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gold us dollar price ratio analysis bullish precious metals breakout february 21 year 2020

Precious Metals Eyeing Breakout Despite US Dollar Strength

Gold and silver prices have been on the rise in early 2020 as investors turn to precious metals as geopolitical concerns and...
stock market today news image

Stock Market Today: Coronavirus Lingers As Investor Worry

Stocks slid Thursday before battling back to minimize losses at the close. Lingering fears of the coronavirus and its impact on...

2 Interviews and Key ETF Trading Levels for Friday

Recently, I did a written interview with Stocks & Commodities Magazine as well as a live interview with TraderTV.

The Mighty U.S. Dollar: Connecting the Financial Market Dots

Note that this article was sent to clients of LaDucTrading on February 16th, an update on a long Dollar recommendation from January 10th.
stock market today news image

Stock Market Today: Breadth is Constructive But Divergences Remain

The strength in the stock market continues as the Nasdaq nears the 10,000 mark. In today's stock market video,...
canadian dollar petrol oil currency

Is the Canadian Dollar Reverting Back to Reputation as Petrol Currency?

If you were to gauge global risk appetite by stock market performance, the answer would be clear. Investors are hungry for risk...
nasdaq composite higher price target year 2020 investing chart image

Global Stock Market Indices Update: Higher Price Targets

This update serves as a brief analysis of several global stock market indices. The report below includes price targets...
tesla stock chart image with analysis bullish higher price targets summer year 2020

Tesla Stock (TSLA) Rallies As Analysts Raise Price Targets and Cycles Point Higher

Tesla (TSLA) Weekly Stock Chart A series of analysts raised their price targets on...
silver price breakout comparison gold bullish precious metals investing february 18 year 2020

Silver Has Big Day: What’s Next For Precious Metals?

Before we analyze and discuss silver prices and the precious metals, I want to share a quote...
stock market green bull red bear

10 Technical Stock Market Developments To Monitor This Week

The U.S. stock market indices, along with most of Europe and Asia, continued the equity rally last week. In...

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