investors looking at year 2020

Top 10 Investment Charts For This Year (2020)

I spent a lot of time in the 2019 End of Year Special Edition looking back and reflecting across the year just been, covering some...
rising inflation year 2020

Should Investors Be Worried About Inflation in 2020?

As humans, we tend to believe that what has happened recently will continue into the future. In the finance world, we often...
fed funds less nominal gdp since 1980 chart investor analysis

When Will The Federal Reserve Experience Regret?

The Financial Markets case of Yeah... But... Yeah… Barry Bonds, a Major League Baseball (MLB) player, put up some...
30 year treasury bond price cycles forecast rally into 2020

30 Year U.S. Treasury Bond Trading Forecast Into 2020

In today's financial market analysis, we'll take a specific look at the chart for the 30 year U.S. treasury bond INDEXCBOE: TYX
best decade us stock market returns chart history image

Analyzing the Past Decade for Investors: Let’s Get Real

The onslaught of posts analyzing the past decade for investors is upon us. In this post, I take...
stock market today news image

Stock Market Today: Can Bulls Continue Winning Streak?

Last week's gains marked the fifth week in a row that the S&P 500 NYSEARCA: SPY has closed higher.
30 year treasury bond futures trading cycles forecast lower october chart

30-Year Treasury Bond Futures In Declining Phase Of Market Cycle

30-Year Bond Futures Daily Chart  It's been a choppy past two months for treasury...
stock market today news image

Stock Market Today: Can Small Caps Step Up?

The stock market is in rally mode as the US and China appear to be nearing a smaller pact on their trade...
semiconductor index sox topping peak pattern stock market october image

Perspective Is Important As Investors Navigate Noisy Q4 Start

Key Investing Research Takeaways: - Volatility returns as failure of stocks to breakout in September could be leading to...
stock market outlook trading image september 25

Can Stock Market Bulls Safely Navigate Interest Rate-Sensitive Period?

The S&P 500 Index finished lower by 0.84% on a day that saw trading activity turn negative after impeachment rumors started swirling...

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