us stock market indexes correction beginning sell signal investing chart

Is the Stock Market Sending Mixed Signals to Dip Buyers?

On Tuesday, the stock market attempted a recovery with an initial gap higher followed by choppy price action throughout the day. Because the market is...
us inflation data sticky versus flexible by month chart year 2021

Welcome To The Backside Of The Inflation Spike

Okay, even an armchair economist knew that used car prices, airfares, and car rentals couldn’t continue to go up by double digits, month after...
gold price chart elliott wave bottom low forecast september

Gold and Silver Nearing Elliott Wave Trading Lows

Back in August Gold made nice and impulsive rally away from 1685 lows, as seen on the 4-hour chart that we labeled as first...
france stock market cap 40 index decline lower sell signal chart image

CAC 40 Index Sends Ominous Sell Signal To French Equity Investors

The European equity markets have rebounded from the last year's coronavirus crash lows with similar zeal to that of the United States. Several major equity...
green bull market image

Legacy Transportation Impacted By Micro-Mobility, Work From Home

The way we move about has changed dramatically throughout the past century. The advent of the automobile in the early 1900s brought with it many...
lumber price bottom trading reversal higher forecast chart september

Lumber Prices Reverse Higher, Bottom In Place?

It has been a tale of two stories for lumber prices. Last year, Lumber rose five fold to over $1600. It was a tremendous...
s&p 500 index reversal pattern sell signal chart week september 20

S&P 500 Index Reversal Near? Watch Key Price Support!

Friday, the S&P 500 (SPY) broke an important support level by closing under the 50-Day moving average and this week's low.  While this was an...
copper price pattern 4 dollar important sell signal chart image

Is Copper About To Send Important Signal To Investors?

When Doc Copper speaks, investors should listen. And it may be that time again. The price of copper broke above the $4 mark early this...
walt disney stock buy signal breakout higher chart september

Disney’s Stock (DIS) Triggers Trading Buy Signal

Disney's stock price pushed higher Friday morning, offering some hope to bullish investors. The move higher saw Disney's stock (DIS) break above its short-term down-trend...

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