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s&p 500 sector level trends bearish weak investing research_august 17

S&P 500 Weekly Market Outlook: Waiting On Breadth & Momentum

Stocks continued their ascent this week but breadth and momentum concerns continue to linger. In this week’s stock market outlook, we’ll take a closer look...
russell 2000 vs sp 500 index chart_17 august 2018

6 Market Themes To Watch: Are Investors Becoming Risk-Averse?

Interesting Stock Market Themes We have been of the view that the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA: SPY) is consolidating within the context of a secular uptrend and is...
s&p 500 index stock market technical analysis chart_news august 17

S&P 500 Trading Outlook: Declining Momentum Concerning

S&P 500 Trading Outlook (1-2 Days):  Bullish over 2843 / Bearish Under 2825 Shorts were stopped out yesterday on broad-based gains over 2843 on the...
stock market green bull red bear

Stock Market Update (August 17): Retail vs Semiconductors

The retail sector was full of action Thursday, but the Retail Sector (NYSEARCA: XRT) didn’t move. This is because the sector is not one in which...
walmart stock wmt research price forecast investing chart_16 august 2018

Walmart’s Stock Gains 10 Percent As Market Cycles Point Higher

The world’s largest retailer Walmart (NYSE: WMT) traded 10% higher on Thursday morning, after posting earnings that beat analyst estimates. The company reported earnings...
negative real interest rates chart_year 2018_leuthold group

Small Cap Stock Insights: Tripped Up By A Low Hurdle

This article was written by Will Nasgovitz – Portfolio Manager. One of the unintended consequences of the Fed’s easy money policy over the past nine...
treasury yields interest rates copper gold ratio chart lower bearish

Are Interest Rates Peaking? Watch The Copper/Gold Ratio!

If you spend time researching market relationships you can better understand money flows, rotation, and reasons why money flows rotate. This can be very helpful...
2008 stock market investing shift growth to defensive stocks chart

These Facts Do Not Support Major Market Top Theory

Bears are present in every market, even during strong bull markets. Bull markets end when the net aggregate opinion of all market participants flips from...
s&p 500 percent fang stocks market cap_market dsparity_year 2018

Time For Investors To Pay Attention To Market Disparity

Markets continue to show late cycle characteristics and pundits are scouring for warning signs of the imminent bear. Some of the most widely talked about...
stock market analysis bull vs bear

A Tale Of Two Markets: Bullishness vs Bearishness

Every day is a new day on Twitter-verse for investors. It's full of news, agendas, and traders with positions (bias). Those that do well on Twitter...

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