crypto currency total market capitalization elliott wave chart

Bitcoin & Ripple Elliott Wave Analysis: Look For More Downside

The Crypto market is in decline as we have been warning for some time. And, with recent sharp decline and broken channel support line on...
bitcoin elliott wave trading analysis crypto correction decline december low chart

Bitcoin and Ethereum Elliott Wave Cycles Point To Deeper Correction  

There haven't been many big changes in the Crypto-currency markets. Several cryptos are enjoying a corrective recovery that is still in progress, so be...
xrp ripple crypto currency elliott wave trading analysis image

Ripple and Bitcoin Cash Elliott Wave Cycles Point to a Bounce

The crypto-currency market is mostly trading sideways and looks to be corrective within a downtrend. Of course, there are some shitcoins with bigger rallies, but...
us dollar index elliott wave 5 long term high price target 120 chart

US Dollar Index (Elliott Wave): Two Bullish Scenarios

When we last wrote about the U.S. Dollar in January 2021, we were expecting a sizable bounce. The bounce occurred from very near the support area...
euro currency decline worry concern emerging markets history chart

Euro Currency Decline Could Hit Emerging Markets (EEM) Hard

The Euro currency is sliding and international markets are taking notice. Of course, this is coming as the US Dollar rallies... and all this means...
us dollar index trading strong higher important resistance chart

US Dollar Rally Nearing Important Inflection Point

The recent US Dollar Index rally is providing a headwind for commodities, while pushing other currencies down. Should the rally extend further, it may create...
us dollar currency bullish buy pattern double bottom chart higher year end

Currency Markets Roiled As US Dollar Strengthens

The currency markets are among the largest in the world. And when the reserve currency U.S. Dollar makes a big move, other assets listen...
bitcoin trading decline chart investing analysis news november 18

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Undergoing Healthy Price Reset

Pretty much everyone in crypto is hurting this week, with the overall Cryptocurrency market cap decreasing by over $300 billion since Sunday 11/14. The first...
russell 2000 index breakout retest support investing news chart

U.S. Equities Bullish Pullback Is Setup For New Highs

We got the pullback we were looking for in the major averages last week. We'll see if last week's lows hold... if not, the pullback...
cryptocurrency total market cap elliott wave analysis

Bitcoin and Ethereum Elliott Wave Analysis: Be Aware Of More Weakness

As mentioned and highlighted, Crypto Total Market Cap is now breaking below channel support line after a completed 5th wave of a five-wave cycle...

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