natural gas futures price bottom low trading higher rally investing chart

As Oil Tests $80, What Next for Natural Gas?

Natural gas prices could be bottoming.  From October 9th, 2023, when prices in futures traded at 3.325 until February 20, 2024, when prices troughed at...
xhb homebuilders etf trading continuation higher chart

Homebuilders ETF (XHB) “Continuation” Underscores Leadership

While select technology and semiconductor stocks have had a profound effect on the stock market rally, another less sexy sector has quietly provided leadership...
xar aerospace and defense sector etf trading pattern chart february

Aerospace and Defense Sector ETF (XAR) Forms Bullish Posture

Military, defense, and aerospace stocks have seen an influx of buyers lately. In fact, the Aerospace and Defense sector ETF (XAR) is up over 25...
russell 2000 test 50 percent fibonacci price level important buy signal chart image

2 Under-Performing Stock Market Indices Eye Fibonacci Breakouts

It is fair to say that the stock market has been lead higher by technology stocks and large cap stocks, in general. But two...
smh semiconductor sector etf trading rally top channel resistance chart image

Semiconductors ETF Rally Reaches Historic Dual Price Resistance!

Investors have been treated to one heck of a rally by the Semiconductor Sector (SMH) with stocks like Nvidia (NVDA) leading the sector and...
xrt retail sector etf trading rally price analysis chart february 27

Are Retail Stocks Set-up for Further Gains?

November 15, 2021, the Retail Sector ETF (XRT) made a new all-time high at 104.31. Currently, with SPY DIA QQQ and many other tech stocks...
fxe euro currency etf trading elliott wave forecast down lower decline trend chart

Elliott Wave: Expect Euro Currency to Continue Downward Trend

We believe the Euro is poised to continue the downward trajectory it began at the start of the year. For traders who work a...
qqew nasdaq 100 equal weight stock index fibonacci extension price target chart

Nasdaq 100 Equal Weight ETF Trading At Dual Price Resistance!

The stock market has been plenty bullish of late. But one key tech index is telling active investors to slow their roll. The Equal Weight...
meta amzn nflx stock price decline lower into open gap chart image

Meta, Amazon, and Netflix: 3 Leading Growth Stocks Testing Gap Support

The NYFANG+ index of leading growth stocks is up about 12% YTD, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 have gained only 5%. While...
nvidia stock price at 261 fibonacci extension resistance nvda sell signal into earnings image

Nvidia’s Stock (NVDA) Reaches Key Fibonacci Extension Level!

Nvidia has captured the technology investor community by storm. Nvidia's stock price (ticker: NVDA) has surged in recent weeks and this has lead the broader...

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