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Are the S&P 500 Index and Crude Oil Peaking Together Again?

The price of crude oil has been an important indicator of the economy for quite some time....
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Stock Market Today: Selling Pressure Continues Into Weekend

The U.S. financial markets are set to open lower on Friday after a brief reprieve from the current wave of selling pressure....
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What The Hunt Brothers Can Teach Us About Gamma Squeezes

“Almost anything is better than paper money. Any fool can run a printing press.” – Nelson Bunker Hunt A year...
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Stock Market Today: Important Price Support Areas Must Hold

Stocks are seeing renewed selling pressure this week, as investors look for safe havens into the end of the month and upcoming...
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Stock Market Outlook: Bearish Signals Across The Board

In a continuation of the pullback that started in September, the S&P 500’s Market Forecast shows a...
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Small Cap Stocks Signaling Caution As Election Nears

The broad stock market is struggling this week as investors appear to be hitting the "sell" button into the November 3rd elections.
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Emerging Markets Equities Are Over-Extended

Ratio analysis is a critical piece in my macro technical approach, as it helps to differentiate different sectors, styles, regions, and themes...
investor looking down off ledge of investments

Excessive Investor Optimism Set To Collide With Elections

Stocks are trading deep in the red this week as challenging stimulus and coronavirus headlines disappoint a market that is ripe for...
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Stock Market Today: Highly Uncertain Investing Environment

Stocks are set to open lower as investors continue to operate in a highly uncertain investing environment. In today's...

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