swiss franc gold correlation price resistance chart image october 11

New Gold Bull Market? Not Until This Happens!

After a big summer rally, Gold peaked out at $1566/oz in September. Since then, Gold prices have been consolidating...
fxi china etf performance versus spy s&p 500 etf chart analysis october 10

Is it Time to Buy Chinese Equities and Sell U.S. Stocks?

I had this crazy dream last night. I dreamed I was a salmon swimming against the tide. 
2 faang stocks different directions bull bear apple netflix analysis chart october

$AAPL vs $NFLX: Two FAANG Stocks Heading Different Directions

Over the past 18 months or so, large cap momentum stocks have slowed. Most notable of the large cap...
usdmxn currency pair triangle formation elliott wave bearish decline chart october 9

USDMXN Trading Within Triangle Formation, Could Drop To 19.00 (Elliott Wave Analysis)

After a very sharp and extended move up on USDMXN from 2014 through 2016, the currency pair have been trading sideways.

Global Equity Markets Review & Update: Cautious Yet Resilient

Although we have seen some recent short-term buy and sell signals in the S&P 500 Index, we...
futures trading outlook image_canva

Stock Market Futures Higher But Undercurrents Remain Mixed

S&P 500 Futures Price Analysis - Chart Image (October 9) MARKET COMMENTARY

S&P 500 Index Oversold and Ready To Bounce Off Price Support

After another deep decline on Tuesday, the S&P 500 Index and broader stock market look poised to bounce. The...
s&p 500 index reversal sell signal price analysis image october 8

S&P 500 Index Sell Signal Warns Of Stock Market Pullback

With the 30+ years of being on the buyside and to focus on the intermediate to long-term...
s&p 500 index fibonacci price retracement levels year 2019 stock market image

S&P 500 Index Fibonacci Retracement Levels To Watch Into Year-End 2019

FIBONACCI RETRACEMENTS SPEAK TO ODDS If we are to believe the stock market’s rally off the December 2018 low...
semiconductors etc smh price analysis stock market chart october 7

Beware of Semiconductor Stocks Bearing Gifts

October has begun as a choppy, volatile and news-driven month for the stock market in its short history of one week.

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