recent selling in gold futures has been strong and swift. However, the price of gold is trying to reverse higher yet...
gold price pattern bullish cup with handle formation chart 3000 target investing analysis

Here’s Why Gold Could Be Headed To $3000

In the spring of 2020, I highlighted the potential for a very bullish long-term pattern for Gold. That pattern...
euro currency breakout higher important commodities prices rising chart year 2021

The Commodities Rally Hinges on a Euro Breakout!

Over the past year, there has been a lot of buzz about rising equities, the surge in Bitcoin, the strength of gold,...
xop oil gas exploration etf breakout buy signal bullish chart forecast january

Oil and Gas Sector (XOP) Flashes Bullish Signal On Breakout

In early December, we noted that we were intermediate term bullish on the Energy Sector and, more...
stock market forecast outlook january 6 year 2021

US Stocks and Commodities Flex Muscles To Start New Year

The Russell 2000 Index lead the market higher on Tuesday with an advance of 1.71%, with the S&P 500 Index up 0.71%,...
gold futures price chart breakout buy signal image

Gold Records Major Breakout Buy Signal

I continue to be bullish on Gold and Silver and select miners. Some can find some of...
us dollar decline lower bottom targets chart analysis january year 2021

Is the US Dollar About To Collapse or Rally?

The U.S. Dollar got hit hard in 2020, declining nearly 7 percent (year over year) and as much as 12 percent from...
stock market forecast outlook trading year 2021

Stock Market Indicators: More Green Than Red Into Holidays

It was a split market on Tuesday with the S&P 500 Index (-0.21%) and Dow Jones Industrial Average (-0.67%) falling, and the...
silver gold price ratio breakout higher bullish signal forecast precious metals image

Silver Set To Blast Off If This Ratio Breaks Out!

Precious metals are having a strong year in 2020. So is it any surprise that Silver has...
copper prices versus 10 year treasury bond yield ratio performance chart catch up

Copper/Gold Ratio vs 10-Year Yields: Time To Play Catch Up?

Commodities prices have been very strong for the past several months. And this has many investors eyeing...

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