crude oil price decline lower targets analysis chart month june

Are We Heading Towards Recession?

To be clear, the economy is not currently in recession. There remains roughly $2.5 trillion in excess savings and a robust labor market, although...
commodities price top pattern double top warning chart

Are Commodities Reversing Lower After Historic Run?

We have covered the commodities rally and highlighted the everyday concerns with rising inflation and rising interest rates. Today, we'll revisit some long-term charts of...
dow theory sell signal june 2022 investing chart analysis warning

Dow Theory Indices All Declining From Trend Resistance!

For the past century, investors have use the tried and true Dow Theory sell signal as a bear market warning. Though the transportation sector...
s&p 500 etf spy nearing important support chart month june

Market Update: When the Investing Trend Is Not Your Friend

Currently, if we look at the S&P 500 and the Retail Sector through XRT, our foregone conclusion is that for the most part, equities...
nasdaq under performance year 2022 important bear market sell signal chart

Nasdaq Under-Performance Looks Like Dot-Com Deja Vu!

Tech stocks continue to lead the market to the downside, with the Nasdaq declining over 30% from its 2021 high. Today, we share an update...
cpi rising fastest history scary inflation chart united states

Peak inflation? Not There Yet.

The biggest market-moving economic data, the U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI), rose 1.0% in May, bringing the one-year tally to +8.6%. One little silver lining:...
commodities index trading price buy signal bullish trend chart year 2022

Can Federal Reserve Control Inflation With Higher Interest Rates?

So, the whole U.S. watched the Federal Reserve raise rates by .75 bps Wednesday. And, with all the news coverage and analysis, yours truly has...
fed funds rate versus cpi historical chart united states

Are Financial and Market Instability The Last Hopes For Stocks?

The Federal Reserve’s Congressionally chartered dual mandates are price stability and maximum sustainable employment. These objectives are intended to dictate monetary policy and the...
s&p 500 index performance ratio retail sector etf xrt chart history

For Signs Of Relief Rally, Watch the S&P 500 versus Retail Stocks

Pretty much everyone has turned into a bear. And no surprise really. Personally, I think the bears are a bit late to the party. Nonetheless,...

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