bitcoin 30000 trading price level important chart news image

Bitcoin Rallies Back Over Pivotal 30000 Price Level

Tuesday's trading session began with a continuation of the large sell-off in Bitcoin which had been lingering near 41000 in the prior weeks before...
gdbusd pound currency elliott wave 5 trading forecast chart june 20

Federal Reserve Causes Gold Sell-off; USDCHF Currency Headed Higher (Elliott Wave Analysis)

US dollar is up sharply as 7 Federal Reserve officials expect rates to increase in 2022, 13 Fed officials see rate increase in 2023....
us dollar index breakout higher rally strength investing news chart image week june 18

US Dollar Breakout Could Cool Off Commodities Prices

Rising commodities prices have been all over the news for several months. The rally has been broad-based and persistent. So what could possibly derail the...
bitcoin price pattern bearish head shoulders bubble chart analysis news june 9

Bitcoin Head and Shoulders Top? Watch This Support Level!

Last November, we highlighted a cup and handle bullish pattern on Bitcoin that served as a base for a big rally. All together, Bitcoin...
audusd trading bullish elliott wave pattern forecast currency chart_june 8 news

Bullish Aussie Dollar Cycles Should Resume After Consolidation

Currency Markets Insights: - The US Dollar DXY remains bearish as precious metals trade higher. - Per Elliott wave analysis, the Aussie Dollar (AUDUSD) is consolidating within...
australian dollar audusd trading breakout resistance analysis june chart

Commodity Bulls Hope Australian Dollar Can Rally Above Resistance

Early 2020 marked a 19 year low for the Australian Dollar (Aussie, AU$, etc...), but since that time the currency has been very strong. And,...
canadian dollar currency performance compaison world currencies chart

Is The Canadian Dollar Rally Nearing An End?

In efforts to avoid a term woefully overused in financial commentaries (the term is also the title of a George Clooney fishing movie), we...
bitcoin price forecast cycles chart volatility year 2021

Bitcoin Cycles Point To More Volatility In Weeks Ahead

Bitcoin has been all over in the headlines, following last week's nosedive and ensuing volatility. Last weekend, I shared my concerns about bitcoin over...
bitcoin crash 60000 to 30000 this week financial analysis news image

Why Did Bitcoin Crash Reverse Higher at 30,000?

The climactic selloff and crash in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies this week came as a surprise to many investors, but not if you paid...
fxe euro currency etf elliott wave forecast lower chart year 2021

Is The Euro Currency Nearing A Big Decline?

The Euro's rally in recent weeks has reached an area of possible reversal. Here we examine the prospects for a resumed decline in the...

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