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copper price peak test resistance important inflation signal chart image

Is Copper Reversing Lower From Multi-Decade Price Highs?

The price of Copper continues to be an indicator for the economic recovery, as well as emerging inflationary concerns. We've seen Copper prices rip higher...
stock market cycle indicators data strong bullish july

Market Cycle Indicators Remain Bullish On Strong Global Economic Data

With the global economy on the up-trend, it is not surprising that market cycle indicators remain healthy and elevated. Leading indicators are rising at a...
global central bank assets value comparison to stocks bonds market value chart last 10 years

The Lifeline Of Financial Markets – Liquidity Defined

We recently read an analogy in which the author compares the current state of asset prices to an airplane flying at 50,000 feet. Unfortunately,...
transit usage strong improving year 2021 economic data chart

Global Economy Strengthens Into Summer As ‘Normal’ Gains Traction

Nothing lasts forever – thankfully this includes pandemics. And while the path out likely remains a hilly road with ups and downs, people’s behaviour appears to be...
global asset price bubbles image

Rising Threats To Global Asset Bubbles This Year

Part One of this article showed how growing wealth inequality might pressure the Fed to taper QE and/or raise interest rates. Given the indirect market...
audusd trading bullish elliott wave pattern forecast currency chart_june 8 news

Bullish Aussie Dollar Cycles Should Resume After Consolidation

Currency Markets Insights: - The US Dollar DXY remains bearish as precious metals trade higher. - Per Elliott wave analysis, the Aussie Dollar (AUDUSD) is consolidating within...
australian dollar audusd trading breakout resistance analysis june chart

Commodity Bulls Hope Australian Dollar Can Rally Above Resistance

Early 2020 marked a 19 year low for the Australian Dollar (Aussie, AU$, etc...), but since that time the currency has been very strong. And,...
canadian dollar currency performance compaison world currencies chart

Is The Canadian Dollar Rally Nearing An End?

In efforts to avoid a term woefully overused in financial commentaries (the term is also the title of a George Clooney fishing movie), we...
technology stocks image

Global E-Commerce Growth Excels In Asia and Latin America

Here in the U.S., e-commerce has been around for some time - yet remains a category that has room to grow. Many of the companies...
crude oil futures bullish reversal breakout buy signal chart april 28 news

Crude Oil Futures Bullish Reversal Higher Targeting $70

I am bullish on Crude oil futures for a trade here, following this week's reversal higher. The price of crude oil futures held above the...

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