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tlt versus tbf etfs price performance investing chart 2 years

$40 Billion In Wrong Bond Fund Past 2 Years!

When treasury bond yields are rising, bond prices are falling. It's an inverse relationship. And so it makes sense that the 20+ Year Treasury Bond...
qqq nasdaq 100 etf price chart august

When Calendar Ranges, Leadership, Momentum and Price Align 

We are so excited that is now offering you our ACP plugins. We had to write about it for today’s Daily especially since you...
us dollar index trading pattern analysis double top image

U.S. Dollar Double Top? Precious Metals Sure Hope So!

When the U.S. Dollar is rallying and at full strength, it is a clear headwind for precious metals like gold and silver. But when King...
gold silver mining stocks precious metals equities cycles versus s&p 500 index performance long term investing chart image

Is 11-Year Cycle Signaling Gold and Silver Miners Rally?

The price of gold is trading just off its all-time highs while the price of silver is lagging. Together, they haven't quite provided mining...
wage inflation concerning economy

Wage Inflation: The Stats and Underlying Implications

While the UAW strike continues, and the debate on how much it matters in the scheme of things rages on, other wage trends are...
soxx semiconductors etf price bearish trading analysis

Semiconductor Sector Weakness Triggering Sell Signals

We scored and ranked the 30 components of the SOXX and find 70% with a negative multi-factor model score. Some names where we see downside...

Michele Schneider’s IBD Investors Podcast: Market Phases, Calendar Ranges, and Picks 

This week I was honored to speak with Charles Payne at Fox Business, Angela Miles at Business First AM, David Keller at, Jim...
tlt treasury bonds etf trading higher wednesday investing analysis chart image

Time for a Fresh Look at Long Bonds 

I doubt any of our readers are too surprised by the CPI reading coming in a bit hotter than expected. The bulk of it was...
fed funds interest rates and recessions lag effect chart image history

Interest Rate Hike Plateaus and Recessions: The Lag Effect Unveiled

Despite surging interest rates, there are few signs they are impeding economic activity or causing distress amongst borrowers. It may seem strange that higher...
gdx gold miners etf bottom buy signal trading chart september 13

Gold Miners ETF (GDX): Finding and Trading Potential Bottoms

In June we wrote about the bottom in oil and cannabis through USO and MSOS (ETFs) respectively. In July we wrote about the potential top...

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