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sugar futures prices technical analysis sell signal chart january 18

Sugar Futures and Social and Economic Impact to Stocks

Sugar Futures Prices - Fundamental Analysis The price of sugar is exposed to many global and national influences.  These include government tariffs, costs of production, climate...
money supply and cpi economic data points chart

One Monetary Policy Fits All

In Part one of this series, Our Currency The World’s Problem, we discuss the vital role the U.S. dollar plays in the global economy. With...
crude oil price break down long term sell signal bearish chart november

Crude Oil Looks To Be Sending Bearish Message This Month!

Crude oil prices rose sharply in 2022 and this has been a major factor in rising consumer prices and inflation. But the past five months...
us dollar currency strength bullish price target 116 121 month november

U.S. Dollar Strength Is Ushering In Market Volatility

The latest rally has me thinking that the U.S. Dollar is embarking on its next leg higher. And this show of renewed strength (all within...
us dollar index long term trend change higher bullish stronger image

US Dollar Strength Has World On Edge, Big Test Here!

The US Dollar Index has propelled higher out of a double bottom formation that began in 2008... and nothing has slowed down King Dollar...
freightos baltic index freight costs chart

Freight Prices Are Returning To Normal, Which Is Welcome News

The current price of a 40 foot container is now only 5 percent above 2018 levels. Asia-US West Coast prices decreased to $2516, which is...
us dollar index rally higher strength concerning chart October year 2022

US Dollar Index Concentration: Time To Worry?

The US Dollar is now trading at new 20 year highs. And interest rates have been steadily rising alongside the strengthening Dollar. So what's going...
10 year us treasury bond yield elliott wave chart september

Hawkish Federal Reserve Keeps US Dollar In Up-Trend

Unfortunately, markets are where they are, and we cannot force them to move in a particular direction. We see a neutral status at the...
global debt highest percent increase in year 2020 chart image

Deglobalization and Central Banking

There are primarily two opinions on the future path for inflation. The widely held view thinks inflation will resort back to pre-pandemic levels as...
china etf fxi chinese stock market bearish warning crash chart image year end 2022

Global Investors Hoping China ETF (FXI) Holds At Support!

Next to the United States, one could argue that China is the world's most important economy. It's population and sheer size (and exports) make it...

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