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In addition to being an active trader, Tom Pizzuti has spent more than a decade exploring popular as well as esoteric approaches to technical analysis. In 2008, he was one of the founders of Trading On The Mark, where he continues to provide charts and commentary that help subscribers find trades in a wide range of futures markets. Tom's objective in analysis and trading is to identify particularly low-risk entry points that have high reward potential in a given time frame. The proper application of Elliott wave methods is especially well suited to that objective, and additional techniques in his kit make his approach even more effective. Tom also has a talent for explaining how to translate analysis into trades, and he leads the discussion in TOTM's intraday chat room. More than a decade ago, Kurt Hulse was inspired by the idea that technical trading can offer a road to financial independence for anyone who is devoted to acquiring the skills and developing a trader's discipline. In 2008, he helped create Trading On The Mark as a place where traders at any point in their development can find useful analysis of current markets while working alongside masters of the art. Kurt's educational and professional background has included positions at the intersection of social science, physical science and public policy. He has managed the design, implementation and statistical analysis for numerous large-scale studies related to resource conservation and human behavior.
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The Grains Sector Is Carving Out A Durable Bottom

Exactly a year ago, we wrote that grains were approaching support that should turn into a durable low as grain prices bottom. Since that time, price has not moved very much. We still believe a low is nearby, and this post explores some ways to trade it with the expectation…

The Euro Currency Correction Is Nearly Complete

The Euro (CURRENCY:EUR) has moved a bit higher than we anticipated in our June 16 post, but bears have a strong chance of countering the rally and taking the Euro currency to new lows. In fact, the current Elliott wave pattern qualifies even better as a nearly completed correction now…

Dow Transports ETF (IYT): A Bullish Setup Into Year-End

The transportation sector should provide some decent trading opportunities in coming months. We are particularly interested in the Elliott wave pattern we believe is emerging for the iShares Transportation Average ETF (NYSEARCA:IYT). This post offers some thoughts about how to trade the Dow Transports ETF (IYT) from a bullish perspective….

Treasury Yields Poised To Grind Upward

Last September, we showed the support area where we expected long-term yields to begin a possible reversal. Soon afterward, the index rallied from the zone and broke through initial resistance, but it has spent most of 2017 until now in a corrective retracement. Now it appears that rates may be…

Natural Gas ETF (UNG) Looks Ready For Summer Rally

We are watching natural gas prices very closely right now. The technical picture makes a strong case to expect a reversal and summer rally soon. Here we use the chart of United States Natural Gas Fund (NYSEARCA:UNG) to show the two competing scenarios we’re monitoring. As of this writing, price…