copper futures price breakout buy signal analysis chart april 16

2 Copper Mining Stocks With Breakout Buy Signals

Copper futures prices have been strengthening since reaching an A-B-C pattern price bottom in March.
commodities index breakout price trend resistance analysis chart april 15

Commodity Prices Reach Rally Inflection Point!

Commodities have been the talk of the town over the past several months, with grains, energy, and...
equal weighted global basket index investing themes year 2021 image

10 Important Charts To Watch In 2021 (Q1 Update)

Welcome to Q2! Things have moved fast since my original post (both in terms of market movements and the general consensus/sentiment). So...
dbc commodities index fund etf decline lower selloff price targets chart april

Commodities SellOff Not Over, Look For Another Move Lower

Commodities look to have one more leg lower before any bottom is formed. While...
stock market update research analysis indicators april 6 trading outlook

U.S. Stock Market Trends Remain Positive As Buying Continues

It was a mixed day for the major U.S. stock market indices. The S&P 500 Index traded in a tighter range, finishing...
us dollar index breakout higher resistance important analysis chart april 5

Commodities Bulls Hope US Dollar Peaks Here!

The US Dollar has received a fair amount of attention over the past year, as pandemic-spurred government stimulus and assistance programs and...
xop price reversal buy signal oil gas exploration etf rally chart april 6

Will $XOP Oil & Gas Sector ETF Trading Buy Signal Hold Up?

Following a price reversal higher, the momentum shift in the energy sector appears to be taking hold. Although traders...
baltic dry shipping price index important breakout analysis chart april 1

Baltic Dry Index Rally: Who Gives A Ship?

The health of the global economy relies on several key factors, but one of the more important ones is shipping.
dba etf agriculture commodities price trend reversal higher chart year 2021

Agriculture ETF (DBA) Pulling Back, But Broader Change of Trend Important

In the past several weeks, investors and consumers have weighed in on the prospects of inflation. Today we'll do...
oil and gas sector etf xop buy signal trading indicator bullish week march 26

Bullish Reversal In Oil and Gas Exploration Stocks?

I like the pullback in WTI Crude Oil and believe a reversal higher is setting up the Oil & Gas Exploration Sector...

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