fly yen currency etf elliott wave decline forecast analysis august year 2021

Yen ETF (FXY) Nearing Reversal, Currency Set For Further Decline

If the U.S. dollar is poised to regain its upward trend, as we believe, it suggests a bearish trading outlook for the currency pairs...
bitcoin trading chart breakout price analysis crypto currency

Crypto-Currency Stocks To Watch As Bitcoin Tests Resistance

Two of the major Crypto Currencies including Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH) are looking to clear and hold over resistance.  Bitcoin at 40 – 42k...
euro currency trading reversal projected lower price targets august chart image

Euro Currency Triggers Sell Signal On Momentum Reversal

Earlier this week, the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) turned higher as indicators flashed bullish signals. And by mid-week, the Euro (EURUSD) has triggered sell...
bitcoin ethereum crypto currency trading low bottom forecast chart image july 22

What To Watch If Crypto-Currencies Begin To Rally

Two of the biggest cryptocurrencies (by market cap) Bitcoin and Ethereum have perked up near the lows.  Both have been trending down for the past...
bitcoin trading low projection this week price analysis image

Bitcoin Price Nearing Important Inflection Point (Trading Low?)

Bitcoin timing cycles are pointing to an inflection point this weekend. And although price cycles originally pointed to that being a trading "high", it...
bitcoin elliott wave forecast decline bottom low july bottom chart analysis image

Bitcoin Elliott Wave Cycles Approaching Important Support

The on-going decline in the price of Bitcoin has created major news headlines as the cryptocurrency has fallen 50 percent. Most crypto investors are asking...
bitcoin btcusd trading decline bearish analysis sell signals chart

Bitcoin Now Trading Bearish On Multiple Time Frames

What’s next for Bitcoin? That is a question being asked by many traders and crypto investors. Well, it depends on your investment horizon. Savvy investors...
australian dollar currency trading important breakout chart image july

Australian Dollar Breakout Could Send Gold Toward $3,000

The Australian Dollar currency is trading near a very important resistance level. And the implications are massive... especially for Gold and the precious metals complex. Today's...
stock market outlook trading forecast higher july 14 image

U.S. Stock Market Indicators Remain Bullish But Eyes On Inflation Data

The S&P 500 Index is flat for the week as Wednesday's trading session kicks off. That said, it is notable that the S&P 500...
gold us dollar price ratio trading support image july 13

Gold Bulls Hope Buyers Emerge At Key Price Support!

It's been a decade of ebb and flow for Gold. Bulls have seen the best of times (new all-time highs), the worst of times (nearly...

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