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Stock Market Today: Middle East Tensions Stir Investing Pot

Stocks are feeling some pressure as news of Middle East tensions ushers in some volatility. S&P 500 Index futures...
crude oil futures prices rally higher middle east war tension chart january year 2020

Crude Oil Rally Tests Fibonacci Resistance… for 3rd Time!

Crude Oil Futures Price Chart The Crude Oil rally is gathering momentum as Middle...
euro currency breakout higher versus us dollar forex fx markets big move chart image

Are the Euro and U.S. Dollar Currencies Setting Up for Big Moves?

Euro Currency versus US Dollar Currency Charts When the currency markets breakout or breakdown,...
british pound currency futures reversal lower elliott wave trading forecast chart

British Pound Currency Surprisingly Strong, but the Bear Awaits

When we wrote about the British Pound ETF in September, we were treating the developing pattern as a downward impulsive wave coming out...
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Gold Breakout: Prices Headed Higher Into Year-End

Gold Futures Price Chart - Headed Higher? Gold prices look poised for a breakout.
us consumer confidence versus s&p 500 index performance investing chart_ 10 years

Can U.S. Consumer Continue To Power Global Economy Into 2020?

Last Man Standing It just doesn’t have the same ring as “last man standing”...
march 2020 corn futures bottom december trading analysis chart image

U.S. Corn Futures Prices Suppressed, Will December Bring Relief?

December corn futures closed Friday at 3.76, as traders continue to find a narrow price range under $4. Our...
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Has the US Dollar Index Topped Out Yet?

Assuming the answer is yes (to the title question: Has the US Dollar Index Topped Out?), here are three points to explore...
corporate earnings forecasts us europe asia strong growth year 2020 chart image

Fundamentals Matter for Investing: A Look Ahead to 2020

The ongoing China/U.S. trade war certainly provides a glimpse into the market’s confidence. One day there is a tweet...
investor market risks

The Top 15 Risks to the Stock Market Right Now

The S&P 500 Index has broken above all-time-highs. Many investors see blue skies. Since late-to-the-party bulls are typically the...

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