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U.S. Dollar Double Top? Precious Metals Sure Hope So!

When the U.S. Dollar is rallying and at full strength, it is a clear headwind for precious metals like gold and silver. But when King...
gold silver mining stocks precious metals equities cycles versus s&p 500 index performance long term investing chart image

Is 11-Year Cycle Signaling Gold and Silver Miners Rally?

The price of gold is trading just off its all-time highs while the price of silver is lagging. Together, they haven't quite provided mining...
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History Rhymes: 1974-1976 vs. 2022-2024?

How many of you have heard me say that commodities are inherently volatile? Clearly, from this chart you can see that after the oil rally...
gdx gold miners etf bottom buy signal trading chart september 13

Gold Miners ETF (GDX): Finding and Trading Potential Bottoms

In June we wrote about the bottom in oil and cannabis through USO and MSOS (ETFs) respectively. In July we wrote about the potential top...
tlt treasury bonds etf trading reversal higher chart

U.S. Economic Data Insights: The GDP, PCE, ADP Waltz

Conference Board Economic Forecast:  Looking into 2024, we expect the volatility that dominated the US economy over the pandemic period to diminish. In the second...
silver futures prices higher fibonacci price targets investing chart image

Silver Breakout Coming? Fibonacci Price Targets To Consider

Precious metals have been a bit boring of late due to some sideways trading. BUT that boredom may come to an abrupt end shortly! Today's chart...
slv silver etf trading breakout higher investing chart

Stock Market Trading Insights: We Rarely Miss a Beat!

Over the course of our writing the Daily, it has served as a reliable and remarkable guide for investors, traders, and investments. For example, looking...
us dollar index long term trading support level investing chart image

U.S. Dollar Testing Important Support; Gold Bulls Watching!

The U.S. Dollar has been in a choppy rising trend higher since bottoming in 2007/2008. You can see that rising channel in today's long-term chart...
gold gold etf trading price pullback bullish buy analysis chart image

A Fresh Look at Precious Metals

We finished a very heavy week filled with all kinds of economic data: Fitch Downgrade Earnings-Amazon up Apple down Jobs Report-Wages rising Treasury Yields higher-at October 2022 highs Record...
gold etf price trading analysis chart image

Gold ETF (GLD): Watch Rising 40-Week Moving Average

Gold remains elevated but is having trouble getting traction with its recent rally attempt. With a crazy political environment, domestic inflation, and war abroad, one...

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