Gold Price Correction: Targets and Thoughts

Gold has always been a tricky trade. Day-to-day movements in the US Dollar and back-and-forth statements from the Federal...
crude oil options expiration price bearish analysis news march 29

Virtual Reality in the Crude Oil Market

VA few months ago, I had my first experience with a virtual reality headset when a friend and I played his VR...
copx copper miners etf chart elliott wave forecast analysis investing news march 28

Copper Miners (COPX) Stock Correction May be Complete

In November, we suggested that readers might wait for a shorting opportunity that was visible on the horizon for the copper mining ETF....
stock market indicators research analysis month april outlook news year 2019

Cracks Emerge as Stock Market Rally Faces Tests

Investing Outlook Highlights: Federal Reserve Counseling Patience but Market Looking for Cuts; Economic Confidence Being Tested
energy stocks breakouts valero vlo investing research bullish chart

3 Energy Stocks That Are Breaking Out

On Monday, we sent out a bullish note and news on Crude Oil and the Energy space. Today, I...

Mid-Week Stock Market Outlook: Small Caps Pulling Up the Rear

The S&P 500 (SPX) finished flat and retained its bullish Market Forecast intermediate posture; it was a similar story for the Dow...
farmer during corn harvest

U.S. Corn Market Outlook: March Madness

This week I wanted to preview what I believe to be the most important storyline to track for Corn and Soybean Bulls...
us corn managed money may futures contracts chart news image march year 2019

U.S. Corn Weekly Outlook: Will Price Decline Continue?

Corn futures continued to leak lower this week, making a new contract low on Friday at $3.62 ¼. Before finishing at 3.64. 
gold futures cot report march 8 trading long short positions news chart image

GOLD Cot Report: Can Bulls Regain $1300?

The chart below looks at non-commercial futures trading positions for Gold. For the week Gold traded slightly higher. The SPDR Gold ETF (NYSEARCA:...
silver futures price chart analysis descending triangle bearish march year 2019

Silver Bulls Hope Support Holds On This Descending Triangle!

Silver bulls are hoping to catch a break... and hoping that break is not a breakdown. Over the past...

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