us dollar currency strength bullish price target 116 121 month november

U.S. Dollar Strength Is Ushering In Market Volatility

The latest rally has me thinking that the U.S. Dollar is embarking on its next leg higher. And this show of renewed strength (all within...
us dollar index long term trend change higher bullish stronger image

US Dollar Strength Has World On Edge, Big Test Here!

The US Dollar Index has propelled higher out of a double bottom formation that began in 2008... and nothing has slowed down King Dollar...
us dollar index rally higher strength concerning chart October year 2022

US Dollar Index Concentration: Time To Worry?

The US Dollar is now trading at new 20 year highs. And interest rates have been steadily rising alongside the strengthening Dollar. So what's going...
us dollar trading extreme price resistance chart september

Can Anything Slow US Dollar Currency Strength?

The US Dollar is strengthening along side rising interest rates. In fact, both are rocketing higher as inflation takes root and the European economy...
10 year us treasury bond yield elliott wave chart september

Hawkish Federal Reserve Keeps US Dollar In Up-Trend

Unfortunately, markets are where they are, and we cannot force them to move in a particular direction. We see a neutral status at the...
us dollar high peak reversal lower chart week of july 29

US Dollar Forms Large Bearish Reversal Pattern, Weakness Ahead?

The 2 year rally in the US Dollar Index pushed it up over 109 this month before heading lower. The action this month has also...
us dollar to euro trading at par parity currency chart july

US Dollar vs Euro: Is This The Dollar’s Last Hurrah?

US Dollar and Euro at Parity Again Investors are flocking to the dollar as Europe braces for a potential energy crisis in the Fall. The...
eurusd euro trading bullish price analysis image june

EURUSD Currency May See Further Upside On ECB Actions

EURUSD currency trading is slow for the start of the week due to the holidays in Germany. The pair, however, may not move much until...
gold prices trading cup with handle bullish pattern year 2022 chart image

Bullish Pattern Could Send Gold Prices Much Higher!

Gold prices and precious metals bulls have been biding their time. While gold has traded sideways-to-lower, bullish investors have simple sat tight, waiting for a...
euro us dollar critical trading month may investment concern worry chart image

Are US Dollar, Euro About To Upend Financial Markets?

The past several months has seen the US Dollar Index rally once more, pushing King Dollar up to a retest of multi-year highs. At the...

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