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rising inflation year 2020

U.S. Equities Historical Performance Analysis During Inflationary Periods

- Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. - Extraordinary times and extraordinary measures do not usually lead to ordinary...
higher gold prices breakout image

Gold Reversal Creates Ellipse Buy Signal (Trading Update – May 27)

Gold Futures Trading Chart with Bullish Ellipse Our recent trading long in Gold futures...

Lots of Investing Instruments Launched… and Almost Launched Today

By the time you read this, NASA will have canceled its scheduled launch to send the first humans in space in nearly...
s&p 500 index may 27 stock market top technical price analysis chart image

U.S. Equities Market Update: Chasing Momentum Not A Good Idea

I am not a chaser of momentum as I continue to see the stock market indices in areas that we don't want...
nasdaq 100 index nasdaq composite ratio analysis bearish double top bear market chart

Important Nasdaq Stock Market Ratio Reverses Lower From 2000 Highs

Nasdaq 100 Index to Nasdaq Composite "Ratio" Chart Tech stocks have been the clear...
hang seng long term stock market analysis outlook weekly chart may year 2020

Hang Seng Stock Market Outlook: Key Technical Price Levels

Hang Seng Index and Key Technical Levels Events in recent days have elevated Hong Kong back into the spotlight...
oil and gas price decline signs economy image

Oil and Gas Sector ETFs Update and Trading Outlook (May 26)

I knew that this picture would become one for the history textbooks! A while back we pondered whether the...
stock market indicators analysis vix put call aaii investor polls image may 26

Stock Market Update: Opportunities In Mid-Caps and Small-Caps

All fifty states have now allowed some businesses to re-open and this has added fuel to the stock market rally last week.
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Today: Cyclical Sectors Improving

Investors are returning from the long holiday weekend to rising stock market futures, pointing to a gap higher and morning gains to...

Global Equities Update: Virtually Travel the World and Make Money!

I have spent most of the time in 2020 analyzing, writing, and speaking about the US markets and commodities.

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