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silver gold price ratio breakout higher bullish signal forecast precious metals image

Silver Set To Blast Off If This Ratio Breaks Out!

Precious metals are having a strong year in 2020. So is it any surprise that Silver has...
gold futures forecast higher price targets rally chart december

Gold and Silver Prices Rising Higher Into Holidays

A weak US Dollar and uncertain economic and geopolitical environment are providing reasons to stay long precious metals. And more important then...
copper prices versus 10 year treasury bond yield ratio performance chart catch up

Copper/Gold Ratio vs 10-Year Yields: Time To Play Catch Up?

Commodities prices have been very strong for the past several months. And this has many investors eyeing...
gold futures trading buy signal reversal higher chart december 15

Gold Futures Reverse Higher, Eyes On $1880

The price of gold futures has pulled back to its 200-day moving average. This area has provided...
stock market today analysis image

Bull Market Powers Higher, Crude Oil Breaks Out

Stocks are moving higher in early trade on Monday, as investors cheer on the first round of vaccine rollouts. Currently, the S&P...
gold futures higher stronger price signal chart december 10

Gold Futures Hold 200-Day Moving Average, Rally Time?

I have been bullish gold for most of this year. But even a bullish trend has swing...
s&p 500 index versus put call ratio forecast stock market correction rising volatility image december 8

S&P 500 Risk Off? Watch the Put-Call Ratio and US Dollar

As we all know the stock market has recovered very sharply and fast since March when we saw a strong drop following...
stock market today analysis image

Will the Bull Market Grind Higher Into Year-End?

With stocks holding near all-time highs and commodities showing recent strength, investors are bullish heading into the holiday. The financial markets are...
junk bonds versus gold investment year 2020

Investors: Is Junk (Bonds) Worth More Than Gold?

In Santa Fem New Mexico we awoke with freezing temperatures and fresh snow.  This...
gold bars on top of money opportunity

Is Gold Price Decline A Golden Opportunity For Traders?

Investing in gold, either gold producers or bullion, has never been easy. Of course we are not counting the “gold...

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