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silver breakout buy signal inverse head shoulders pattern year 2024 image

Silver Breakout May Lead to Historic Price Rally!

Precious metals have been very strong over the past two years, with Gold breaking out of a historic bullish pattern. Is it time for...
japanese yen currency bottom low target year 2024 bullish divergence

Will Japanese Yen Currency Rally From 40-Year Support?

The Japanese Yen has tumbled to new multi-decade lows after its recent free fall. Currently, the Yen is trading into 40-year support. Could this be...
us dollar peak top momentum indicator may 2024 investing chart

U.S. Dollar Peaking… As Momentum Indicator Reaches Historic High!

The U.S. Dollar is a key variable in all aspects of the marketplace. The strength of the dollar factors into the price we pay...
swiss franc currency etf trading decline bottom pattern chart april

Why the Swiss Franc Currency Worth Watching Here

On March 26, I wrote a daily market update called: Swiss Franc Currency Decline Nears Pivot Support. When I awoke and looked at the charts, I noticed in...
gld gold etf price parabolic move chart

Parabolic Market Moves and When To Walk Away

Since December 2022, we have been bullish gold in anticipation of its most recent run. From the start of 2023, I went on the media...
united states economic data total debt versus personal income versus corporate profits chart

Japans Lost Decades: Is U.S. On The Same Path?

Back in 1989, Japan was taking over the world. The country’s economy had grown 6.7% in 1988. Sony had just bought Columbia Pictures, one...
silver price pattern cup handle bullish buy signal long term history chart

Silver Breakout Adds To Massively Bullish Price Pattern!

I like what I am seeing of late in the precious metals space. Gold has broken out to new highs... and now silver is beginning...
swiss franc currency multi wave decline lower lows chart march 27

Swiss-Franc Currency Decline Nears Important Pivot Support!

I imagine that you, like me, look forward to reading about the markets that are rarely covered. For example, yesterday we looked at Truth Social...
bitcoin price rally highs double top pattern resistance chart year 2024

Can Bitcoin Rally Hold Above Key Fibonacci Level?

Bitcoin has struggle to overcome a very important price level for more than two years: the 1.618 Fibonacci extension level. This price area is especially...
baba alibaba stock price rally investing chart january

Alibaba’s Stock (BABA): Trading Chart and Analysis is one of the world’s largest wholesale marketplaces. To be honest, I had never gone to their website until today, even though we bought...

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