gold futures trading reversal break down lower decline chart february 5

Gold Bearish Reversal Breaks Short-Term Trend Line

Gold's breakdown has violated the minor trend from December into the week's end. It has recovered some lost ground but remains below...
bitcoin bullish flag pattern breakout higher chart image january 29

Bitcoin Bullish Flag Breakout Points Higher

Now that Bitcoin has had a month to consolidate a bit it appears to be poised for a breakout to new highs.
us dollar euro relationship important stress test chart january 27

Commodities Bulls: US Dollar Testing Important Support!

A lot has happened in the currency markets over the past year. And important near-term trends are currently facing...
bitcoin gbtc etf trading reversal buy signal chart january 22

Will Bitcoin Trading Reversal Lead To New Highs?

Back in December, I highlighted a bitcoin breakout and shared targets of 25120, then 36000. That target was briefly...
bitcoin btc reversal lower fibonacci price support levels january 22

Bitcoin Parabolic Rally Reversal Faces Big Test!

One of the biggest breakouts of 2020 came by way of Bitcoin. And it was epic. The coronavirus crash...
stock market outlook forecast analysis january 13

Stock Market Outlook: Price Action Remains Bullish

The S&P 500 (SPY) finished flat on Tuesday (+0.04%), but it was actually quite a bullish day under the hood; the index...
euro currency breakout higher important commodities prices rising chart year 2021

The Commodities Rally Hinges on a Euro Breakout!

Over the past year, there has been a lot of buzz about rising equities, the surge in Bitcoin, the strength of gold,...
us dollar etf uup bottom low elliott wave chart forecast higher january

US Dollar Low In Early 2021? (Elliott Wave Roadmap)

As we continue to follow the US Dollar Index and Invesco DB U.S. Dollar Index Bullish Fund NYSEARCA: UUP, we wanted to...
us dollar decline lower bottom targets chart analysis january year 2021

Is the US Dollar About To Collapse or Rally?

The U.S. Dollar got hit hard in 2020, declining nearly 7 percent (year over year) and as much as 12 percent from...
stock market today analysis image

Will Record Stock Market Prices Continue In 2021?

Happy new year and welcome back to our daily stock market video, where we provide updates on the major stock market indices,...

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