us dollar index top pattern bearish rising wedge - investing news june 4

Precious Metals Bulls Hoping King Dollar Topples Over Here!

The Precious metals industry hasn't had much to get excited about over the past 5 to 7 years. After...
bull bear standing on us dollars

Is the US Dollar Nearing a Break-Out Move Higher?

For readers at See It Market, we usually show developments with the U.S. Dollar Index via the Invesco DB US Dollar Index...

There’s A Lot Not Priced Into The Financial Markets

The following article is a part of my Gone Fishing Newsletter that I provide to fishing club members each week to identify macro inflection...
australian dollar bullish falling wedge pattern support investing news may 22

Gold Bugs Hope Aussie Dollar Finds Support Soon!

The Australian Dollar has been in a prolonged slump since 2011, when it topped along side precious metals Gold and Silver.
10 year treasury note elliott wave analysis correction investing research may 21

What the 10 Year US Treasury Note Tells Us About the Stock Market and...

In todays article we will take a look at some clear Elliott wave pattern that we are tracking it on 10 year...
canadian dollar purchasing power parity chart analysis currencies _ may 7

Canadian Dollar Currency Research: The Long and Short

Our team has spoken at well over 100 client events over the past five years and, by far, the most common question...

Currency Trading Price Targets For the US Dollar and Euro

Over the past several weeks, I have posted a few charts and analysis showing why the US Dollar Index (DXY) is headed...
central banks federal reserve monetary policy extraordinary global economy data chart year 2019

Central Banks Extraordinary Policies: What Could Go Wrong

Many financial assets, especially those that are the riskiest, are priced well above their respective fundamental values.  A thank...
aussie dollar currency forex trading correlation to gold silver chart year 2019

Gold Bulls Don’t Want To See Australian Dollar (AUDUSD) Break-Down

When the Australian Dollar (AUDUSD) heads higher, it is good for gold bulls, precious metals investors, and commodities in general.

Tech Stocks Lead Market Surge Into Early April

The S&P 500 (SPX) finished flat but did achieve a 5-month intraday high along the way. It has a strongly bullish intermediate...

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