treasury bond yields rise sharply 2 year 5 year 10 year 30 year february 13 cpi data investing chart image

Treasury Bond Yields Reverse Higher Off Key Fibonacci Level!

The past few months have given investors the feeling that the 3 year (monster) rally in treasury bond yields is over. But the lull may...
high yield bonds etf hyg trading price analysis chart february

How To Know When the Stock Market Rally is Over?

I first became interested in junk bonds right before COVID hit in January 2020. Note the price at the time of HYG was around 88.50. Since...
2 year treasury bond yields decline lower fibonacci level investing chart image

2-Year Treasury Bond Yields Near Important Fibonacci Support!

The Federal Reserve has paused its interest rate hikes and inflation data seems to be leveling off. We'll see. All in all, bond yields (interest...
important bond etfs trading at price resistance chart january

Important Bond ETFs Trading At Critical Resistance!

When interest rates fall, bond prices rise. And while it has been some time since we've been able to say interest rates are...
10 year german bond yields trading within declining channel important chart image

German Bond Yields Reach Sink or Swim Moment?

Just as interest rates are pulling back, one particular government rate appears to be nearing an important moment. The 10-Year German Bond yield. Below is a...
30 year us treasury bond yield peak high investing chart

Are Bond Yields Facing Historic Overbought Correction?

The past few years have seen interest rates soar. But perhaps it's a case of too far, too fast. Today we look at interest rates...
tlt treasury bond etf trading rally analysis chart december

Treasury Bonds Short-Term Overbought But Intermediate-Term Bullish

With interest rates falling, that means that treasury bond prices are rising. Finally! The collapse in bond prices was epic... so bond investors were overdue...
2 year treasury bond yields peak before fed funds signals interest rates decline history image

Falling Interest Rates Is Historically Bullish For Precious Metals!

Investors are getting excited about the Federal Reserve's interest rate pause and a soft landing for the economy. Time will tell, but I do want...
tlt treasury bonds etf trading breakout price resistance chart december

Are Hard Hit Treasury Bonds (TLT) Nearing Major Breakout?

The collapse in the treasury bond market has been epic. But a recent bounce in the 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) has offered some...
10 year us treasury bond yields elliott wave forecast chart

Lower US Yields and Weak USD Can Be Supportive For Bitcoin

Looking at the recent financial data, the U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI), which measures changes in the price level of a market basket of...

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