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Stock Market Today: How Long Can Small Caps Lead?

The stock market had a mixed, yet successful session on Thursday, paving the way for another higher open on Friday. The Russell 2000 (IWM) has...
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Modern Monetary Theory and its Fictional Discipline

"That is some crazy talk" – Bill Gates on the topic of MMT In my article, MMT Sounds Great in Theory… But, I dove into...
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The Futures In Five: Bulls Looking to Run Today

Buying pressure in the stock market has forced sellers to the sidelines for now, but these buyers have backed off from highs. Pullbacks are buying...
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The Futures In Five: Stock Bulls Pressure Upside Resistance

Market volatility is alive this morning - with implied volatility now close to 20 as a move upward is in progress up to price...
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U.S. Equities Update: Investor Sentiment Comes Full Circle

The stock market in 2019 has been bolstered by mostly positive earnings results, signs of strength in the labor market and the Federal Reserve...
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U.S. Corn Futures Weekly Trading Outlook: Home on the Range

March corn futures closed down 4 cents per bushel last week, finishing near $3.74. Corn continues to trade in a range as 2019 gets underway....
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The Futures In Five: Are Stocks Setting Up for a Big Move?

Volatility is compressing again and despite the fact that traders are actively buying implied volatility, the market remains rangebound. For now. In short, many believe that...
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The Futures In Five: Is a Stock Market Sea Change Afoot?

Volatility crept back into the stock market yesterday after stocks failed to make new highs. Lower highs are a signal that a small dip is...
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Economics on Gilligan’s Island

Famed economist Henry Hazlitt wrote the economics classic, Economics in One Lesson: The Shortest and Surest Way to Understand Basic Economics. The book is...
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The Futures In Five: Will This Stock Market Reversal Stick?

The S&P 500 spread expiring Friday is wider as increased volatility creeps into the charts – it's now 27 points around the 2735 strike...

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