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gold breakout higher rally price targets july_investing chart image

Gold Breakout Eyeing $1860 Price Target

Gold Futures Trading Chart Gold continues to perform well. And perhaps...
gold price forecast elliott wave decline 400 dollars target chart image

Gold ETF (GLD) Rally Reaches Dangerous Spot

In these times it’s probably wise to have a toehold in inflation-protected assets, but if you are watching metals with a trader’s...
gold futures versus gold stocks price performance 15 years chart

Gold Shines As Investors Weigh Economic Backdrop

Some investors love gold all the time (often called gold bugs); some investors hate gold all the time, usually the result of...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Today: Prices Continue to Levitate

Another day, another round of stock market gains. The duration of the recovery rally continues to wear down bears.
gdx gold miners etf bullish technical analysis forecast higher highs into july chart image

Are Gold Miners ETF (GDX) Setting Up For New Highs?

$GDX VanEck Gold Miners ETF "daily" Chart One of our top technical ideas here...
US Dollar index important support test Euro resistance currency chart analysis june

Commodity Bulls Are Eyeing Important Currency Market Tests!

US Dollar versus Euro and Aussie Currency Chart The US Dollar sell-off and subsequent...
gold price elliott wave analysis forecast summer higher highs bullish chart

Precious Metals Can Attract Buyers In Risk Off Situation

The financials markets are slow and did not change much recently so our view remains mostly the same. Though...
gold price pattern cup with handle bullish breakout analysis forecast chart image june 18

Gold Bulls Eyeing Potential Cup & Handle Pattern

Gold "monthly" Price Chart The slow and steady rise in gold prices over the...
gold futures price reversal higher june 16 analysis chart image trading higher targets

Gold Futures Turn Higher: Is $1860 Next Price Target?

August Gold Futures Trading Chart The past 2 months have seen several short-term trading...
gold mining stocks buy bullish

Is It Rally Time For Gold and Silver Mining Stocks?

As most readers are aware, we have been long Gold and recently reiterated our trading stance this week. With...

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