investors looking at year 2020

Top 10 Investment Charts For This Year (2020)

I spent a lot of time in the 2019 End of Year Special Edition looking back and reflecting across the year just been, covering some...
us dollar index decline 23 fibonacci support chart important - january year 2020

Will US Dollar Reverse Higher Off Important Support Level?

US Dollar Currency "weekly" Chart As many investors know, King Dollar has a lot...

US – China Trade Deal: What Investors Don’t Know

Unlike most trade deals where the terms are readily available, the details of the Phase One trade agreement between China and the...
euro currency breakout higher versus us dollar forex fx markets big move chart image

Are the Euro and U.S. Dollar Currencies Setting Up for Big Moves?

Euro Currency versus US Dollar Currency Charts When the currency markets breakout or breakdown,...
british pound currency futures reversal lower elliott wave trading forecast chart

British Pound Currency Surprisingly Strong, but the Bear Awaits

When we wrote about the British Pound ETF in September, we were treating the developing pattern as a downward impulsive wave coming out...
japanese yen decline lower elliott wave pattern forecast fxy year 2020 low bottom

Japanese Yen ETF: Elliott Wave Forecasting Breakdown?

Our June 2019 chart for the CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust NYSEARCA: FXY showed the fund testing resistance at 89.24. We also...
stock market today news image

Stock Market Today: Bulls Opening Gifts Early

The U.S. stock market is poised for a strong opening on Monday, as bulls look for further gains into the holidays. S&P...
euro currency trading breakout higher stronger chart image - 12 december year 2019

Euro Currency Breakout? Gold Bulls Sure Hope So!

Euro Currency Breakout? - Here's the “weekly” Chart The Euro has spent much of...
market bubble image dollar sign

Has the US Dollar Index Topped Out Yet?

Assuming the answer is yes (to the title question: Has the US Dollar Index Topped Out?), here are three points to explore...
gold dollar ratio break down lower correction chart image investing news november 14

Will Gold / Dollar Ratio Continue To Break Down?

Precious metals bulls enjoyed a big rally this summer. And they are hoping for another burst higher... but that...

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