s&p 500 index etf price reversal higher thursday april 28 trading chart

Why Traders Should Wait for Confirmation When Buying Dips

For the past 10 years, dip-buying weakness as the market has only been under pressure for short periods has worked out very well.  However, the...
trading stocks making money

3 Pillars to a Successful Trading Career

“The most effective thing you can do after coming up with a dream is to create process goals and take action.” Commit What is it that...
investor looking down off ledge of investments

Market Update: Time To Create A Solid Trading Plan

As the stock market corrects and potentially forms a new trend, traders who don’t have strict plans might be wondering what to do next.  So...
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Why Setting Multiple Targets Leads to Better Trades

There are a million and one ways to exit a trade, so here's an approach that will benefit the individual trader, looking to stay...
investors research investing outlook

How To Create A Successful Trading Plan

Some people say that trading takes nerves of steel and insane willpower. Maybe people with these traits and skills exist, but to become successful at...
nasdaq composite poor market breadth warning indicator chart image august year 2021

Enduring Investment Rules (Part II): What Would Bob Farrell Do?

In Part 1 of What Would Bob Farrell Do? we reviewed the first five of Bob Farrell’s legendary rules of investing. We now continue with rules...
trend trading market trend broken chart image

How To Determine When A Market Trend Is Over

You've probably heard the saying "the trend is your friend until the end." Well, for most markets these days, the trend is up. Here...
value stocks wealth building image

Growth or Value Stocks For Future Wealth Building? Take This Test

Given limited resources, it should be no surprise that we aim to maximize the value of our everyday purchases. In most cases, we seek...
stock market today analysis image

Building A Top-Down Process Using Relative Strength

Active investors fare better with a process and a plan. In today's video, we discuss using relative strength as a foundational tool for your process. Relative...
market volatility identifiers

A Look at Volatility Filters Into Recent Stock Market Decline

The recent volatility, like all volatility events, has brought some traders a fortune and others pain. The ability to identify volatility regimes is paramount! Correct...

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