pimco high income bond etf trading at important sell signal price support _ investing chart september

Pimco High Income ETF Breakdown Would Be Bad For Stocks!

Watching high income (or high yield) bond funds has always been a good indicator of risk for the overall market, especially for stocks. Today's chart...
10 year us treasury bond yields important fibonacci support analysis chart september

Is The Bear Market In Treasury Bonds About To Resume?

US Treasury bonds experienced a bear market and added selling pressure following the coronavirus flash crash as bond yields bottomed in early 2020 and...
history of total federal debt and tax receipts year by year chart

What a Miami Stripper and Fiscal Elephant Have In Common

“Banks have conditioned us to trust them, and what have we got from that?” – Mark Baum (Steve Carell)- The Big Short. In his book...
high yield bonds issuance record year 2021 chart

HY / IG Corporate Bond Market Continuing Boom In 2021

In the last couple weeks, there's been some noise around widening High Yield spreads. It’s fair to say that seeing High Yield spreads shrink...
junk bonds real yields lowest year 2021 in last 25 years chart

Undermining Capitalism with Unreal Values and Crass Distortion

“Compared to What,” a classic jazz tune written in 1966, became famous in 1969 by Les McCann and Eddie Harris at the Montreux Jazz Festival....
stock market outlook trading forecast higher july 14 image

U.S. Stock Market Indicators Remain Bullish But Eyes On Inflation Data

The S&P 500 Index is flat for the week as Wednesday's trading session kicks off. That said, it is notable that the S&P 500...
decline treasury bond yields analysis bearish research image

Is Bond Yields Decline An Economic Signal… Or Noise?

The SNR (signal to noise ratio) is a measurement often used in science and engineering that compares the desired signal with background noise. This thought...
tlt treasury bond etf major price resistance target bearish investing image

Is US Treasury Bonds ETF (TLT) Ready For A Pull Back?

The US treasury bond market is enjoying a multi-week rally. Bond buyers have targeted the bond market and are pressuring bond prices higher into...
tlt treasury bond etf long term chart trend resistance week june 26 2021

Long-Dated Treasury Bonds (TLT) Nearing Major Trend Test

Long-dated treasury bonds have been out of favor since the coronavirus market crash in February/March 2020. Not only were bonds trading at the highs (and...
gdbusd pound currency elliott wave 5 trading forecast chart june 20

Federal Reserve Causes Gold Sell-off; USDCHF Currency Headed Higher (Elliott Wave Analysis)

US dollar is up sharply as 7 Federal Reserve officials expect rates to increase in 2022, 13 Fed officials see rate increase in 2023....

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