tlt treasury bonds sell signal investing image

What Happens To Interest Rates When The Chinese Consumer Recovers?

Featured here is the price chart of the ETF for long-term US Treasury Bond securities (ticker TLT). In the summer of 2012, US Treasuries and...
percent of 10 year yield curves inverted versus stock market performance history chart image

Treasury Yield Curves Inversion: Is This Time Different?

Leading economists, Federal Reserve Presidents, and most investors pay close attention to the shape of Treasury yield curves. They follow them, not necessarily because...
junk bonds etf jnk price narrowing pennant pattern chart image - very important year 2023 investing

Junk Bonds “Pennant Pattern” Nears Critical Point For Investors!

Successful traders and investors tend to watch junk bonds performance to understand when the financial market is bullish (junk bonds do well) versus when...
us dollar bullish etf uup trading higher price chart june

Some Trading Pairs to Think About Right Now

Just like the entire month of May when folks were saying “Sell in May and go away,” not us.. We were telling you that the Big...
tlt treasury bond etf bearish wedge price pattern chart year 2023

Treasury Bonds ETF (TLT) Trading At Key Decision Point!

The popular treasury bonds etf (TLT) has been trading in a very tight space for months. Or better stated, it has been narrowing/tightening for...
dbc commodity etf trading decline bearish breakdown year 2023 investing chart image

Commodities Decline Could Be Boon For Bonds and Dampen Inflation

For the past 18 months, inflation concerns have taken center stage in the financial news headlines. Could that be changing as we type? One of the...
treasury bond yields trading support sell signal breakdown chart may 3

Treasury Bonds Are Setting Up For A BIG Move!

As the Federal Reserve continues to fight inflation by raising interest rates, the market is growing uncertain about futures rate hikes. Today, we share a...
copper gold price ratio correlation to 10 year treasury bond yields chart image history united states

Key Correlation Suggests 10-Year Yields To Fall Further Yet!

The past two years have seen headlines dogged by inflation and the Federal Reserve's fight to end inflation. That fight has seen the Federal Reserve...
bonds monthly performance returns when equities down chart

Welcome Back Bonds, Maybe.

For years, bonds had a single job in portfolios: provide a ballast during periods of equity market weakness. Ok, and maybe spin off a...
tlt treasury bond etf trading important price bearish sell signal investing chart april

New Treasury Bonds Bull Market? Don’t Bet On It

Persistent inflation has dogged the Federal Reserve for the past 12-18 months, leading to higher interest rates. But rates have fallen more recently as investors...

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