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slv silver etf price under performing gold trading chart

When Will Gold Break Out? Watch Silver!

Gold and silver are trading in a relatable way to Dire Straits hit song "So Far Way". In that song, Dire Straits wrote, "you're so...
gold to us dollar ratio breakout analysis year 2024 precious metals chart image

Bullish Message For Gold Investors… If This Ratio Breaks Out!

Gold prices remain elevated but have yet to record the major breakout that gold bulls are looking for. Today, we revisit an important Gold ratio that...
gld gold etf trading rally analysis chart image january

Higher Gold Prices Coming For Patient Investors  

For today, I am reprinting an interview I did for Kitco News with Neils Christensen, written by Neils. (Kitco News) - The gold market remains...
crude oil price chart one year

Did Inflation Really Fall to the Federal Reserve’s Target?

Friday the market woke up to great news. Mission accomplished on inflation. Yahoo Finance reported: “The Fed's preferred inflation measure — a "core" Personal Consumption Expenditures...
silver futures price pattern chart buy signal

3 Signs Of Inflation To Watch In 2024

As a follow up to a Daily I wrote on January 7th called "Super Cycles Do Not Just Fade Away", yesterday’s January 23rd Daily...
gld gold etf trading sell signal bearish chart january

Precious Metals Trading Outlook For Gold and Silver

With the news on geopolitical escalation, soft versus hard landing, disinflation versus reinflation, growth versus value and credit default versus available disposable income, gold...
iwm xrt russell 2000 and retail sector etfs trading bullish pullbacks chart january

Financial Markets: Reviewing Weeks 1 & 2 and an Outlook for Week 3

Looking at the Economic Modern Family (weekly charts), to date, they all peaked in December. The Russell 2000, Regional Banks, Transportation and Retail, as far...
gld gold etf trading price resistance chart january

Gold’s Rally Is Lacking Momentum

Gold put together a nice rally into the 4th quarter of 2023. But the rally seems to have lost steam and may be ready...
gold in us dollars price breakout forecast chart year 2024

Important Gold Ratio Testing Breakout Resistance!

Precious Metals have been strong this month and have metal heads excited for next year. One gauge that I use to highlight the strength of...
gld slv etfs gold silver trading performance analysis investment chart year 2023

2024 Outlook for Gold and Silver

We will start with a passage from my long-form research 2024 Outlook: For last year’s Outlook I wrote, “Perhaps our biggest callout for a major...

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