gold silver rally breakout price charts year 2020 august

Gold Rallies Higher as Real Interest Rates Fall

Gold Market Takeaways: Gold is more sensitive to real interest rates than currency swings.
us dollar index currency decline lower weakness chart august year 2020

Is the US Dollar Nearing Bottom? Or Is It Different This Time?

US Dollar Index "weekly" Currency Chart The U.S. Dollar ran into a perfect storm...
global currency markets trend changes us dollar euro aussie july 28 news image

Are Key Global Currencies Setting Up For Major Trend Changes?

The past several weeks have seen the US Dollar decline sharply and the Euro and Aussie Dollar rally. These...
us dollar index double top pattern bearish decline ahead chart image july 27

Are Investors Losing Faith In the US Dollar?

US Dollar Currency "Weekly" Chart The US Dollar is the King of the currency...
stock market outlook july 8 investing image

Stock Market Outlook: Equity Bulls Ride Leaders Higher

After a 5-day win streak, the S&P 500 Index fell by 1.08% Tuesday, but it maintains its strongly bullish intermediate posture according...
us dollar index etf elliott wave forecast higher long term outlook analysis chart through year 2023

US Dollar Elliott Wave Forecast: Important Crossroads Ahead

Our overall bullish analysis of the U.S. Dollar Index has met with success for several years running. Now,...
gold to us dollars price analysis breakout higher bullish precious metals investing chart july

Gold / Dollar Ratio Sending Bullish Message To Gold Bugs!

Gold to US Dollar Ratio "monthly" Chart It's been a good year for gold...
US Dollar index important support test Euro resistance currency chart analysis june

Commodity Bulls Are Eyeing Important Currency Market Tests!

US Dollar versus Euro and Aussie Currency Chart The US Dollar sell-off and subsequent...
gold price reversal dollar image

U.S. Dollar Breakout or Breakdown? Gold Bulls Want to Know!

US Dollar "Monthly" Currency Chart The US Dollar is always on Gold bulls minds....
us dollar index currency widest monthly range history market crash chart month march

Big Moves For U.S. Dollar Index But NO Net Progress This Month!

U.S. Dollar Index Monthly Chart The coronavirus panic has wreaked havoc on global financial...

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