total stock market capitalization versus gross domestic product history chart through year 2020

9 Important Stock Charts to Gauge This Bear Market

Everybody wants to know if the stock market has bottomed. Unfortunately, there isn't one chart or indicator that can...
lqd corporate bond debt etf crash market fear crisis_march year 2020

Why Are Investors Drinking the Bullish Kool-Aid?

Today I asked this question on twitter: “Can I ask a simple question-why do...
stock market and treasury bond yields crash decline bottom_month march year 2020

Stock Market Bulls Hope Stocks and Bond Yields Bottom Here!

S&P 500 Index versus 10 Year US Treasury Yield Chart There is a tight...
rising inflation year 2020

Economic Crises: The Problem with Pragmatism… and Inflation

Pragmatism is seeking immediate solutions with little to no consideration for the longer-term benefits and consequences. An excellent...
tlt treasury bonds etf top and bearish reversal chart largest ever_march year 2020

Are Treasury Bonds Forming Largest Bearish Reversal Ever?

The financial markets are panicking and its producing some huge swings across asset classes. One asset that may be...
nasdaq composite fibonacci price retracement levels chart image march 2

The Current State of the Stock Market Correction (In 8 Charts)

It was an amazing week in markets. Across the board we have records.  Record sell-offs.  Record downside momentum etc. Many statistical measures of last week’s...
tlt treasury bonds etf price target reached sell signal investing chart february 28

Is It Time To Sell Treasury Bonds (TLT)?

The 20-Year+ US Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) has risen sharply of late as panic has pushed investors into safe havens like bonds.
stock market today news image

Stock Market Today: Flight to Safety Pushes Gold Higher

Investors continue to be concerned with expanding coronavirus cases and economic data. S&P 500 Index futures are pointing sharply...
bear running against the bulls contrarian image

Commodities Are Dead… Long Live Commodities!

Note that this article was sent to clients of LaDucTrading on February 1. Spoiler Alert: We have no inflation...
tlt 20 year long treasury bonds etf rally higher bullish chart analysis investing_week january 27

One Chart: Long Bond ETF (TLT)

When I interview people I love to ask them what their ‘One Chart’ is and why. This means that I want to...

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