crude oil price support trend line analysis chart image investing news february 19

Will Crude Oil Reversal Add Fuel to Stock Market Rally?

Crude Oil prices have been volatile the past year, swinging between $50 and $65 like a ping pong ball.
gold futures rally forecast rising euro february precious metals chart

Gold Bulls Hope the Euro Holds Long-Term Trend Line!

Currencies play an important role with precious metals. Gold and Silver either have the tailwind of a weak US...
crude oil price decline lower january how far lower image

Crude Oil Bearish Price Reversal Lower: It’s the 61.8 Fib Again!

Earlier this month, we wondered if January would mark a top for Crude Oil and stocks? Well, crude oil...
gold futures trading setup indicators chart 2 from january 21

Coach’s Corner: Are You Aiming for the Right Bucket?

Do you know how to quickly assess the probability of price follow-through? Here's my favorite way to do this.
gsg commodity index etf directional price change analysis outlook image _ january 21 year 2020

One Chart: Commodities (and why investors should pay attention)

The one question I pose to all of my interviewees and fellow investors is ‘if you had one chart, other than the...
investors looking at year 2020

Top 10 Investment Charts For This Year (2020)

I spent a lot of time in the 2019 End of Year Special Edition looking back and reflecting across the year just been, covering some...
natural gas commodity markets image

Look for a Natural Gas Price Bottom In Early 2020

Our forecast for the United States Natural Gas Fund ETF NYSEARCA: UNG that we described in our September 11 post did not get...
gold price top and reversal lower correction starting chart image - january

Gold Breakout or Fakeout? Bulls Need Support To Hold!

Gold Futures Price Chart - Breakout or Fakeout? Gold spike higher on U.S.-Iran tensions...
stock market outlook january year 2020 investing image

Stock Market Indices Lose ‘3 Green Arrows’ Signal

The S&P 500 Index INDEXSP: INX fell 0.28% today, but retains its bullish intermediate posture according to the Market Forecast indicator.

Investor Update: Time, Price, and Recent News Call For Diversification

The equity markets ended 2019 with the best gains in six years followed by new record highs recorded in the first week...

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