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treasury yields interest rates copper gold ratio chart lower bearish

Are Interest Rates Peaking? Watch The Copper/Gold Ratio!

If you spend time researching market relationships you can better understand money flows, rotation, and reasons why money flows rotate. This can be very helpful...
2008 stock market investing shift growth to defensive stocks chart

These Facts Do Not Support Major Market Top Theory

Bears are present in every market, even during strong bull markets. Bull markets end when the net aggregate opinion of all market participants flips from...
gold dollar price ratio chart bearish precious metals wedge break down lower_august 2018

Gold / Dollar Ratio Sending Bearish Message To Precious Metals

Gold (NYSEARCA: GLD) attempted to break out above $1365/oz multiple times over the past year. And the failure for Gold prices to cross that resistance...

Mid-Week Market Outlook: Retail and Consumer Stocks Drive Bulls

Our mid-week market outlook video has got you covered with lots of market insights and interesting trade setups. Below is a summary of of the...
commodity index break down bearish falling lower research_august 2018

Are Commodities Sending Global Macro Message To Investors?

Commodities are becoming a hot topic... and an important investing theme. With the US Dollar coming back to life, commodities have pulled back. And that pullback...
gold price decline lower year 2018 vs us dollar rally chart bearish

Gold Traders Turn Bearish, Time To Watch Dollar and Treasuries

There have been some interesting developments with respect to gold. The $3.2 billion Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining Fund is being renamed the Vanguard Global...
gold futures speculative positions cot report august 3 buyer strike

COT Report (August 3): GOLD Bugs Endure Buyers Strike

The chart and data that follow highlight non-commercial commodity futures trading positions as of July 31, 2018. This data was released with the August 3,...
Gold prices us dollar breaking down decline new 2018 lows_july 18

Gold Bulls Find Themselves In A Precarious Position

After a strong rally to start 2018, Gold prices (NYSEARCA:GLD) have fizzled out... again. Will this ordinary decline turn into a more significant one? It very...
shiny gold bars

COT Report: Gold Bulls Hanging On By A Trend Line

The chart and data that follow highlight non-commercial commodity futures trading positions as of July 10, 2018. This data was released with the July 13...

This US Dollar Pattern Could Spell Trouble For Precious Metals!

The currency markets could be setting up for a big move. And this could have big time effects on the other markets, like precious metals. It...

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