commodity index major price resistance analysis january year 2022 chart

Inflation or Deflation? Depends On What The Commodity Index Does Next!

Commodities were already in a slump when coronavirus hit in 2020. That crash sent commodities to the lowest levels in decades. A quick economic rebound...
gold price influencers analysis year 2022 forecast

What’s Wrong With Gold?

Hit the rewind button back to a year ago. Gold was trading at $1,850/oz, and the iShares TSX Gold ETF was about $19.50. Now,...
gold silver rally rising prices buy signal chart january

Can Silver And Gold Breakout From Stagnant Price Action?

Everyone knows inflation is on the rise and with the latest year-over-year inflation numbers up 7%, investors are finally getting the picture that market...
natural gas price decline analysis trading at buy support area chart

Natural Gas Price Decline Reaches Critical Support!

While several commodities rode strong buying waves to new highs in 2021, some commodities have really cooled off over the past several months. One of...
euro currency decline testing long term price support important chart investing

Is the Euro Currency Decline Over or Just Beginning?

The recent strengthening in the US Dollar is catching the eyes of traders and investors alike. King Dollar affects so many asset classes, including its...
xle energy sector etf trading breakout analysis investing chart

Is The Energy Sector (XLE) Nearing Inflection Point?

The coronavirus era has enjoyed higher stock prices, while also seeing higher energy and food prices. This is an odd dilemma... often referred to as...
silver futures price reversal higher buy signal month december chart precious metals

Will Silver Price Reversal Bring Holiday Cheer For Bulls?

Precious metals prices have languished in a sideways pattern since peaking out in July 2020. Could this sideways trading pattern be a bullish consolidation pattern? Strong...
baltic dry index commodity prices point to peak inflation chart

Inflation Peaking? Watch These 3 Charts!

Over the past 18 months, I've penned several articles about traceable commodity breakouts and rising commodities prices... and inflation risks. With each breakout came more...
commodity etfs hedge against inflation trading charts analysis

Trading ETFs That Hedge Against Rising Inflation

The Producer Price Index (PPI) is accelerating at a quick pace with a 0.8% increase this November. For the year, producer prices are up 9.6%.  As...
crypto currency total market capitalization elliott wave chart

Bitcoin & Ripple Elliott Wave Analysis: Look For More Downside

The Crypto market is in decline as we have been warning for some time. And, with recent sharp decline and broken channel support line on...

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