1987 crash stock market headline image

Financial Markets Turmoil Lurks Around The Corner

On October 12, 1987, a week before Black Monday, the Wall Street Journal warned of the potential for significant market turmoil. Per the article:...
jolts job openings report chart image february 1

Analyzing the Labor Market Versus the Stock Market

By the time you read this, the buzz of what the Federal Reserve did and Chairman Powell’s presser will be over, at least for...
value line geometric index most important chart follow investors year 2023

Broad Stock Market Index Testing Important Breakout Resistance!

The Value Line Geometric Index is one of the broadest stock market indices. So when its price records a notable reversal, breakout, or breakdown,...
qqq nasdaq 100 etf rally buy signal bullish investing chart january 31

What Are the Equity Market’s Positive Signs?

Monday, the Daily covered some of the warning signs, particularly in the Regional Banks and Transportation sectors. We ended the Daily by writing this: “Transportation and...
s&p 500 index price reversal lower february chart image investing

Whipsaw Stock Market With Federal Reserve Meeting On Tap

Today we are sharing a quick snapshot of a basket of indices that appear to be trading near important resistance zones. The S&P 500 Index...
consumer discretionary stocks out performing staples stocks long term history chart

Are Consumer Stocks Sending Chills To Broader Market?

For nearly 15 years, consumer stocks moved higher in an orderly trend. But more recently, that trend has changed from bullish to uncertain. And we...
new business applications growth

Monthly New Business Applications 33% Higher Than Pre-Covid Levels

I have seen a sea change for new business formation. Since the pandemic, hybrid work has taken off and has created a paradigm shift...
persistent inflation risks warning sign for investors

Inflation, What Inflation?

We typically have a song or two in my head. After all, watching ticks is musical and has a lot of different beats. And...
xlf financial sector etf trading breakout resistance chart january 27

Will Federal Reserve Deliver Final Verdict for Financial Stocks, Market?

Just as the stock market rally seems to be gaining some traction, investors check their calendars and see next week's Federal Reserve meeting. And it...

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