corporate earnings results dates by company week january 24 25 26 27 28 image

Can Tech Earnings Reverse Poor Results From Banks & Airlines?

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. Key Takeaways Q4 earnings reports continued to rattle investors as...
growth outperformance value stocks decade chart

Growth Stocks Decade of Dominance Reaches End of the Road

The rotation out of growth and into value as we started 2022 has been, well, violent. As of Thursday, January 20, the S&P 500...
bitcoin elliott wave count forecast decline lower chart january

Are Bitcoin and Ethereum Eyeing Important Trading Lows?

The cryptocurrency market remains bearish and I see a strong potential of increased selling and further price declines.  This means that crypto bears are gaining...
s&p 500 index futures decline buy signal price reversal chart image january 24

S&P 500 Index Trading Near Potential Reversal Price Target

A little over a month ago, we sent out a note highlighting a reversal pattern on the S&P 500 Index (futures) where we indicated...
nasdaq composite january monthly candle bearish engulfing chart

Nasdaq Erases 7 months of Gains With Sharp Decline!

The tech wreck has been fast and furious. And considering that the stock market correction is still relatively new, we really don't know if...
virtual reality growth image

Welcome to the Metaverse: Virtual Reality Adoption Surges

The metaverse and virtual reality are spaces we have have written about extensively. We believe that VR/AR has a place in the future, and...
investor looking down off ledge of investments

Market Update: Time To Create A Solid Trading Plan

As the stock market corrects and potentially forms a new trend, traders who don’t have strict plans might be wondering what to do next.  So...
gold price influencers analysis year 2022 forecast

What’s Wrong With Gold?

Hit the rewind button back to a year ago. Gold was trading at $1,850/oz, and the iShares TSX Gold ETF was about $19.50. Now,...
annual change of federal reserve balance sheet history united states chart

The Fed Is Walking A Tightrope Between Instability And Inflation

Over the past few weeks, Fed speakers are bemoaning inflation and voiced their wishes to squash it. They frequently mention how effective their monetary...

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