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us inflation data sticky versus flexible by month chart year 2021

Welcome To The Backside Of The Inflation Spike

Okay, even an armchair economist knew that used car prices, airfares, and car rentals couldn’t continue to go up by double digits, month after...
green bull market image

Legacy Transportation Impacted By Micro-Mobility, Work From Home

The way we move about has changed dramatically throughout the past century. The advent of the automobile in the early 1900s brought with it many...
lumber price bottom trading reversal higher forecast chart september

Lumber Prices Reverse Higher, Bottom In Place?

It has been a tale of two stories for lumber prices. Last year, Lumber rose five fold to over $1600. It was a tremendous...
walt disney stock buy signal breakout higher chart september

Disney’s Stock (DIS) Triggers Trading Buy Signal

Disney's stock price pushed higher Friday morning, offering some hope to bullish investors. The move higher saw Disney's stock (DIS) break above its short-term down-trend...

The Fed Speaks Loudly And Carries a Feather

“Speak softly and carry a big stick” President Theodore Roosevelt on foreign policy. In other words, let your actions, not your words set the tone. It...
ung natural gas etf breakout higher buy signal chart september

Natural Gas ETF Breaks Out Fueled By Seasonal Strength

Just two weeks ago, I shared a breakout setup for Natural Gas and wondered, "Is It Time For Natural Gas ETF To Head Much...
stocks buy the dip bull image

Have Stock Traders Become Programmed to Buy Dips?

With the pandemic came a wave of new retail traders.  Using apps that make trading as easy as swiping up on a phone to execute...
traders investors watching financial markets

The Battle of Paid vs Zero Commission Trading Continues 

Tuesday, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission Gary Gensler faced pushback from senators about his recent ideas of adding cryptocurrency regulation along...
crude oil october futures price breakout higher forecast 78 investing chart

Crude Oil Futures Could Move 10 Percent Higher On Breakout

I recently wrote a bullish trading piece on Crude Oil as it was attempting to breakout above its down-trend line. That breakout call was premature,...
dow jones industrial average price analysis monday trading session higher chart image september 13

Why Are Tuesdays Stock Market Volume Patterns So Important?

The major stock market indices closed surprisingly well on Monday. Although the initial morning gap-up did not hold, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIA) and...

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