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s&p 500 index broken bull market trend line market crash chart image_april year 2020

S&P 500 Index Price Pattern Similar to 2008 Market Crash?

S&P 500 Index "weekly" Chart Last week's sharp rally off the lows, gave bulls...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Today: Russell 2000 Lags, Nasdaq 100 Best

The stock market recovery has not been evenly distributed across the major indices or sectors. There's been leaders and laggards.

Silver Price Reversal Restores Life to Precious Metals Bulls

Silver prices have traded in a wide range this month, taking both bulls and bears for a ride. Silver...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Today: Defensive Stocks Leading Rally Off Lows

The stock market rebound is seeing the S&P 500 NYSEARCA: SPY push higher and close in on a key Fibonacci retracement level.
us dollar index currency widest monthly range history market crash chart month march

Big Moves For U.S. Dollar Index But NO Net Progress This Month!

U.S. Dollar Index Monthly Chart The coronavirus panic has wreaked havoc on global financial...
stock market crash analysis indices rebound reversal sell chart_march 30

Post Crash Stock Market Indices Trading in Tight Range

After inside days in three of the four stock market indices, Monday traded in an even tighter...
gold futures price buy signal breakout chart march 30

Gold Futures Breakout: Will It Hold?

Gold Futures "hourly" Chart Gold futures surged overnight, attempting to break out over it's...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Today: Analysis as Quarter End Approaches

Stock market futures are pointing higher on Monday morning as the investment quarter and chilly month of March near an end.
s&p 500 index bear market rally higher price targets to sell into march 27 chart

S&P 500 Index Hits Initial Bear Market Rally Target

S&P 500 Index Bear Market Rally Targets (Notes on chart written last night, March 26)
stock market crash indicator reversal at stock bottom chart image march 26

Market Crash Indicator may be Suggesting Dark Hour of Opportunity Near

Mystery Indicator "monthly" Chart - Opportunity? Today's chart is an indicator that I track...

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