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3 Options Strategies For Trading Rising Volatility

Market volatility picked up in recent weeks with the VIX Volatility Index rising from the low 20’s to 37 before falling back...
PayPal stock options bullish put spread trading idea chart analysis

PayPal (PYPL) Stock Options Bull Put Spread Trade Idea

PayPal (PYPL) stock was one of the strongest performers of 2020 with the stock rising from 107.97 to 234.20 for a gain...
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What The Hunt Brothers Can Teach Us About Gamma Squeezes

“Almost anything is better than paper money. Any fool can run a printing press.” – Nelson Bunker Hunt A year...
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Implied Volatility Cycles Point To Turbulent October For Stock Market

Today's article takes a quick look at implied volatility cycles to forecast future turbulence in the stock market, particularly in October.
crm salesforce stock options butterfly spread trade analysis image august 27

How To Trade A Butterfly Spread on Salesforce Stock (CRM)

Butterfly spreads are a popular strategy among option traders and aim to take advanced of sideways prices in a stock.
stock market volatility liquidity crisis uncertainty

Market Volatility Is More Than A Number, It’s Everything

“Volatility” is a pedestrian word on Wall Street. Traders, investors, and the media throw it around as if everyone understands...
lulu stock price analysis chart image triangle pattern formation june 29

3 Option Trade Ideas On Lululemon (LULU) Stock

Lululemon stock (LULU) has been on fire since mid-March rising from 130 to a high near 325.
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3 Option Trade Ideas On Microsoft Stock $MSFT

Microsoft (MSFT), like most of the tech sector, has been a strong performer recently with the stock rising from 132.15 to a...
s&p 500 sector breadth chart composite investing image june 12

2020 Providing Plenty of Volatility but Little Progress

Key Stock Market Takeaways: - Knowing the ride keeps investors leaning in the right direction -...

VIX Volatility Index: Did It Just Bottom?

In my blog last night I looked at the VIX Volatility Index INDEXCBOE: VIX Ahead of a weekend, where...

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