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russell 2000 iwm etf elliott wave forecast wave 4 and wave 5 price targets

Russell 2000 Correction: Ending Diagonal Pattern Still Working

It's reasonable to blame coronavirus COVID-2019 for the recent downward move in the stock market That said, it is...
dow jones industrial average reversal lower gravestone doji pattern bearish February year 2020

Dow Industrials Reversal Lower Could Be Double Whammy for Stock Bulls!

Dow Jones Industrial Average "monthly" Chart The Dow Industrials have spent the past 70...
stock market correction index etfs analysis price support levels buying february chart

What Price Levels Does the Stock Market Have to Hold?

Now that many stock market bulls got bit by the vampire bear early on, the question for...
cboe options trading indicators stock market correction analysis february 24

Bull Market Intact, but Stock Volatility Arrives

The equity markets broke a two-week winning streak last week with the S&P 500 and Dow Industrial indices falling more than 1.00%.
stock market correction analysis etfs chart february year 2020

Like Vampires, a Stock Market Bear Has to be Invited In

Vampires cannot enter private human homes unless they are invited in by the owner of the house. In the case of public places...
nasdaq composite decline correction pattern analysis february 21 year 2020

NASDAQ 100 Index: Deja Vu or Correction Coming?

Stock market bulls faced some turbulence this week as fears quickly arose over growing coronavirus fears. Or at least...
s&p 500 index decline lower friday february 21 investing image

S&P 500 Index Pullback: Can Bears Take Advantage?

S&P 500 Index Trading Outlook (3-5 Days): Caution Potential upside to 3405. A move under...
mortgage backed securities chart

Investors Are Digging for Value in a Pile of Market Manure

A special thank you to Brett Freeze of Global Technical Analysis for his added research, analytical rigor and technical expertise.  There...
crude oil price support trend line analysis chart image investing news february 19

Will Crude Oil Reversal Add Fuel to Stock Market Rally?

Crude Oil prices have been volatile the past year, swinging between $50 and $65 like a ping pong ball.
bollinger bands fxe euro currency etf decline trading lower bearish chart february 19

What the Heck is a Bollinger Band Anyway?

In 1980 John Bollinger came up with the formula called Bollinger Bands. Bollinger used...

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