commodities index breakout price trend resistance analysis chart april 15

Commodity Prices Reach Rally Inflection Point!

Commodities have been the talk of the town over the past several months, with grains, energy, and...
tlt treasury bonds buying opportunity oversold price support analysis chart _ april year 2021

Will Historic Selloff In Treasury Bonds Turn Into Opportunity?

Long-dated treasury bonds have been crushed over the past year, sending ETFs like $TLT (the 20+ Year...
equal weighted global basket index investing themes year 2021 image

10 Important Charts To Watch In 2021 (Q1 Update)

Welcome to Q2! Things have moved fast since my original post (both in terms of market movements and the general consensus/sentiment). So...
stocks to bonds ratio investing analysis bearish month march year 2021

Stocks to Bonds Ratio: Price Reversal Warns Bulls

Stocks have out-performed bonds since the 2020 coronavirus crash low. BUT, this dynamic could...
core commodity index etf rising fast rate historical breakout price chart image year 2021

Commodities Nearing Important Time/Price Juncture!

The rise in commodities prices has investors (and consumers) concerned about inflation again, with bond prices falling and bond yields rising. It...
tlt treasury bond etf bottom low elliott wave chart analysis year 2021

U.S. Treasuries: Elliott Wave 4 “Bounce” Coming

After a trending decline that was stronger than expected, and with FOMC scheduled this week, we are watching for a possible bounce...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Rally Remains Choppy, Uneven

Tech stocks continue to act like Jeckyll and Hyde. One day the Nasdaq is lagging and the next day it is...
federal reserve balance sheet rise since financial crisis to current chart

Federal Reserve… Is It Time To Do The Twist Again?

“Come on let’s twist again, Like we did last summer!Yeaaah, let’s twist again, Like we did last year!”   –...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Reversal Give Bulls Renewed Energy

The major stock market indices held key price support levels late last week leading to a reversal higher into week's end. Stock...
10 year us treasury bond yield biggest rally record 50 years chart image

Will Bond Yields Fastest Rise In 50 Years Rattle Markets?

The waterfall decline of bond yields (and interest rates) has been met with an equally steep rally. In fact,...

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