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10 year german treasury yields trends analysis chart january 14

Wading Through Uncertainty: A Look at Key European Markets

This article is a collaboration between between Arun Chopra (@FusionPtCapital) and Aaron Jackson (@ATMcharts). There’s a lot of uncertainty about Europe’s economy and the never...
bitcoin bottom forecast chart december_big rally coming

Bitcoin Outlook: Rally to $8,000 Possible in 2019

Bitcoin has fallen on hard times in 2018. The cryptocurrency is down 85% since it made all time highs in December of 2017. So when will...
grain truck full of corn at harvest

U.S. Corn Futures Outlook: Bulls Ready To Turn Page to 2019

December corn futures closed up nearly 8 cents last week, providing much needed relief to corn bulls. Are corn investors (and prices) ready to exit...
s&p 500 index stock markey cycles correction lower decline target chart

Stocks Tank As Correction Continues On US-China Trade Complications

S&P 500 (SPX) Stock Weekly Chart Stocks Tank as Trade Deal Gets Complicated - Market Cycles Now Pointing to Greater Risk The S&P 500 (SPX) fell...
valuations pe canadian stock market tsx vs united states spx chart

Investors: There Is Value Out There… In Canadian Stocks

On January 1 of this year, the S&P 500 had just completed 2017 which enjoyed record operating earnings of $124.50. With just one quarter to...
farmer during corn harvest

U.S. Corn Futures Market Forecast: 2019 Looks Bullish

December corn futures closed down 1.5 cents last week to close at just over $3.69. The trade action was disappointing, but perhaps there's a...
december 2018 corn futures trading analysis forecast outlook_november 5

U.S. Corn Futures Weekly Trading Outlook: Upside Limited

December corn futures closed up 3.5 cents last week to close at $3.71. Do the bulls have more gas in their tank? Let’s review current...
december corn futures trading forecast bullish higher year end 2018

U.S. Corn Futures Trading Outlook: Base Building

December corn futures are attempting to firm up into the end of October. Let’s review current news, data releases, and market trends with a look...
tiffany company stock chart investing outlook forecast tif_october 2018

Tiffany & Co (TIF) Outlook: More Downside Likely On China Slowdown

Tiffany & Company (NYSE: TIF) traded 7% lower on Wednesday morning on concerns about a slowdown in Chinese consumer spending. French luxury retailer Louis...
december 2018 corn futures trading chart price analysis_october 1

U.S. Corn Market Outlook for the Week of October 1st

December corn futures traded lower by 1 CENT per bushel week-on-week, finishing Friday at $3.56 1/4. Let’s review the latest news, data releases, and market...

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