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How’s the Stock Market’s Appetite for Risk?

I hope you did not miss my annual write-up about the upcoming Chinese New Year, Year of the Metal Rat, and how...
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One Chart: Commodities (and why investors should pay attention)

The one question I pose to all of my interviewees and fellow investors is ‘if you had one chart, other than the...
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4 Stocks that are Breaking Out In January

My specific, well defined box break strategy involves locating stocks on Weekly/Daily timeframes where supply/demand scenarios are undergoing a potential change.
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4 Stocks Reporting Earnings This Week (With Interesting Price Action)

Corporate earnings season really ramps up this week.  Today, I share 4 companies reporting earnings this week with some...

Dow Jones Industrials Setting Up for a 30,000 Market Top?

A couple weeks back, I took a look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average and shared my thoughts on how the rest...
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Top 10 Investment Charts For This Year (2020)

I spent a lot of time in the 2019 End of Year Special Edition looking back and reflecting across the year just been, covering some...
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Corn Market Weighs Phase One Of U.S. – China Trade Deal

U.S. – China Phase ONE trade agreement falls short for corn producers: If last week was all about the...
kospi 100 stock market index rally price targets higher _ january 2020

Kospi 100 Hits Initial Price Target, More Upside Ahead

The base pattern that Korea's Kospi 100 came out of is very bullish. We highlight the initial target being...

Investors: Get Ready for the Year of the Rat

Lord Ganesha rides Mooshika, or rats. Although Indian scripture says he rides mice and not rats. Regardless, there is...

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