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3 important economic data points population growth

3 Market Data Insights: Population Growth Matters!

This week, the spotlight was on Nvidia (stock ticker: NVDA), along with several of the companies we like delivering impressive financial results by striking...
nvidia stock price at 261 fibonacci extension resistance nvda sell signal into earnings image

Nvidia’s Stock (NVDA) Reaches Key Fibonacci Extension Level!

Nvidia has captured the technology investor community by storm. Nvidia's stock price (ticker: NVDA) has surged in recent weeks and this has lead the broader...
3 important economic data points inflation cpi stock market this week

Are Inflation Concerns Overblown? (3 Data Points To Watch)

This week's earnings corporate reports revealed a continued focus on profitability across various sectors. While specific details differed, many companies like Shopify, Airbnb, and Uber...
silver futures prices rally higher inflation analysis chart image

What Would Make the Federal Reserve Raise or Lower Interest Rates?

Currently, there is no real reason for the Federal Reserve to either hike or lower the interest rates. The overall market has absorbed these rates...
natural gas decline 50 percent in 30 days chart investing concern worry

Natural Gas Crashes Into Historic Price Support!

It's been a rough go for Natural Gas prices. Even with elevated inflation numbers, Natural Gas is still in crash mode. "The facts, Ma'am. Just the...
csco cisco systems stock price decline lower bearish sell signal chart february

Is Cisco (CSCO) About To Lose Leadership Position?

Cisco (CSCO) used to be one of the four horsemen of the Nasdaq (tech stocks) rally. While CSCO still has plenty of influence as a...
iwm russell 2000 etf trading rally analysis chart february

Small Caps Clear a Path for Higher Prices

Last night after the sell off, we had this to say: “For junk bonds and small caps, the next day or two will be very...
treasury bond yields rise sharply 2 year 5 year 10 year 30 year february 13 cpi data investing chart image

Treasury Bond Yields Reverse Higher Off Key Fibonacci Level!

The past few months have given investors the feeling that the 3 year (monster) rally in treasury bond yields is over. But the lull may...
high yield bonds etf hyg trading price analysis chart february

How To Know When the Stock Market Rally is Over?

I first became interested in junk bonds right before COVID hit in January 2020. Note the price at the time of HYG was around 88.50. Since...
slv silver etf price under performing gold trading chart

When Will Gold Break Out? Watch Silver!

Gold and silver are trading in a relatable way to Dire Straits hit song "So Far Way". In that song, Dire Straits wrote, "you're so...

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