uso united states oil fund etf price analysis chart november 30

Skepticism Over the OPEC + Oil Cuts 

Despite the total cuts by all countries added at the November 30th OPEC+ meeting, oil sold off testing key support. Countries like Angola have threatened not...
gold futures price breakout higher bullish investment analysis image

Precious Metals Are Breaking Out; Identifying Upside Price Targets

Both gold and silver have emerged from consolidation patterns with a good turn-up in momentum.  We like both metals here, and the weakness in...
silver futures price pattern bullish wedge breakout forecast chart november

Are Silver Prices Ready To Launch Higher?

Precious metals prices have quietly crept higher in recent weeks. And if the rally keeps going, Silver could trigger a very bullish buy signal. Today, we...
s&p 500 index ratio to commodities index performance analysis important chart history

Equities / Commodities 12-Year Cycle Performance Outlook and Update

Who says cycles don't exist? Today, we put cycles on full display in looking at the performance of two of the most important...
iwm russell 2000 etf small cap stock buy signal bullish trading chart image

Weekend Stock Market Recap / Action Plan: Small Caps, Beans, Oil

Since we came back from vacation, I wrote 3 Daily’s. The first one was on the Economic Modern Family and how it opened its loving...
uso united states oil etf price decline lower investment analysis chart image

Crude Oil is the New Gold: Buy When There is Blood in the Street

Weaker labor market, manufacturing production slowing, new home prices falling and crude oil inventories rising more than expected are all to blame for the...
gld gold etf trading chart breakout bullish buy chart november

Gold Is Testing Highs Once Again – Breakout Coming?

Gold has been quietly inching higher and higher over the past several weeks and now finds its price testing the highs. Is it time for...
soybeans trading etf soyb bullish trading pattern investing chart

Soybeans Could be the Next Parabolic Runner

Brazil planted a record soybean crop only to see unusually dry and hot weather create concerns for the harvest. Furthermore, Argentina had an extreme shortfall...
us dollar decline lower currency analysis chart november

Will US Dollar Weakness Be Bullish For Precious Metals?

A couple weeks ago, we highlighted the U.S. Dollar as an asset that was ready for a big move. King Dollar was trading sideways and...
dba agriculture commodity etf trading price breakout resistance chart november

Agriculture Commodities ETF (DBA) Eyeing Breakout Resistance

While there are many that believe inflation is easing, there are still several that think it's elevated. Let's just say it's an uneven playing field...

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