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gold price analysis important technical support may june image

Elevated Gold Prices Face Bigger Selloff If Support Fails!

There's so much uncertainty today that I think the markets are uncertain about being uncertain. I know Gold is sure trading like it. With so much...
natural gas futures trading buy signal rally higher forecast chart year 2023

Natural Gas and Oil Are Always On Trader’s Radar

This week I wrote a daily trading update on USO, the US Oil Fund.  Plus, I did a video for CMC Markets on Natural Gas...
dow jones industrial average futures trading elliott wave analysis image year 2023

Elliott Wave Analysis: US Dollar Strength May Impact Stocks

Based on a thorough analysis of the charts, a notable decline can be observed in xxx/USD pairs during the previous week. This coincides...
crude oil prices decline lower analysis image russian war offensives

Commodity Price Patterns Signaled Caution Despite Russian Invasion!

Market prices absorb all the information that's out there. Perhaps that's why several commodity prices surged in the months leading up to the Russian...
crude oil futures price chart decline lower analysis spring year 2023

Is Crude Oil About To Send An Important Global Message?

The past 12 years have seen some really big swings in the price of crude oil. And the latest swing higher into 2022 played...
silver futures bullish buy signal continuous quarterly price chart

Silver Creates Bullish Quarterly Candlestick; Breakout Next?

Precious metals bulls rose sharply last summer into the heart of inflation headlines and Ukraine war news. Since that time, both gold and silver...
solar and wind share of total energy sector market world chart

Renewable Energy Starting To Take Meaningful Share

Renewable energy is growing as a percent of total consumption.  What does renewable energy include? While growing, the investment implications are maybe less clear. The growth of...
gld gold etf price breakout higher chart march 17 2023

Precious Metals Surge On Banking Crisis, Geopolitical Concerns

Regional banks failures (Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank) and ongoing jitters with First Republic Bank have investors on edge. This has ushered in...
sugar futures prices technical analysis sell signal chart january 18

Sugar Futures and Social and Economic Impact to Stocks

Sugar Futures Prices - Fundamental Analysis The price of sugar is exposed to many global and national influences.  These include government tariffs, costs of production, climate...
money supply and cpi economic data points chart

One Monetary Policy Fits All

In Part one of this series, Our Currency The World’s Problem, we discuss the vital role the U.S. dollar plays in the global economy. With...

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