gold etf price trading analysis chart image

Gold ETF (GLD): Watch Rising 40-Week Moving Average

Gold remains elevated but is having trouble getting traction with its recent rally attempt. With a crazy political environment, domestic inflation, and war abroad, one...
gold futures price trading buy signal analysis chart precious metals image

Precious Metals Gold and Silver Trigger Bullish Trading Signals

It looks like the precious metals are gaining some momentum. Gold futures put in an ellipse trading buy signal and we see a potential move up...
copx and dba commodity etfs ticker symbols bullish investment price charts image

Investing In Commodities and Stores of Value

For today, I used ChatGPT to ask which companies store raw materials. After all, you cannot have capital investing in infrastructure without raw materials. You cannot...
us dollar index repeating historical pattern chart history

US Dollar Deja Vu? Repeating Bearish Pattern In Play!

Recent weakness in the US Dollar has helped to propel commodities such as Gold and Silver higher. Today's analysis showing a potential repeating pattern that...
gld gold etf trading buy signal breakout analysis chart image

Is Inflation Permanently “Dissed”?

I wish I could say that the clearly impressive trend from peak until now in CPI and PPI is sustainable. However, I am more inclined...
us dollar index decline lower breakdown bearish currency markets chart image july 2023

US Dollar To See Further Weakness? Gold Bulls Hope So!

After peaking in 2022, the US Dollar Index has spent nearly a year in decline. But it may be set to fall even further. And...
amex gold miners index trading price support bullish investing analysis chart image

Gold Miners ETF Breaking Out of Bullish Falling Wedge Pattern!

The precious metals complex may be ending a 2 month pullback / consolidation pattern. And perhaps in grand fashion! With Gold and Silver prices bouncing off...

$WEAT Wheat ETF (and inflation) Down But Not Out As Ukraine War Escalates

Investors and economists are getting awfully complacent about inflation, in my opinion. They seem to think that an escalating international war that we are...
us stocks of crude oil in spring strategic petroleum reserve image

U.S. Oil Reserves Drop to 40 Year Lows

On June 12th, Goldman Sachs came out stating how bearish they are on oil. I wrote a Daily about it on June 20th: Bearish at the Bottom-Institutions...
xle energy sector etf trading buy signal long term investing chart image

What A Healthy Correction in Energy Stocks Looks Like

An interesting article based on cycles and commodities versus stocks suggests that over the past 90 years, stocks have outperformed commodities by 4 to...

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