crude oil futures prices rally higher middle east war tension chart january year 2020

Crude Oil Rally Tests Fibonacci Resistance… for 3rd Time!

Crude Oil Futures Price Chart The Crude Oil rally is gathering momentum as Middle...
gold and silver precious metals price rally image

Gold and Silver Breakouts Send Short-Term Bullish Signal

Precious metals investors have enjoyed a great year for returns. Heading into the final trading day of the year,...
gold futures prices breakout higher rally into year 2020 targets

Gold Futures Rally, Miners on the Rise Into 2020

Gold Futures Rally - Price Forecast Chart The Gold futures rally has arrived at...
oil rigs declining energy sector image

S&P Sector Analysis: Rough Decade for Energy Stocks

Maybe I’m showing my age, but it does not seem like that long ago when politicians were bashing big oil and market...
us corn demand growth sectors 10 year forecast

US Corn Market Year 2020 Forecast and Price Outlook

In this article, we take a look ahead to 2020, discussing key themes and our price and crop forecast for corn.
gold futures rally higher price targets bull market image december 28

Gold Rally Powers Higher: Price Targets into 2020

Gold Price Chart with Targets Gold has achieved its initial target of $1512, which...
gold miners investing gold bars image

Are Gold Miners Ready to Rally Into the New Year?

GDX Gold Miners ETF Stock Chart GDX, the ETF for the Gold Miners, has...

US – China Trade Deal: What Investors Don’t Know

Unlike most trade deals where the terms are readily available, the details of the Phase One trade agreement between China and the...
euro currency breakout higher versus us dollar forex fx markets big move chart image

Are the Euro and U.S. Dollar Currencies Setting Up for Big Moves?

Euro Currency versus US Dollar Currency Charts When the currency markets breakout or breakdown,...
copper futures price breakout higher rally in year 2020 forecast

Will Copper Price Breakout Reduce Odds of Recession?

Copper Futures "weekly" Price Chart For a long time, copper prices have been a...

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