tlt treasury bond etf trading price reversal higher buy signal may 20

Can Treasury Bonds (TLT) Reverse Higher From Historic Oversold Level?

It's been an ugly couple of year for US Treasury Bonds. T-bond prices have dropped sharply as yields have risen. This has been an added...
copper gold price ratio strong correlation bond yields investing chart

Unique Commodities Indicator Pointing To Treasury Bonds Rally

Higher commodity prices have seeped into every day costs (food and energy), and at the same time, interest rates have also been rising. That's a...
cumulative interest rate increases during federal reserve cycles

Should the Fed Entertain .75% Interest Rate Hikes Going Forward?

Inflation is a spotlight topic in the media with more reports and predictions surfacing every day.  Since the Fed has been sorely wrong on its...
tlt treasury bond etf trading price support demark chart may 9 2022

Treasury Bonds Weak… But Time For A Bounce

It's been a brutal two year run for treasury bonds. It all started with a spike high on the initial news of COVID (coronavirus),...
qqq nasdaq 100 decline selloff price chart analysis month may outlook

Can Stock Market Clear Key Resistance Into Fed Announcement?

This Wednesday the Federal Reserve (Fed) will announce an interest rate increase. So far, expectations are for +0.5%.  While some believe this is too high as...
bank of japan and federal reserve balance sheets as percent gdp chart history

Liquidity Crisis in the Making: Japan’s Role in Financial Stability

Liquidity Crisis in the Making is part one of a two-part article. Part 1 sheds light on the Bank of Japan and its three-decade...
tlt treasury bond etf long term price support trend test important year 2022

Treasury Bonds ETF (TLT) Testing Important Long-Term Price Support!

The past two years have seen the treasury bond market turn upside down. In short (pun intended), treasury bonds have been hit hard by...
10 year us treasury bond yields interest rates extreme rally higher chart year 2022

Rising Interest Rates Reach Extreme Resistance!

It's been a crazy past couple of years for the 10-year US treasury bond yields and interest rates. The crazy extremes have seen rates fall...
stock market bullish buy signals indicators image

Stock Market Outlook Brightens on Persistent Buying

The S&P 500 rallied 1.61% and proved out the theory that the day after the tax filing deadline has tended to be more bullish...
treasury bond yields 2 5 10 30 year notes important resistance tests chart

US Treasury Bond Yields Testing Trend-Change Inflection Point!

Over the past two years, we have seen inflation soar. And with that has coming rising interest rates. This week's CPI and PPI data have...

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