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Sean is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Avory & Co., a research driven investment firm located in Miami, Florida. He authors, a well known investment blog.
He specializes in fundamental equity analysis but is known best for his unique use of both fundamental and technical analysis.
Sean has a wide range of investment experience anchored in his tenure as the lead Senior Investment Analyst at GFG Capital where he managed over $1B in assets. Prior to that he was a small cap equity analyst at KCM Asset Management.
He has been aired on various media outlets including CheddarTV, Benzinga, FX Street and numerous others, sharing his opinions on market conditions. He went to Stetson University where he received his Bachelor in Finance, and attended a Goldman Sachs sponsored Pre-MBA program at Yale University. He has his series 65.

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Economic Spotlight: Rising Oil Prices & Treasury Yields Concerning

CONSUMER WATCH: Below I present a chart showing a potentially deadly duo for the economy and consumers… At least if the current trend doesn’t slow. The chart below looks at the average rise in Crude Oil prices and 10 Year Treasury Yields plotted against US recessions. A combined average rise…

Stocks To Bonds Ratio (SPY/TLT): Parabolic Rally

One of the more interesting relationships to watch is the price relationship of stocks to bonds. Investors can watch this performance battle using a ratio of the S&P 500 (SPY) to the 20 Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT). If this SPY/TLT ratio is heading higher, stocks are preferred to bonds….

Chart Spotlight: Volatility Sinks To Start 2018

Investors read a lot about the persistence of low volatility in the markets throughout 2017. And just 3 trading days into 2018 and volatility is losing once more, slipping from 11.04 to 9.22. Market volatility remains suppressed with the VIX Index trading near the 9 handle. It’s good to note, however,…

SKEW Index Continues To Diverge From VIX Index

The story of volatility has been very one-sided of late. There’s been low volatility despite various geopolitical headlines which in the past would have sparked a move lower for the stock market. So what’s going on?  And are there other ways to assess risk for the equity markets? Despite low…

U.S. Economic Surprise Index Higher as Hard Data Concerns Grow

The Economic Surprise Index soars higher on increased survey readings. We have seen an overall surprise beat from consumer confidence, empire manufacturing surveys, and the Dallas Fed survey. This further emphasizes the hard data versus soft data debate. Hard data being those data points which are not survey based and…

November Stock Market Seasonality: 5 Fast Facts

November is historically a strong month for the S&P 500 (INDEXSP:.INX) and broader stock market. However, historical precedence has played little to no relevance in the financial markets in 2017. With that caveat, here are five November stock market seasonality stats that we compiled over at Avory & Co. for…

U.S. Energy Trade Deficit Nears Zero As Options Expand

This US energy update was power by data from my firm Avory Research. The chart highlights the shrinking energy trade deficit, the drop in solar prices, and the increase of total US crude production. The US energy trade deficit is nearing zero as U.S. production of crude oil, coupled with…

Chart Spotlight: Hurricane Hit Areas Add To Initial Jobless Claims

The employment data has been released and Florida, Puerto Rico, and Texas added 34.27K to the Initial Jobless Claims roll this past week. Clearly the hurricane hit areas are suffering economically. That said, the overall level of claims remains well below 300K, a mark most analysts and economists view as…

Retail Sales Trends: Department Stores Rise From Ashes

It’s true… The decline of the department store is nothing new. We have seen record retail closures, drastic shifts in business models, and full-blown marketing and price wars. With Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) taking massive share gains and Walmart (NYSE:WMT) moving to online, the department store has been struggling to keep up….

Why Has GoPro’s Valuation Gone from $8.1B to $1.3B in 3 years?

In 2014, GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) IPO’d and its stock price shot up to over $90 per share. It’s now trading around $10.  That’s a huge decline in the company’s valuation. There was a lot of hype behind GoPro and its sporty cameras, but that excitement faded fast. So what’s the cause…