Silver Price Reversal Restores Life to Precious Metals Bulls

Silver prices have traded in a wide range this month, taking both bulls and bears for a ride. Silver...
gold futures price buy signal breakout chart march 30

Gold Futures Breakout: Will It Hold?

Gold Futures "hourly" Chart Gold futures surged overnight, attempting to break out over it's...
crude oil price crash new lows forecast analysis march 25 2020

Crude Oil Crash Follows Topping Signal 11 Weeks Ago

Crude Oil Topping Pattern and Market Crash Charts The importance of crude oil to the...
gold price analysis fibonacci support market crash march 23 year 2020

Gold ETF (GLD) Chart Highlights Repetitive Price Pattern Into Market Sell-Off

This week’s "One Chart" is the daily chart of the SPDR Gold ETF NYSEARCA: GLD going back for the last two years.
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Today: Relentless Selling Pressure Continues

Stock market futures traded limit down overnight as relentless selling pressure continues. Futures are off the lows but still...
crude oil price crash elliott wave forecast chart_march_year 2020

Crude Oil Crash and Elliott Wave Trading Forecast for Year 2020

With oil prices being so volatile, we wanted to call attention to the possibility of a tradable low nearby.
silver futures trading bottom march 20 buy opportunity chart

Buy Setups Emerging For Gold, Silver, and Platinum

We have a solid reward to risk "trading" setup in Gold, Silver, and Platinum futures. All three metals have...
stock market bottom copper crude oil price support reversal levels chart image

Could Be Bottoms Up If Stocks, Doc Copper, and Oil Reverse Higher Here!

The past couple of months has delivered a lot of bad news for investors. Several key ingredients to a...
gold futures decline price support buying target reversal higher chart image march 17

Gold Futures Trading Update: Oversold Bounce Or More?

Gold futures have been sliding alongside global stock markets. This highlights how this past week has acted more like...

Gold Futures Decline (Trading Insights & Analysis)

Gold Futures Chart On Monday morning, we posted a note about Gold Futures hitting...

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