us dollar gold ratio analysis bullish indicator chart_december 13

Good News Coming For Gold Bugs? Watch This Ratio!

The good news for gold bugs is that the US Dollar / Gold ratio has been in a broad downtrend channel for the past...

Quantifying Candlesticks for Trading Systems

Candlesticks are often a trader’s first exposure to technical analysis. As a quantitative system developer for a high frequency and market making firm I can...
silver prices history trading ranges breakouts plateaus targets chart_december 2018

Silver At Historic Price Juncture: Which Way Will It Break?

Silver is nearing an important price juncture and is likely to break up or down in the days / weeks ahead. And, as we discussed...
silver price breakouts bearish descending wedge patterns history chart

Silver Bulls Hope Bearish Patterns Are Bullish Again!

Silver (NYSEARCA: SLV) is likely nearing a big move. So buckle up, bulls and bears, as the current price patterns suggest a historically large move is...
gold bugs index bullish breakout resistance outlook chart hui_november 29

Gold Bugs Would Jump For Joy If $HUI Index Breaks Out

Despite a few Bull/Bear market swings, the Gold Bugs Index (HUI) has spent the past 20 years within a broad rising channel. The Gold Bugs...

In This Market, Stagnant Investors Gather Moss

Once again, I saw lots of bullish calls for the market. I really hope that our friends who have never lived through a sustained bear...
s&p 500 index stock market divergence year end rally chart_november 26

Year End Stock Market Rally? Burden of Proof Remains On Bulls

On a closing basis, the S&P 500 (INDEXCBOE: .INX) remains below the 50 and 200-day moving averages, both of which are declining. Investors will now...
uso united states oil fund etf elliott wave bear market decline forecast chart

Crude Oil ETF (USO) Melted Down Exactly Where It Should

When we posted this warning to crude oil bulls a month ago, the United States Oil Fund (NYSEARCA: USO) had tested and retreated from the...
gold price chart inverse head shoulders bullish_november 19

Gold Bugs Hopes Hinge On These Head & Shoulders Patterns!

Last week I pointed out a potential top on the US Dollar / Gold ratio.  That would be bullish for gold bugs. This week, I...
dollar gold ratio investing chart bullish precious metals_15 november 2018

Gold Bugs Are Cheering On This Double Top Pattern!

Gold, Silver, and the precious metals industry have a pretty simple relationship with the U.S. Dollar: They perform better when the Dollar is weakening... and...

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