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uso united states oil fund etf price analysis chart november 30

Skepticism Over the OPEC + Oil Cuts 

Despite the total cuts by all countries added at the November 30th OPEC+ meeting, oil sold off testing key support. Countries like Angola have threatened not...
dax german stock market index investing analysis price support chart november

German DAX Trading At Important Price Decision Point!

Germany is one of the most important stock market's in the world. And what it does next could very well send an important message to...
silver futures price chart elliott wave triangle forecast

Silver Price Has Bullish Opportunities On Geopolitical Issues

Metals are experiencing an upward trend this week due to geopolitical tensions between Israel and Hamas. During times of uncertainty, investors tend to favor...
gbp use british pound us dollar trading pair elliott wave analysis decline lower chart

GBP/USD Currency Pair: Is Deep Elliott Wave Retracement Targeting 1.18?

At the start of this year, the GBP/USD currency pair was doing pretty well, going above the 1.3100 level. But then things changed as...
shanghai sse composite stock market index important pennant pattern investing chart

China’s Shanghai Composite Stock Index Nearing “Decision Time”!

China has the world's largest population and second largest economy, so it's always wise to keep an eye on the Chinese economy and stock...
treasury bonds us dollar correlation charts

US Dollar and Long-Dates Bonds Doing the Dosey Doe 

With BRICS happening ahead of Jackson Hole, we thought it would be good to look at the technical charts on both the dollar and...
fxi china etf trading price resistance investing analysis chart image

Can Alibaba Stock (BABA) and China ETF (FXI) Push Through Resistance?

August 10, I appeared on CNBC Asia to discuss Alibaba’s surprise beat on earnings and China’s weak economic data. I began the segment reminding investors...
successful ipos year 2023 stock tickers price chart - initial public offerings

IPO Market Showing Signs of Life as Wall Street Optimism Grows

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. The last 18 months have been like an ice...

$WEAT Wheat ETF (and inflation) Down But Not Out As Ukraine War Escalates

Investors and economists are getting awfully complacent about inflation, in my opinion. They seem to think that an escalating international war that we are...
german dax stock market index double top pattern bearish indicator investing chart image

Is German DAX Holding The Key To Global Stock Markets?

A recent review of global stock market indices put a major European index on my radar: The German DAX. The current price pattern for the...

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