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Stock Market Today (July 9): Commodities Remain Strong

The broader market remains strong (bullish), with commodities joining the party. Precious metals (gold / silver) are leading commodities...
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Stock Market Outlook: Equity Bulls Ride Leaders Higher

After a 5-day win streak, the S&P 500 Index fell by 1.08% Tuesday, but it maintains its strongly bullish intermediate posture according...
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Market Outlook (July 6): Are Key Commodities On Verge of Breakout?

Based of stock market futures, the 3 day weekend did nothing to slow the recent equities rally. All major indices are...
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Economic Modern Family & the Recycled Gold Capsule

What an incredible and shorter week in the world of high finance. Doomsday news appeared EVERYWHERE yet did not...
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Gold Breakout Eyeing $1860 Price Target

Gold Futures Trading Chart Gold continues to perform well. And perhaps...
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Gold ETF (GLD) Rally Reaches Dangerous Spot

In these times it’s probably wise to have a toehold in inflation-protected assets, but if you are watching metals with a trader’s...
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Gold Shines As Investors Weigh Economic Backdrop

Some investors love gold all the time (often called gold bugs); some investors hate gold all the time, usually the result of...
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Stock Market Today: Prices Continue to Levitate

Another day, another round of stock market gains. The duration of the recovery rally continues to wear down bears.
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Are Gold Miners ETF (GDX) Setting Up For New Highs?

$GDX VanEck Gold Miners ETF "daily" Chart One of our top technical ideas here...
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Commodity Bulls Are Eyeing Important Currency Market Tests!

US Dollar versus Euro and Aussie Currency Chart The US Dollar sell-off and subsequent...

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