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us dollar index breakout new bull market higher currency analysis image

Is the US Dollar About To Break Out Higher?

US Dollar Index "weekly" Chart - CURRENCY: USD The US Dollar Index is flexing...
gold bars on us dollar bills

Chart of the Day (GOLD) and a Market Update

Gold ETF NYSEARCA: GLD Chart The weekly Gold ETF (GLD) chart is at an...
gold price major breakout fibonacci level chart analysis august 21

Gold Is Knocking On Key Breakout Level

Gold Price Chart with “Weekly” Bars and Analysis In 2013, Gold broke below its...
gold bull vs bear

Gold Is At An Inflection Point

The following article is a part of my Gone Fishing Newsletter that I provide to fishing club members each week to identify macro inflection...
gold bugs index hui break out higher bull market august year 2019

This Gold Bugs Ratio Has Metals Bulls Cheering!

Gold Bugs HUI / S&P 500 ETF Ratio Chart - INDEXNYSEGIS: HUI / NYSEARCA:...

Stock Market Today: Volatility Keeps Investors On Edge

The S&P 500 Index INDEXSP: .INX is pointing lower for Monday as volatility continues to roil the financial markets.
gold futures price target resistance august 9

Gold Rally Hits Major Price Resistance Zone

Gold bugs have had to wait 6 years to get to a very critical price resistance zone of 1488.80 to 1561.80.
silver futures price breakout trading august chart analysis image

Silver Breakout “Test” Important For Precious Metals

Silver Futures "weekly" Chart Silver NYSEARCA: SLV has been in rally mode for several...
shiny gold bars

Gold Futures Rally Hits Upside Price Target – Time To Sell?

Gold Futures Trading Price Targets – August 5 Chart Image Gold (NYSEARCA: GLD) is...

Stock Market Today: Bears Bring The Volatility

The S&P 500 Index INDEXSP: .INX is heading lower on Monday morning as more negative news about world trade and domestic concerns...

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