persistent inflation risks warning sign for investors

Inflation, What Inflation?

We typically have a song or two in my head. After all, watching ticks is musical and has a lot of different beats. And...
gld gold price etf trading forecast higher parabolic chart year 2023

Not Invested in Precious Metals Yet? 

I personally started out this year saying that to date, gold has been sold on strength and bought on weakness. And that the day...
gld gold price etf trading higher rising prices chart image january year 2023

Is Inflation Cooling, or Set to Reignite?

This past week, I got to talk a lot about inflation, something many have thrown in the towel about. But not us! I sat down...
sugar futures prices technical analysis sell signal chart january 18

Sugar Futures and Social and Economic Impact to Stocks

Sugar Futures Prices - Fundamental Analysis The price of sugar is exposed to many global and national influences.  These include government tariffs, costs of production, climate...
gold futures trading price analysis year 2023 forecast breakout higher chart

Gold Trading Update: At Resistance, Watching For Breakout

The price of gold has stair-stepped its way higher over the past 10 weeks. Global uncertainty and a US Dollar pullback have been tailwinds. Gold...
crude oil price breakdown lower decline bearish chart

Crude Oil Price Decline Breaks Below Key Trend Line Support

Oil prices surged on news of the Russian invasion, as investors knew the energy sector would be greatly effected by the war. But for how...
technology stocks under performing price silver ounce chart year 2023

How to Grow Your Wealth in 2023! 

Investors and traders must utilize sensible trading strategies, intelligent portfolio management, and vigilant risk governance to stay ahead in today's fast-paced, liquid markets.  Renowned and...
silver versus gold price performance year 2022 chart

Tips For Trading Profitably In A Bear Market

Many investors have had a rough year. 2022 has been characterized by turbulence in financial markets.  The Nasdaq, S&P 500, and Russell 2000 are all...
gold rising prices forecast year 2023 image

Don’t Miss Out On The Next Gold Rush

Gold always has been and will always be a controversial asset within investment circles.  Its proponents can’t agree on why it deserves a place in...
gold prices going higher year 2023 forecast chart

Gold Price Pattern Breakout Forecasting Rally To $3000!

Volatility and uncertainty have infected the financial markets as well as geopolitics. While unfortunate, it is the perfect environment for gold and precious metals. And...

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