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Stock Market Futures Update (October 17): Bulls Defend Price Support

Resistance levels brought sellers out on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures this morning... but bulls are defending key support levels. And the bounce lives...
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Macro Market Trends Blur As Equities Hit Oversold Levels

On a closing basis, the S&P 500 has regained the 200-day moving average after finishing below on Thursday. The 50-day moving average has begun to...
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A Warning To Crude Oil Bulls?

Readers at See It Market know we have been looking for a significant top in crude oil prices. We posted charts  in early June for the...
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Gold Prices Break Out But Overhead Resistance Looms

The chart below looks at non-commercial futures trading positions for Gold (NYSEARCA: GLD). For the week Gold closed higher by +1.4%, breaking out above key...
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Crude Oil: Will October Mark A Bearish Reversal and Double Top?

Crude Oil prices are taking it on the chin in October... following stocks to the downside. Depending on how Oil prices close the month, this...

Here’s What the Market’s Plunge Protection Team Looks Like

On August 22nd, I wrote a blog called “Can the Market Live on Canned Rations?” In it I wondered about the threat of the Transportation...
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The New NAFTA Deal (USMCA) And Potential Implications

It would appear the bark was worse than the bite. After months and months of tough talk, name-calling and threats of walking away from...
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Breakout Tests In Play For Bond Yields, Stocks and Commodities

The financial markets are getting choppy. And for good reason. Treasury bond yields, commodities, and stocks are all testing major resistance lines. And more importantly, breakout...
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Will King Dollar Squash Precious Metals Rally Hopes Again?

The precious metals sector simply cannot by a break. Since peaking, gold bugs have had several rally attempts squashed. And many of them due to...
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Market Futures Trading Update (October 2): Price Stagnation

After a pop yesterday morning, stock market futures have trailed off. Tuesday morning is seeing more of the same with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq...

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