us dollar index breakout higher stronger currency chart image september 25

US Dollar Breakout Could Mess With Commodities!

The currency markets play an important role in the over markets... especially at the "turns".
united states inflation indicators higher financial markets investing image september

Key Inflation Indicators Facing Big Test In September!

Commodity Index vs Copper Futures vs Materials Sector "Monthly" Charts Inflation has long been...
lumber futures price peak top reversal lower chart image september 23

Lumber’s Biggest Price Reversal In 30 Years Adds To Market Concerns!

Lumber Futures Prices versus S&P 500 Index Performance Chart One unsung market indicator is...
gold us dollar price ratio indicator reversal lower bearish precious metals image september year 2020

Is Gold/US Dollar Ratio Sending Bearish Signal To Precious Metals?

Gold / US Dollar Ratio Chart (monthly price candles) Last month, I featured this...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Declines Sharply Through Key Price Support

The stock market's losing streak has reached 3 weeks and volatility is picking up. As well, key indices like the S&P 500...
gold etf gld trading flag pattern consolidation chart september year 2020

Gold Price Compression Will Lead To Big Future Move

A lot of Gold bugs were excited for the Federal Reserve meeting this past week, seeing that decision as a potential catalyst...
gold bars on top of us dollars investing image

Gold Futures Headed Higher As Trend, Momentum Turn Up

Precious metals continue to out-perform other assets this year and both Gold and Silver remain bullish in my view.
gold price cup with handle patter breakout buy trigger signal 3000 price target image

Gold Breakout Triggers Buy Signal, Is $3000 Next Target?

Gold "monthly" Price Chart - Targeting $3000? 90-days ago this cup & handle pattern...
stock market forecast september low bottom

Stock Market Outlook: Bulls Try To End Correction

The S&P 500 Index rose 0.52% on Wednesday and is now back to a weakly bullish intermediate posture according to the Market...
gold miners etf gdx buy signal trading breakout image september 15

Gold Miners ETF (GDX) Breakout Triggers Buy Signal

Gold Miners ETF (GDX) Trading Chart As I wrote about yesterday, the precious metals...

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