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Chart of the Week: Opportunity In Global Mobile Contactless Payments

"Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat." - Steve Jobs As more...
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Stock Market Today: Nasdaq Reflects Tech Resiliency

The Nasdaq pushed to new highs as stocks fought back against early selling. Stock market futures point to a mixed to higher...
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Stock Market Today (July 9): Commodities Remain Strong

The broader market remains strong (bullish), with commodities joining the party. Precious metals (gold / silver) are leading commodities...
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Stock Market Today (July 8): Overbought But Resilient

Stocks sold off throughout the day Tuesday after opening higher. But that doesn't seem to be carrying over to Wednesday morning as...
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Natural Gas “Island” Bottom, Momentum and Buffett’s Buy

It's rare to see an island bottom. However, the one in UNG or the ETF for natural gas had...
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Stock Market Super-Charged, Lead by Growth Stocks

Stocks are charging ahead with little concern for the economy or coming elections. In today's video, we do our...

Random Thoughts on the New Bullish Stock Market Calls

While there was a big boost from NASDAQ on Monday, the “inside” sectors are not yet believing the tech sector tells the...
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Market Outlook (July 6): Are Key Commodities On Verge of Breakout?

Based of stock market futures, the 3 day weekend did nothing to slow the recent equities rally. All major indices are...
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Economic Modern Family & the Recycled Gold Capsule

What an incredible and shorter week in the world of high finance. Doomsday news appeared EVERYWHERE yet did not...
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Independence Day (July 4): Social and Economic Participation Study

"O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave" Americans have historically celebrated July 4th in...

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