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ibb biotechnology sector etf trading higher bullish buy signal chart july 12

The Biotechnology Sector ETF (IBB) Clears Price Resistance

On June 24, 2024 I wrote a daily called, Biotechnology Sector IBB Breakout Comes To Life: “IBB sits just below the 200-WMA. Plus, he is in the...
iwm russell 2000 etf trading rally higher chart week july 8

Can Momentum Build In Small Cap Stocks?

We have heard many discussions on whether small cap stocks and the Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) really matter for the broader stock market. Here are...
sugar futures prices rising inflation price chart july

Sugar Is An Important Inflation Barometer… And It May Be Heading Higher

Mother Nature can be such a B@*^H! On March 6, 2024 I wrote a market update on sugar and inflation. The biggest takeaway is:  We will know...
tlt government bonds etf lower investing chart july

What Is Happening with Government Bonds and Junk Bonds?

Statistically, one of the most bullish days of the year, July 1st was rather surprising. Our family of stock market ETFs was not so happy on...
slv silver etf price analysis buy signal chart

Will Silver Prices Breakout Above Falling Resistance?

Precious metals have been very bullish over the first half of 2024. And in particular, Gold's breakout to new highs came just when everyone thought...
igv software technology sector etf trading breakout chart june

Software Sector ETF (IGV) Breaking Out of 4 Month Consolidation

Technology stocks have been market leaders. And over the past couple weeks, the broader tech market has been consolidating gains. It's been a longer consolidation...
lit lithium etf trading lower investing analysis chart june

How Important is Lithium in Making Electric Vehicles?

On the heels of the $5 billion investment JV announcement between Volkswagen and Rivian, we always like to examine the raw material side. Lithium plays...
ibb biotech etf trading breakout higher price chart image june 24

$IBB Biotechnology Sector ETF Breakout Comes To Life

Over the weekend as we looked at the entire Economic Modern Family of stock market ETFs, we focused on the Biotechnology Sector ETF (IBB)...
xlu utilities etf trading price performance investing chart june 21

Electricity is in High Demand; A Review of Primary Sources

In On June 10, 1752, almost exactly 272 years ago, Ben Franklin helped prove that lightning is a form of electricity that could be...
jnk junk bonds etf performance comparison tlt treasury bonds investing chart june 21

Junk Bonds versus Government Bonds: Why It Matters

When stocks are in a bull market, we tend to see assets like growth stocks and junk bonds perform well as investors are in...

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