stocks bonds reversal market crash chart analysis investing news may 19

Will Reversals Bring Fortune For Stocks and Bonds?

10-Year US Treasury Bond Yields (inverted) vs S&P 500 Index The March crash was...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Today: S&P 500 Hits Key Resistance

Stocks are pointing lower on Monday to start the week. This comes after another week of strong gains. In...
10 year us treasury bond yield reversal chart inverted_may 6

Are Treasury Bonds Peaking At 25-Year Resistance!?!

10-Year US Treasury Yield Inverted "monthly" Chart If treasury bonds aren't on your radar,...
coronavirus market crash bull bear image

Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19, Unemployment, and The Bear Market

Why has the market been so strong in April with the high unemployment and terrible economic numbers? A tried...
lqd corporate debt etf v bottom sharp rally higher prices chart analysis

The Federal Reserve Gone Wild!

iShares iBoxx Investment Grade Bonds ETF NYSEARCA: LQD The Federal Reserve injected another 2.3...
treasury bond yields stock market crash bottom lows chart history

Market Crash Reversal Patterns “Experiment” With History!

S&P 500 Index versus "Inverted" 30 Year Yield "monthly" Chart Stocks and treasury bond...
total stock market capitalization versus gross domestic product history chart through year 2020

9 Important Stock Charts to Gauge This Bear Market

Everybody wants to know if the stock market has bottomed. Unfortunately, there isn't one chart or indicator that can...
lqd corporate bond debt etf crash market fear crisis_march year 2020

Why Are Investors Drinking the Bullish Kool-Aid?

Today I asked this question on twitter: “Can I ask a simple question-why do...
stock market and treasury bond yields crash decline bottom_month march year 2020

Stock Market Bulls Hope Stocks and Bond Yields Bottom Here!

S&P 500 Index versus 10 Year US Treasury Yield Chart There is a tight...
rising inflation year 2020

Economic Crises: The Problem with Pragmatism… and Inflation

Pragmatism is seeking immediate solutions with little to no consideration for the longer-term benefits and consequences. An excellent...

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