crude oil futures up trend higher support line important_june 2018

Crude Oil Reversal Sets Up Important Trend Line Test!

A swift 13 percent decline in WTI Crude Oil has grabbed investors attention. And this shows how quickly sentiment can change. WTI Crude Oil has been...
coffee futures trading breakout higher new trend bullish_june 2018

Soft Commodities Are Getting Bulls Attention!

Yesterday, we highlighted an important price pattern in the chart of the Thomson Reuters Equal-Weighted Commodities Index. Today, we'll stick within that theme and look...
s&p 500 futures june 5 rally higher upside trading targets news image

S&P 500 Trading Update: Technical Divergence Taking Shape

Broad Stock Market Futures Outlook for June 5, 2018 Breaches of prior resistance under continued technical divergence. Allow levels to test and fail if you are looking...
crude oil etf uso long term elliott wave analysis forecast_4 june 2018

Crude Oil ETF (USO) Reversal: Should Bulls Be Concerned?

In our April post on this topic, we showed how the crude oil rally from last year's low was probably nearing its end. Although price...
july corn futures trading analysis_4 june 2018

U.S. Corn Futures Weekly Outlook: Bulls On The Ropes

July corn futures closed DOWN 14 ½-CENTS per bushel week-on-week, finishing at $3.91 ½. This is a pretty big move to the downside and has...
trend analysis commodities equal weight index investing_breakout_4 june 2018

Commodities Price Compression… Something’s Gonna Give Soon!

Time frames are an important component of successful investing and research. And an investor's perspective on a price trend depends very much on the time...
s&p 500 futures june 1 trading price targets trades stock market news

S&P 500 Futures Trading Outlook: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Broad Stock Market Futures Outlook for June 1, 2018 Traders began the US market hours inside of the trading ranges of prior days but the jobs...
russell 2000 macro trend analysis chart investing research_30 may 2018

Macro Technical Trends & Insights: Small Cap Leadership

The 24-7 news cycle adds an additional layer of noise to what's happening in the marketplace. Though it's good to be up on news and...
s&p 500 futures trading may 29 price analysis chart decline

S&P 500 Futures Trading Update: Trapped Buyers

Broad Stock Market Futures Outlook for May 29, 2018 Traders in the overnight action have pushed prices into deep support where we attempt bounces for the...
gold futures commitment traders cot report may 25 speculators analysis chart

COT Report: GOLD Spec Longs Fall to Lowest Level in 10 Months

The following chart and data highlight non-commercial commodity futures trading positions as of May 22, 2018. This data was released with the May 25 COT...

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