Crude Oil Bullish For A Trade: Buy The Pullback

Following Monday's one-day 10 percent spike in the price of crude oil, traders have been taking profits. After rising...
corning glw stock research forecast outlook bearish decline lower chart image

Corning Stock GLW Falls Sharply On Lower Guidance, Cycles Bearish

Corning (GLW) fell 6% on Wednesday, after the company cut its fiscal year guidance. Based on its market cycles,...
stocks bond yield oil prices correlation chart market topping image september 19

Stocks, Oil, and Bond Yields At Important Inflection Points!

It's not often that three asset classes reach similar important trading points all at once. But that's exactly what's...

Stock Market Set For Big Move On Federal Reserve Statement

It's a big day for traders and investors as the Federal Reserve will make a decision on the key interest rate and...
repo market funding spreads flash crash interest rates september

REPO Market Madness… and Flash Crashes!?!

Consider this a Public Service Announcement Read everything Jess of Monday Morning Macro has written if you are serious about protecting...
energy sector

What Do Big Oil Spikes Mean For Stock Prices?

HOW CONCERNING IS THE RECENT SPIKE IN OIL PRICES? Monday’s news was filled with blurbs similar to the one...
etfs trading analysis buys stock market chart september 18

What’s Changing Within the Economic Modern Family of ETFs?

With the entire Family holding recent gains and potentially consolidating, we wait for one sector to show us the way.
energy capacity by source forecast future chart coal gas oil nuclear hydro wind batteries solar

Energy Sector Evolves Amidst Push For Sustainable Resources

It is undeniable that as a species we have successfully adapted for thousands of years and we will continue to do so...

Stock Market Today: Oil Spikes Higher, Most In Decade

The stock market is pulling back to start the week following news of oil attacks in the Middle East. This news caused...

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