history of total federal debt and tax receipts year by year chart

What a Miami Stripper and Fiscal Elephant Have In Common

“Banks have conditioned us to trust them, and what have we got from that?” – Mark Baum (Steve Carell)- The Big Short. In his book...
bitcoin futures trading elliott wave 4 of decline analysis chart image

Bitcoin Bulls Might Be Getting Nervous (Elliott Wave Analysis)

With the U.S. Dollar Index poised to embark on the next leg of its climb, as we highlighted in our currency post earlier this month,...
eurusd currency trading bottom reversal elliott wave analysis chart image

Elliott Waves: Gold Rallying As US Dollar Hits Resistance

The US Dollar Index appears to be turning lower due to speculation that the Federal Reserve may not withdraw stimulus as fast as first...
audusd australian dollar currency elliott wave forecast decline chart august

Australian Dollar (Aussie) and Kiwi Elliott Wave Analysis

The aussie dollar (AUD) and Kiwi dollar (NZD) decline on lockdowns and lower stock prices.  Could this be an A-B-C drop on a daily charts;...
stock market correction signals bearish decline chart august 18 2021

Can Key Sectors Along With Bitcoin Hold Support? 

The Economic Modern Family now has 5 members sitting in a confirmed cautionary phase. A cautionary phase is defined by the 50-Day moving average stacked...
australian dollar aussie currency reversal lower bearish commodities signal analysis image august

Australian Dollar Decline A Bearish Sign For Commodities

When the Australian Dollar "moves", so do commodities. And this time the Australian Dollar "aussie" could be sending a bearish message to commodities. Today's chart...
nzdusd new zealand dollar elliott wave analysis sell signal chart

New Zealand Dollar (Kiwi) Currency Pairs Elliott Wave Analysis

The New Zealand Dollar currency is still navigating its way through some general weakness. Today we look at Elliott wave analysis on some currency pairs...
bitcoin trading forecast 4 scenarios chart image end of year 2021

4 Trading Scenarios For Bitcoin

After remaining rangebound in the 30K-42K range for three months, Bitcoin has now broken that range to the upside. The bearish momentum divergence that has...
gbpusd currency pair elliott wave trading forecast higher bullish british pound chart august 11

$GBPUSD Elliott Wave Analysis Points To Reversal Higher Soon

The British Pound appears ready to strengthen versus the US Dollar soon, if this Elliott wave analysis plays out to forecast. Following an A-B-C correction,...
bitcoin rally over 200 day moving average bullish indicator analysis chart image august 10

Bitcoin Eyes Phase Change After Clearing 200-Day Moving Average

Monday, Bitcoin cleared its major moving average while Ethereum, the second-largest cap currency, tested its new support level at $2900. For the moment, this shows...

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