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Gold ETF (GLD) Overshoots Price Targets Into Blow-Off Top

A month ago we published monthly and weekly charts showing the SPDR GLD Shares ETF NYSEARCA: GLD as being near the end of its...
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Silver to Gold Ratio Attempting Bullish Breakout

Silver (SLV) to Gold (GLD) Price Ratio Chart For the first 4 months of...
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Stocks Grind Higher As Investors Await Stimulus News

Stocks continue to push higher as investors await word on the next round of stimulus negotiations in Congress. There are many variables...
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Gold Futures Trade: Is It Time to Take Some Profits?

I have been bullish on Gold for much of this year. But as an active investor and analyst, I'm...
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Precious Metals Bulls Follow The Path To Money

As my loyal readers and followers know, I have been bullish gold and silver since 2018.
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Silver / Gold Price Ratio Reversal Sends Bullish Message!

Precious metals continue to out-perform in 2020 as uncertainty rules the day. Gold took the lead early and rallied...
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Stock Market Today (July 9): Commodities Remain Strong

The broader market remains strong (bullish), with commodities joining the party. Precious metals (gold / silver) are leading commodities...
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Stock Market Outlook: Equity Bulls Ride Leaders Higher

After a 5-day win streak, the S&P 500 Index fell by 1.08% Tuesday, but it maintains its strongly bullish intermediate posture according...
stock market today analysis image

Market Outlook (July 6): Are Key Commodities On Verge of Breakout?

Based of stock market futures, the 3 day weekend did nothing to slow the recent equities rally. All major indices are...
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Economic Modern Family & the Recycled Gold Capsule

What an incredible and shorter week in the world of high finance. Doomsday news appeared EVERYWHERE yet did not...

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