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4 Reasons The US Dollar Is Here To Stay

The media once again presumes that America’s financial negligence will result in a new global reserve currency. As we wrote in The Dollars Death, Not...
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Update: US Dollar Index Strengthens, Bond Yields Heading Higher

Since the start of the new year we have shared a couple updates on the US Dollar and 10-Year US Treasury Bond Yield... both...
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Is US Dollar Creating A Monster Topping Pattern?

While the US Dollar Index remains above 100, it is possible that King Dollar may have put in a top. And not just any old...
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US Dollar Strength: Does This Rally Have Legs?

The US Dollar Index (DXY) turned up from a MOB band target around the 101 area. I am currently bullish the US Dollar and looking...
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US Dollar and Euro Currency Trading: Spots of Importance

Despite the debate about the strength or weakness of the US Dollar, it will remain one of the most important currencies in the world...
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Is the US Dollar About To Fall Another 10 Percent?

If you haven't already learned, the financial markets can change on a dime. Trends and themes are good until they are not. This is why...
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One Monetary Policy Fits All

In Part one of this series, Our Currency The World’s Problem, we discuss the vital role the U.S. dollar plays in the global economy. With...
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Our Currency (US Dollar), The World’s Problem

The Bank of England is bailing out U.K. pension funds. The Bank of Japan uses excessive monetary policy to protect its currency and cap...
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The Bullish Case For Gold Into Year-End

While gold has not done much in 2022 in terms of absolute returns, the SPDR Gold ETF (GLD) has indeed outperformed the SPY by...
us dollar bearish etf udn breakout buying higher chart november

US Dollar Weakness Could Mean Big Things For Stocks and Commodities!

The strength in the U.S. Dollar currency along with treasury bond yields (interest rates) has been relentless all year. And this has pressured stocks...

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