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gold futures bullish buy signal higher prices chart image december

Gold Prices Turn Higher, Precious Metals Sector Heats Up

The precious metals sector has struggled to gain traction this year with gold and silver trading well off the early year price peaks. That said,...
gold futures important price resistance chart analysis month december

Three Reasons To Watch Gold In December!

Gold started to perk up over the past month, finishing November on a very strong note. But, there is much more going here. Gold finished...
gold price performance versus stock market chart year 2022 bullish precious metals image

The Bullish Case For Gold Into Year-End

While gold has not done much in 2022 in terms of absolute returns, the SPDR Gold ETF (GLD) has indeed outperformed the SPY by...
us dollar bearish etf udn breakout buying higher chart november

US Dollar Weakness Could Mean Big Things For Stocks and Commodities!

The strength in the U.S. Dollar currency along with treasury bond yields (interest rates) has been relentless all year. And this has pressured stocks...
gold etf gld break down decline bearish sell signal trading analysis chart november

Gold Turns Bearish As Prices Fall Below 2-Year Support

Precious metals prices have spent much of the past 2 years trading sideways... that is until recently. And bulls have good reason to worry. In the...
dbc commodity trading etf price analysis bullish november image

Markets are shifting, should your trading strategy too? 

Mish is at the Money Show, so I am filling in for two days till she returns, and I already managed to miss her Daily...
silver miners etf sil trading breakout price target forecast chart image

Are Silver Miners (SIL) Nearing A Tradable Breakout?

The precious metals arena has seen gold and silver pullback and consolidate for several months. And this, coupled with a bear market in equities...
copper gold prices ratio 10 year treasury bond yield spread chart

Copper/Gold Ratio Says Bond Yields Rally Overdone

The price of copper to gold has been a correlation that has followed 10-Year US Treasury bond yields (in trend) fairly closely. This correlation has...
gold silver ratio etfs gld slv out-performance analysis 4th quarter year 2022

September Market Insights, Stock Calls, and a Look Ahead

As we move into October soon, I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of my recent daily columns from September.  On September 13,...
gold prices decline important up trend line support september investing image

Gold Bulls Don’t Want To See A Breakdown Here!

Inflation is at its highest level in several decades and precious metals bulls are patiently waiting for a big win. Geopolitical concerns are also rising...

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