How To Trade A Butterfly Spread on Salesforce Stock (CRM)

Butterfly spreads are a popular strategy among option traders and aim to take advanced of sideways prices in a stock.

The trade aims to make a profit from stable stock prices and / or a drop in implied volatility.

You can learn more about butterflies in my 12,000 word guide.

One stock that caught my eye yesterday was Salesforce (CRM) with a huge 26% move after earnings. What I’m looking for now with this stock is some sideways movement and consolidation of those gains.

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Let’s take a look at how we could set up an butterfly trade on Salesforce.

Butterfly spreads involve 3 different option strike prices, all within the same expiration date, and can be created using either calls or puts. 

A typical butterfly would be constructed as follows:

Buy 1 in-the-money call

Sell 2 at-the-money calls

Buy 1 out-of-the-money call

Let’s take a look at how that might look on CRM stock.

Buy 1 Sept 18th 250 call @ 26.85

Sell 2 Sept 18th 270 calls @ 14.45

Buy 1 Sept 18th 290 call @ 7.30

The total cost of this trade is $525 and that is the maximum loss potential on the trade.

The maximum potential gain is $1,475 which is calculated by taking the difference in strike prices less the premium paid ($2,000 less $525).

The breakeven prices are 255.25 and 284.75 (270 plus and minus 14.75)

A butterfly options trade, has a tent-like shape with the potential for very large profits around the short strike. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s unlikely you would ever achieve the maximum profit.

A good aim for a butterfly trade is to make a 20% return on capital at risk. In this case that would be around $105 per contract.

Butterfly spreads can be a bit confusing for beginners, so it’s best to paper trade this way and see how it performs.

crm salesforce stock options butterfly spread trade analysis image august 27

For a stop loss I would close the trade if CRM broke through either 255 or 295.

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