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gold price chart elliott wave bottom low forecast september

Gold and Silver Nearing Elliott Wave Trading Lows

Back in August Gold made nice and impulsive rally away from 1685 lows, as seen on the 4-hour chart that we labeled as first...
gold price analysis elliott wave four bull market chart september

Gold and Silver Elliott Wave Price Cycles Offer Possibilities

After testing its all-time high of 2075, Gold is once again coming lower. Although this higher degree correction from last year is still underway, there...
gold price pattern analysis topping peaking year 2021 chart

Gold Bulls: Beware of “Hanging Man” Price Pattern!

The month of August came and went and the price of Gold remained fairly steady. The economic environment continues to be uncertain and perhaps...
gold bonds price analysis investing chart month september forecast

2 Keys To Navigating Stock Market In September: Gold and Bonds

The market is about to enter the month of September which many investors view as a historically negative month in the trading year. Also called...
russell 2000 index buy signal breakout analysis stock market chart august

Weekend Market Update: Stocks Strengthen, Dollar Drops and Gold Rises

Friday, the Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole symposium stimulated the stock market with all 4 major stock indices closing positive.   Due to the improvement in the...
eurusd currency trading bottom reversal elliott wave analysis chart image

Elliott Waves: Gold Rallying As US Dollar Hits Resistance

The US Dollar Index appears to be turning lower due to speculation that the Federal Reserve may not withdraw stimulus as fast as first...
australian dollar aussie currency reversal lower bearish commodities signal analysis image august

Australian Dollar Decline A Bearish Sign For Commodities

When the Australian Dollar "moves", so do commodities. And this time the Australian Dollar "aussie" could be sending a bearish message to commodities. Today's chart...
silver futures price reversal buy signal higher trading chart

Silver Futures Hold Support, Is Price Reversal Next?

Precious metals are trying to turn higher after finding support at a critical price level. Today we look at Silver Futures prices and the...
silver futures pennant price pattern formation big move inflection point chart

Silver Futures Price Pattern Suggests Big Move Coming!

Silver futures prices appear to be nearing an inflection of great importance. But first, let's talk about how we got to the point... Silver crashed hard...
gold and gold related investments weighting decline stock market index image

Why Gold Has Lost Momentum This Summer

There is a large cohort of investors that loves gold, and a large cohort that dislikes gold; we are neither. Our opinion on the...

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