fxe euro trust currency trading buy support chart image

Best Potential Trade Setup Looking Ahead: FXE Euro Trust

As Forrest typically writes the Daily commentary, and quite well I might add, today please consider me a guest host to my own blog. As...
btc bitcoin cryptocurrency decline lower elliott wave analysis chart

Bitcoin and Ripple Decline Toward Elliott Wave Trading Low

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ripple appear to be sliding in a final Elliott wave trading move lower. And there is a lot of global...
bitcoin decline forecast elliott wave year 2022 analysis image

Bitcoin Bearish Trading Setup Could Drop Crypto To 27000

As many of you know, my work is based on money flow indicators. We recently applied this to bitcoin trading to see what sort...
gold prices correlation currencies market narrowing patterns chart

Gold Nears Inflection Point, As Narrowing Pattern Echos Key Currencies

The price of Gold has been consolidating for several months. And just when you think it's going to breakout, sellers show up. But Gold hasn't...
gold price testing important support same time euro currency chart

Gold and Euro Bulls Hope Trend Line Support Holds!

The price of Gold has been moving sideways-to-lower for months now. But this consolidation is nearing a potential inflection point. Today's chart 2-pack highlights the...
stock market indicators buy signals emerge image february 2 2022

Stock Market Bulls Neutralize Bears, But More To Prove

The S&P 500 Index rallied on Tuesday, closing near the highs of the session for the third straight day. Futures are pointing higher into...
risk on assets important prices nasdaq 100 russell 2000 bitcoin image

3 Important Price Levels For Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000, and Bitcoin

The stock market has rallied right into resistance along with Bitcoin teetering at its 39k price level.  However, the market is holding its current trading...
bitcoin elliott wave count forecast decline lower chart january

Are Bitcoin and Ethereum Eyeing Important Trading Lows?

The cryptocurrency market remains bearish and I see a strong potential of increased selling and further price declines.  This means that crypto bears are gaining...
bitcoin btc usd trading decline elliott wave forecast crypto currency chart

Bitcoin and Ethereum Bounce Ending as Elliott Wave Cycles Turn Lower

The US Dollar is trading higher this week as US bond yields continue to rise based on hawkish Federal Reserve policy. We see stocks in...
arp usd ripple crypto currency trading elliott wave chart january 14

Are Bitcoin and Ripple Setting Up For Elliott Wave ‘Bounce’?

There are no big changes in the Crypto-currency market. It is still in the neutral zone on an intraday basis. That said, we can see...

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