crb commodity index peak price inflation chart august year 2022

Is the CRB Commodity Index Peaking and Reversing Lower?

It's fair to say that inflation has been one of the key economic buzz words of 2022 (along with interest rates). Will the Federal Reserve's...
xle energy sector etf trading price reversal chart august

Energy Sector ETF (XLE) Trading in Price Compression Zone

The decline in crude oil prices has been swift. For bullish traders, this has been painful... for consumers, this has provided relief at the...
crude oil long term price trend support chart important august

Crude Oil Declines Into Important Price Support!

One of the most visible signs of inflation is gas prices. And, as you know, the price of gas is born out of the...
gold prices rallying higher investing analysis chart image august

Can Gold and Silver Hold Recent Price Gains?

As impressive as the global stock rally was last week, gold and silver's remarkable performance on Friday did not generate many financial headlines.  Still, their...
dbc commodities price index etf trading sell off chart july

What Will Drive the Commodities Market Higher Again?

Commodities across the board rallied after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and have since declined significantly.  Before the War though, commodities were already enjoying a...
interest rates will peak july year 2022 investing chart image

Important Commodity Ratio Points To Lower Interest Rates

One of the most important themes during the first half of 2022 is rising interest rates. And with the Federal Reserve focused on stopping inflation,...
cane sugar etf trading price buy signal chart july

Things Over Paper: Why Real Assets Are Best Right Now

In today's economy, investing in assets that will hold their value to or near the rate of inflation is more important than ever.  These types...
s&p 500 index rally analysis price targets july chart

[Market Forecast] Profitable Investments During Stagflation

At MarketGauge, we believe we are in a stagflation period that could last six months to three years. Nevertheless, we continue to find profitable...
ung natural gas etf trading price support moving average analysis chart

Natural Gas Dislocation: Fundamentals Versus Price Analysis

Global demand for natural gas continues to skyrocket in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Over the last year, demand for LNG has risen...
commodity index price peak bearish pattern sell signal chart july

Is The Rally In Commodities Prices Reversing Course?

The past several weeks have seen many commodities take a breather from their near vertical ascent. This is welcome news for many consumers that have...

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