sugar futures prices rising inflation price chart july

Sugar Is An Important Inflation Barometer… And It May Be Heading Higher

Mother Nature can be such a B@*^H! On March 6, 2024 I wrote a market update on sugar and inflation. The biggest takeaway is:  We will know...
slv silver etf price analysis buy signal chart

Will Silver Prices Breakout Above Falling Resistance?

Precious metals have been very bullish over the first half of 2024. And in particular, Gold's breakout to new highs came just when everyone thought...
russell 2000 stock market index lagging under performance chart june

What Unties the Stock Market’s Gordian Knot?

A Gordian Knot comes from Greece during Alexander the Great’s march. It has become a metaphor for a problem solvable only by bold action. Every investor...
ung natural gas etf down trend line important investing chart june

Natural Gas Rally Trading Into Breakout Resistance

After a long and steady decline, natural gas prices finally look like they may be bottoming. Or at least neutralizing the situation. One factor that might...
crude oil futures price bearish elliott wave forecast lower summer year 2024 chart

Crude Oil Elliott Wave Analysis: Nearing Bearish Reversal?

Crude oil futures appear to have begun the next big downward push which could persist into autumn or winter. On a faster time frame...
gold price buy signal moving average may 28

Do Gold and Silver Still Have More Trading Upside?

Precious metals have been very bullish in 2024. Gold recently recorded new all-time price highs. And silver has made new multi-year highs. After some backing and...
gold price dollars breakout inverse head and shoulders pattern chart year 2024

Important Gold Price Ratio Is Breaking Out!

2024 has been filled with headlines about stock market highs and stocks such as Nvidia. But one major asset and commodity that is making...
silver s&p 500 price ratio correlation analysis chart may 21

Silver Bull Market Starting? Watch This Rare Bullish Signal!

When we discuss bull markets and areas of leadership, we usually point to out-performance. We've been writing a lot about precious metals lately, and today...
philip morris daily stock price analysis performance chart

Cannabis Sector Intriguing: Here’s One Stock To Watch

One of the more frustrating trades this year has been the back-and-forth rallies and sell offs in the cannabis sector. MSOS is the ETF stock...
silver breakout buy signal inverse head shoulders pattern year 2024 image

Silver Breakout May Lead to Historic Price Rally!

Precious metals have been very strong over the past two years, with Gold breaking out of a historic bullish pattern. Is it time for...

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