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Cash App User Engagement Taking The Lead

Engagement is a crucial indicator of product market success in the mobile app world. And the most recent data shows that Cash App continues to...
walmart stock wmt price trading performance comparison equal weight retail sector chart year 2022

Walmart: Using Put Options Around Upcoming Earnings

The Q2 reporting period wraps up with retail Walmart, after issuing a pair of pessimistic outlooks, trades below important resistance and at a somewhat low P/E compared...
crb commodity index peak price inflation chart august year 2022

Is the CRB Commodity Index Peaking and Reversing Lower?

It's fair to say that inflation has been one of the key economic buzz words of 2022 (along with interest rates). Will the Federal Reserve's...
important stock market indexes trading at 38.2 Fibonacci chart august

U.S. Stock Market Set To Receive Message From 38.2 Fibonacci!

As the stock market bounce continues, wary investors are beginning to wonder about how much longer this rally will last. While no one can predict...
disney stock options strategies

Disney Stock (DIS) Options Research and Earnings Strategies

Today we turn to ORATS earnings report research where we scan for companies with upcoming earnings announcements, check out historical earnings information, and find...
bank to s&p 500 index price ratio stock market indicator bearish signal chart

Will Bank Stocks Divergence Lead To Another Market Crash?

The health of our banking and financial sector is critically important to a strong economy. It's also important to the stock market. Today, we look at...
late stock to report corporate earnings by quarter last 5 years

End of Q2 Peak Earnings Season Is Here – Stocks To Watch

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. S&P 500 EPS growth for Q2 is set to...
xle energy sector etf trading price reversal chart august

Energy Sector ETF (XLE) Trading in Price Compression Zone

The decline in crude oil prices has been swift. For bullish traders, this has been painful... for consumers, this has provided relief at the...
online consumer shopping trends

What Will Back-to-School Season Reveal To Investors?

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. The state of the consumer is mixed with some...

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