junk bonds trading comparison treasury bonds during stock market correction chart

Why Investors Need To Watch Junk and Treasury Bonds Into December

The stock market sits in a dicey situation with not only the Omicron variant adding stress to economic growth, but through the Federal Reserve...
junk bonds etf jnk trading price support analysis chart november

Junk Bonds ETF (JNK) Decline Testing Area Of Interest

High yield junk bonds are an area of significant interest for investors. When the market is liquid and investors are confident about tomorrow, they are...
stock market indicators analysis investing research image november 24

Stock Market Outlook Mixed As Buyers Try To Defend Bullish Trend

The S&P 500 Index rose 0.17% today, showing resilience in the face of selling. The index continues to have a strongly bullish intermediate posture...
junk bonds russell 2000 price comparison trading analysis investing chart november 24

Can The Stock Market Bounce If Junk Bonds Sell Off?

The small-cap Index Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) looks hopeful for a Wednesday bounce while the High Yield Corporate Debt ETF (JNK) sends another warning...
us dollar currency bullish buy pattern double bottom chart higher year end

Currency Markets Roiled As US Dollar Strengthens

The currency markets are among the largest in the world. And when the reserve currency U.S. Dollar makes a big move, other assets listen...
russell 2000 index breakout retest support investing news chart

U.S. Equities Bullish Pullback Is Setup For New Highs

We got the pullback we were looking for in the major averages last week. We'll see if last week's lows hold... if not, the pullback...
treasury bonds etf bearish selling investing analysis chart november 17

Did the Long-Term Treasury Bonds (TLT) Turn Risk On? 

On Tuesday, the Long-Term Treasury Bonds ETF (TLT) closed underneath its 50-Day moving average for the second consecutive day confirming a cautionary phase.  TLTs trend...
inflation chart history united states

What If Inflation Is Here To Stay?

While consumers continue to face sticker shock when filling up their gas tanks, buying groceries or even paying rent, the debate among economists and...
stock market index etfs important price investing analysis news chart November 9

Is The Stock Market Looking to Consolidate Near Highs?

Inflation pressures take the medias focus this week. Nevertheless, we must remember the news does not always align with market price. With that said, prices are...
tlt 20 year us treasury bond etf important price resistance for november investing chart

Next Move In Treasury Bonds / Interest Rates Is Here

Long-dated U.S. treasury bonds have moved higher recently but the trend remains down. The rally has brought the 20+ Year US Treasury Bond ETF (TLT)...

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