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gold futures rally price targets higher 1740 chart_week of april 6

Gold Futures Build Trading Momentum: Upside Price Targets

Gold Futures “daily” Trading Chart Last week, I pointed out that a rally in...

Silver Price Reversal Restores Life to Precious Metals Bulls

Silver prices have traded in a wide range this month, taking both bulls and bears for a ride. Silver...
us dollar index currency widest monthly range history market crash chart month march

Big Moves For U.S. Dollar Index But NO Net Progress This Month!

U.S. Dollar Index Monthly Chart The coronavirus panic has wreaked havoc on global financial...
gold futures price buy signal breakout chart march 30

Gold Futures Breakout: Will It Hold?

Gold Futures "hourly" Chart Gold futures surged overnight, attempting to break out over it's...
stock market crash indicator reversal at stock bottom chart image march 26

Market Crash Indicator may be Suggesting Dark Hour of Opportunity Near

Mystery Indicator "monthly" Chart - Opportunity? Today's chart is an indicator that I track...
gold futures rally upside price targets peak month march year 2020

Gold Futures Hit Initial Upside Target, Watch Pullback for Buy Signal

Gold Futures Price Chart Gold hit our MFU-3 upside price target of 1672, an...
canadian dollar petrol oil currency

Is the Canadian Dollar Reverting Back to Reputation as Petrol Currency?

If you were to gauge global risk appetite by stock market performance, the answer would be clear. Investors are hungry for risk...
nasdaq composite higher price target year 2020 investing chart image

Global Stock Market Indices Update: Higher Price Targets

This update serves as a brief analysis of several global stock market indices. The report below includes price targets...
bitcoin technology investing image

Bitcoin Setting Up for a Breakout In Early 2020

One market that triggered a technical buy signal for us over the last week is Bitcoin $BTCUSD and the ETF OTC:GBTC.
pandemics in recent history comparison to coronavirus

Coronavirus: Historical Stock Market Performance with Pandemics

The spread of the coronavirus in central China has added a new risk for the markets and the global economy.

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