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rising inflation year 2020

Should Investors Be Worried About Inflation in 2020?

As humans, we tend to believe that what has happened recently will continue into the future. In the finance world, we often...
gold futures price reversal higher bullish buy signal _ 16 january 2020

Gold Price Reversal Indicates Traders Buying the Dip

Gold has been in a strong "trend" trade that needs to be respected (until the trend is broken). I...
gold mining stocks buy bullish

Top 3 Gold Mining Stocks for the Coming Move Higher

The Gold Miners ETF NYSE:GDX is setting up for a move higher here and has solid price support below. And I believe...
gold price top and reversal lower correction starting chart image - january

Gold Breakout or Fakeout? Bulls Need Support To Hold!

Gold Futures Price Chart - Breakout or Fakeout? Gold spike higher on U.S.-Iran tensions...
gold bearish reversal pattern lower signal forecast precious metals investing chart january year 2020

Is Gold Spike and Reversal Lower Creating Bearish Pattern?

Gold bulls are feeling pretty good right now. Precious metals have been rising, the Dollar has been soft of...
us dollar index decline 23 fibonacci support chart important - january year 2020

Will US Dollar Reverse Higher Off Important Support Level?

US Dollar Currency "weekly" Chart As many investors know, King Dollar has a lot...
gold and silver precious metals price rally image

Gold and Silver Breakouts Send Short-Term Bullish Signal

Precious metals investors have enjoyed a great year for returns. Heading into the final trading day of the year,...
gold futures prices breakout higher rally into year 2020 targets

Gold Futures Rally, Miners on the Rise Into 2020

Gold Futures Rally - Price Forecast Chart The Gold futures rally has arrived at...
gold futures rally higher price targets bull market image december 28

Gold Rally Powers Higher: Price Targets into 2020

Gold Price Chart with Targets Gold has achieved its initial target of $1512, which...
gold miners investing gold bars image

Are Gold Miners Ready to Rally Into the New Year?

GDX Gold Miners ETF Stock Chart GDX, the ETF for the Gold Miners, has...

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