us dollar index currency widest monthly range history market crash chart month march

Big Moves For U.S. Dollar Index But NO Net Progress This Month!

U.S. Dollar Index Monthly Chart The coronavirus panic has wreaked havoc on global financial...
total stock market capitalization versus gross domestic product history chart through year 2020

9 Important Stock Charts to Gauge This Bear Market

Everybody wants to know if the stock market has bottomed. Unfortunately, there isn't one chart or indicator that can...
us dollar index peaking at 100_currency analysis_march 24 year 2020

U.S. Dollar Index Surges Amid Coronavirus Fears – Could Another Peak Form?

US Dollar Index "monthly" Currency Chart The past month has seen global stock markets...
gold price breakout history bullish year 2020 precious metals

Precious Metals Bulls Eyeing Historic Gold Ratio Breakout!

Gold/Dollar Ratio Chart One of my favorite gold ratios to follow is a simple...
us dollar index weakness testing trend line implications commodities precious metals_march year 2020

Precious Metals Bulls Hope US Dollar Breaks Key Trend Support!

US Dollar Index versus Euro Currency Performance Chart The forex market is the largest...
bollinger bands fxe euro currency etf decline trading lower bearish chart february 19

What the Heck is a Bollinger Band Anyway?

In 1980 John Bollinger came up with the formula called Bollinger Bands. Bollinger used...
canadian dollar petrol oil currency

Is the Canadian Dollar Reverting Back to Reputation as Petrol Currency?

If you were to gauge global risk appetite by stock market performance, the answer would be clear. Investors are hungry for risk...
gold futures rally forecast rising euro february precious metals chart

Gold Bulls Hope the Euro Holds Long-Term Trend Line!

Currencies play an important role with precious metals. Gold and Silver either have the tailwind of a weak US...
euro currency testing support long term rally forecast chart february 11

The Euro Is Testing Critical Currency Support Right Now!

There are a lot of implications in play with today's chart. Traders of currencies, commodities, equities, and bonds should pay attention.
bitcoin technology investing image

Bitcoin Setting Up for a Breakout In Early 2020

One market that triggered a technical buy signal for us over the last week is Bitcoin $BTCUSD and the ETF OTC:GBTC.

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