smh semiconductor sector etf trading peak top investing chart july 12

Are Semiconductor Stocks Nearing An Inflection Point?

Technology stocks have been a bona fide leader, repelling sell off attempts and pushing higher. Same goes for the undisputed king of technology, the Semiconductors...
mags etf out performance stock market year 2024 price chart image

Investors and The Market Tries to Read Between the Lines

Starting with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell:  1. Most Recent Labor Data Sends Signal of Cooling 2. Labor Market Appears to Be Fully Back In Balance  3. No...
iwm russell 2000 etf trading rally higher chart week july 8

Can Momentum Build In Small Cap Stocks?

We have heard many discussions on whether small cap stocks and the Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) really matter for the broader stock market. Here are...
energy sector etf xle trading reversal lower investing chart july

Energy Sector ETFs: Downtrend and Reversal Highlight Underperformance

Crude oil has been in a good uptrend off the June low but energy stocks have struggled in a big way.  We can see this...
sugar futures prices rising inflation price chart july

Sugar Is An Important Inflation Barometer… And It May Be Heading Higher

Mother Nature can be such a B@*^H! On March 6, 2024 I wrote a market update on sugar and inflation. The biggest takeaway is:  We will know...
important stocks tickers amzn meta googl price chart investing analysis

3 Really Important Stocks For Q3

Top-performing names like Super Micro Computer (SMCI) and Nvidia (NVDA) are currently well off their all-time highs, and deteriorating breadth conditions indicate continued skepticism...
jnk junk bonds etf bearish sell signal stock market investing chart july 2

Are Junk Bonds Sending A Bearish Message To Stocks?

Investors are constantly looking to gain an edge in the stock market. One simple way to understand risk in the marketplace is by following Junk...
slv silver etf price analysis buy signal chart

Will Silver Prices Breakout Above Falling Resistance?

Precious metals have been very bullish over the first half of 2024. And in particular, Gold's breakout to new highs came just when everyone thought...
stock market etfs trading analysis investing chart june review 2024

Using Stock Market ETFs As U.S. Centric Indicators

Last week I wrote about biotechnology stocks, sector rotation, lithium and electric vehicles (EVs), plus, the raw material demand from electricity usage. Biotechnology (I will...

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