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philip morris daily stock price analysis performance chart

Cannabis Sector Intriguing: Here’s One Stock To Watch

One of the more frustrating trades this year has been the back-and-forth rallies and sell offs in the cannabis sector. MSOS is the ETF stock...
silver breakout buy signal inverse head shoulders pattern year 2024 image

Silver Breakout May Lead to Historic Price Rally!

Precious metals have been very strong over the past two years, with Gold breaking out of a historic bullish pattern. Is it time for...
corporate earnings wall street sign

Mid-Q2 2024 Investor Conference & Events Highlights Update

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. The bulls cleared another hurdle. The first-quarter earnings season...
federal debt growing duration for doubling image

Stimulus Today Costs Dearly Tomorrow

Since the pandemic-related bazooka of fiscal stimulus, the outstanding Federal debt has risen appreciably. In nominal dollar terms, the recent debt surge is mindboggling. However,...
kre regional banking etf trading 23 month moving average chart

Regional Banks and the 23-Month Moving Average

Yesterday I wrote about Alibaba and the 23-month moving average ahead of its earnings report. You can read that article right here. Now that it...
alibaba stock price performance long term investing chart image

Alibaba Stock (BABA) Trading at 23-Month Moving Average

I have not been shy about telling our readers and social media/media followers that we liked and bought Alibaba (BABA) in February 2024. And we...
iyt transportation sector trading rally analysis investing chart

No ‘Stag’ Nor ‘Flation’, Jerome Powell?

This past week I got to spend some time with Charles Payne on Making Money with Charles Payne. (link below). I mention this because I...
airbnb market share data image investing

Stock Market Earnings and Trends: Fiverr, Shopify, Airbnb

This week was filled with more earnings reports headlined by some of our own companies, like Fiverr, travel companies such as Airbnb (non investment),...
japanese yen currency bottom low target year 2024 bullish divergence

Will Japanese Yen Currency Rally From 40-Year Support?

The Japanese Yen has tumbled to new multi-decade lows after its recent free fall. Currently, the Yen is trading into 40-year support. Could this be...
iyt transportation sector etf trading breakout higher buy signal chart

The Transportation Sector ETF (IYT) Continues to Flash Caution

Yesterday we covered the Retail Sector XRT and how important the consumer is to the health of the US Economy. Furthermore, we have been commenting...

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