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Stock Market Today: Intel Earnings Bolster Semiconductor Stocks

US equities were able to shake off early losses yesterday to close near the highs of the day, with the S&P 500...
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Did My Fortune Cookie Tell Me to Buy Toyota’s Stock?

Occasionally, I like to feature a stock or ETF as a trade idea. Generally, I will go more for...
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Climate Change Investing: Is It Sustainable?

One of the hottest investments over the past few months has been anything related to climate change. The WilderHill...
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Stock Market Today: When Will Negative News Matter?

The major U.S. stock market indices continue to shrug off negative news headlines. Whether its geopolitics, impeachment, economic data, or the coronavirus...
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Important Stock Market ETFs Could Be Forming “Inside Weeks”

Today I am taking a look at the weekly charts of the Economic Modern Family of stock...
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Stock Market Today: Eyes On Small Cap Growth Stocks

Fears of a new coronavirus weighed on the stock market early this week, but futures are pointing higher Wednesday morning.
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How’s the Stock Market’s Appetite for Risk?

I hope you did not miss my annual write-up about the upcoming Chinese New Year, Year of the Metal Rat, and how...
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Stock Market Today: Eyes On Technology Leadership

The market has powered higher, on the heels of large cap stocks and technology stocks. The Nasdaq Composite is...
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4 Stocks Reporting Earnings This Week (With Interesting Price Action)

Corporate earnings season really ramps up this week.  Today, I share 4 companies reporting earnings this week with some...
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Corn Market Weighs Phase One Of U.S. – China Trade Deal

U.S. – China Phase ONE trade agreement falls short for corn producers: If last week was all about the...

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