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Stock Market Super-Charged, Lead by Growth Stocks

Stocks are charging ahead with little concern for the economy or coming elections. In today's video, we do our...
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Chinese Equity Markets Soar on Investor Optimism – Cycles Point to a Bullish Pause

The Shanghai Composite rallied 5.7% in Monday’s trading session as China’s state-run Securities Journal noted the importance of a healthy bull market...
dow jones industrial average stock chart moving averages importance july 6 2020

Dow Jones Industrials: Moving Averages Ping-Pong Into Price Compression

Investing isn't easy. News, data, and the resulting bias can form opinions that often times leads to under-performance. But,...
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Equity Investors Anticipate Economic Recovery; COVID Data Key

The S&P 500 Index INDEXSP: INX finished higher last week offsetting the previous week’s decline of nearly 3%. The...
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Market Outlook (July 6): Are Key Commodities On Verge of Breakout?

Based of stock market futures, the 3 day weekend did nothing to slow the recent equities rally. All major indices are...
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4 Tech Stocks With Long-Term Relative Strength and Momentum

I ranked and reviewed the components of the Nasdaq 100 Index (NDX) vs. the equal-weighted NDX ETF (QQQE), and came up with three...
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5 Investment Themes To Watch Post July 4 Holiday

The US Financial Markets are closed Friday but it’s important to relay a 5 things to watch. First, the...
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Economic Modern Family & the Recycled Gold Capsule

What an incredible and shorter week in the world of high finance. Doomsday news appeared EVERYWHERE yet did not...
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S&P 500 Index Gains Momentum, Could Point To 3280 Over Short-Term

S&P 500 emini futures Chart The S&P 500 Index has moved higher after the...
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The Decade Long Path Ahead To U.S. Economic Recovery (Part 1)

This article is the first of a four-part series on the vectors driving future economic growth. Forthcoming articles will tackle Depression, Demographics,...

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