tlt treasury bond etf trading rally higher price targets investing chart december

Does This Treasury Bonds (TLT) Rally Have Legs?

In early 2020, treasury bonds reached a spike high on news of coronavirus. Since then it's been all downhill for the treasury bond market. To...
10 year united states treasury bond yield reversal lower chart december

Are Interest Rates Creating Giant Reversal Pattern?

The past few years have seen extreme volatility in the bond market, which equates to similar volatility in interest rates. And it all started with...
tlt treasury bonds etf trading price breakout buy signal chart december investing analysis

Treasury Bonds ETF (TLT) Trading Breakout Price Targets

Treasury Bonds miserable bear market brought its price down to the low $90's. But the recent rally appears to have some "trading" legs. By trading,...
investment grade bonds etf trading new price lows bearish chart

Are Investment Grade Bonds (LQD) About To Rally?

Considering our national debt and the debts of companies and consumers, it's obvious that the bond market is critical to our economy. This is likely...
us dollar bearish etf udn breakout buying higher chart november

US Dollar Weakness Could Mean Big Things For Stocks and Commodities!

The strength in the U.S. Dollar currency along with treasury bond yields (interest rates) has been relentless all year. And this has pressured stocks...
tlt treasury bond etf elliott wave trading forecast bullish higher chart

Treasury Bonds Expected to Bounce for a Few Months

If you took advantage of our bearish forecast for treasury bonds in August, congratulations on catching a great trade! We believe the downward move is coming...
10 year us treasury bond yield record percentage move higher chart year 2022

Are Over-Heated Treasury Bond Yields Ready To Cool Off?

The rise in interest rates has been meteoric, with mortgage rates reaching levels not seen in nearly 2 decades. The 10-year US treasury bond yield...
junk bonds etf jnk bullish reversal higher stock market indicator chart

Junk Bonds Reversal Would Be Bullish For Stocks!

With yields trading at elevated levels and stocks trading at depressed levels, it makes sense that junk bonds are not faring well this year. BUT...

MBS, Convexity Vortex, and a Silver Lining For Bonds

Many investors fail to understand the nuances and complexities of Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS). As a result, few can appreciate institutional MBS investors’ role in...
copper gold prices ratio 10 year treasury bond yield spread chart

Copper/Gold Ratio Says Bond Yields Rally Overdone

The price of copper to gold has been a correlation that has followed 10-Year US Treasury bond yields (in trend) fairly closely. This correlation has...

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