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s&p 500 index downside trading price targets chart

Stock Market Nearing A Bounce, But Bear Not Over

There is potential for a pause or a short-term pop for several stock market indices that are near the MOB target bands, including the...
hang seng china stock market index waterfall selloff decline bear market image warning

Chinese Stock Market Breaks Major Price Support!

Chinese stocks have lagged the broader global market for quite some time. And this is now showing up in a bear market that...
investor sentiment bulls bears aaii survey september year 2022

Searching for a Stock Market Bottom: It’s All About Inflation

Ok, we are not fans of seasonal trends in the market for one simple reason: it is never that simple! Nonetheless, September, which has a...
junk bonds etf jnk decline bear market indicator new lows chart september

Will Junk Bonds Pull Stock Market Lower Yet?

When stocks are showing weakness, we can learn a lot by watching the credit markets. And in today's case, Junk Bonds and the ETF $JNK. Better...
retail sector stocks etf xrt performance analysis year to date 2022

Why Retail Stocks are a key Market and Economic Indicator

As the selloff continues, our Big View service Risk Gauge has been bearish for weeks, signaling risk off.  Most of our portfolio strategies hold more than 50%...
s&p 500 index elliott wave cycle kondratieff investing analysis image year 2022

Kondratieff Cycle: Where Do Stocks Go From Here?

In early 2021, I posed the question of where capital would flow once the flood of cheap money into US markets came to an...
s&p 500 index stock market versus investment grade bonds spread correlation september

Stock Market Decline: Retest or Worse?

Back in August I published an update on the credit markets. Of note, I suggested that “This bear market has been different from any since...
iyt transportation sector etf long term chart indicators analysis

Long Term Chart Analysis of the Transportation Sector ETF

Last Friday, I spoke on Women of Wall Street Twitter Spaces and Fox Business Making Money with Charles Payne to talk about a key monthly moving average. What makes...
ibb biotech sector etf trading decline price analysis chart september

Why the Biotech Sector Should Come Back First

The market has turned for the worst in recent weeks and continues to fall in a bear market fashion.  Most of our portfolio strategies are...
new york stock exchange nyse index bear market decline lower analysis

NYSE Composite Breakdown Another Warning To Bulls!

The broader stock market has been ravished this year, with several global indices falling into bear markets. And there may be more pain ahead. Today we...

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