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slv silver etf price higher rally strength chart march 22

2 Major Signs of Stagflation 

The Fed raised rates 25 bps The decision was unanimous. The terminal rate projection is unchanged at 5.1%  FOMC statement modifies guidance: “The committee anticipates that...
federal reserve balance sheet history through march year 2023 image

Phase Two of the Federal Reserve Follies

With Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse defunct, the Fed must restore confidence in the financial sector. The historical treatment for financial instability has...
iwm russell 2000 etf trading relative weakness bearish chart march

Where is the Stock Market Finding Joy?

Is it here in the Russell 2000 (IWM)? Check out the weekly chart below. The 50-week moving average just crossed below the 200-week moving average. That...
gold etf trading buy signal breakout price analysis chart image

Market Chaos Under The Surface – Time For #GOLD

When we wrote How to Grow Your Wealth in 2023 we began with  Chaos Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.  Looking for Inflation in All...
gld gold etf price breakout higher chart march 17 2023

Precious Metals Surge On Banking Crisis, Geopolitical Concerns

Regional banks failures (Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank) and ongoing jitters with First Republic Bank have investors on edge. This has ushered in...
iwm russell 2000 etf small caps long term monthly chart bearish sell signal year 2023

Small Caps and Semiconductors Stocks 2 and 7 Year Business Cycles (Important)

From our How to Grow Your Wealth in 2023 we featured the projections for the Economic Modern Family. We begin with the Granddad of the Family-Russell 2000...
gdx gold miners etf trading price reversal investment analysis image

What’s Next For Silver, Gold and the Mining Stocks?

Folks are calling the FED opening swap lines on the entire US Banking deposit base to the tune of $17.6 trillion as QE infinity. Moody’s...
s&p 500 index bear market decline year 2023 price targets chart image

Stock Market Momentum Points To Lower Prices

With regional banks under pressure and stock prices reversing lower, momentum is also heading lower. This will likely see the S&P 500 test a couple...
tlt treasury bond etf rally higher this week price chart

Treasury Bonds Island Bottom and a Signal of Market Chaos

On March 7, we asked Will the Market Internals Turn More Bearish?  While we focused mainly on Jerome Powell’s testimony, "If the totality of the data were...
2 year treasury bond yield financial crisis interest rates investing concerns chart image

Are 2-Year Treasury Bond Yields Hinting At Another Crisis?

With bond yields (and interest rates) rising sharply, it's understandable that most of the world is hoping for lower rates. Lower interest rates allow for...

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