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Gold Surges On Weak US Dollar, Market Cycles Point Higher

Gold Futures Weekly Chart Gold futures are rising sharply into Friday's trading session as...
gold us dollar ratio price chart breakout higher new bull market june 21 image

Gold / US Dollar Ratio Attempting 8-Year Breakout

Gold - US Dollar Ratio "Monthly" Price Chart Gold has been red-hot of late,...
stock market etfs performance table investing news image june 21

Did the Stock Market’s Year of the Pig Just Pull a Rabbit Out of...

This year, I have written a lot about the Chinese New Year of the Brown Earth Pig. According to...
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Gold Is Trading Bullish, But Wait for a Pullback

Gold Futures "weekly" Chart Gold futures have been trading bullish of late.
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Silver to Gold Ratio Highlights Tip of the Inflation Iceberg

Recently, I posted this exact same chart, highlighting the price of Silver (NYSEARCA: SLV) to price of...

Stock Market Eyes New Highs On Fed, Trade Deal Hopes

The U.S. stock market responded strongly to the news that U.S. President Trump and China President Xi will have an extended meeting...
copper gold price ratio correlation to interest rates chart image investing news - june 12

Stock Market Bulls Hope Copper/Gold Ratio Holds Support!

Macro indicators can help investors better understand what's happening within the broader economy. And this often spills over into the stock market.
gold etf gld trading price breakout analysis - investing news june 11

Gold Setting Up For A Big Breakout Test?

In late April, I wrote a piece of research on Gold and its prospects for a short-term rally. That...
new gold bull market chart futures speculative trading positions june 4

Is Gold Readying For New Bull Market?

In case you missed it, gold has finally managed to stage a decent rally.  Through the turmoil and...
us dollar index top pattern bearish rising wedge - investing news june 4

Precious Metals Bulls Hoping King Dollar Topples Over Here!

The Precious metals industry hasn't had much to get excited about over the past 5 to 7 years. After...

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