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snap stock price decline eiffel tower pattern chart month may year 2022

Is $SNAP Stock Collapse Nearing “Eiffel Tower” Completion?

The 2022 bear market has seen several stocks fall sharply, especially tech stocks. And this has made it easy to find "eiffel tower" patterns of...
home buying selling experience image

Making Sense Of Home Buyer & Seller Dynamics In 2022

The traditional home buying and selling process has been complex and costly. Home buys have had to deal with opaque data, and sellers can...
important corporate earnings week ahead stock reports dates

The Retail Rout Continues as Global Stocks Suffer

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. Executive Summary Major retail stocks are in ruins following dreadful...
euro us dollar critical trading month may investment concern worry chart image

Are US Dollar, Euro About To Upend Financial Markets?

The past several months has seen the US Dollar Index rally once more, pushing King Dollar up to a retest of multi-year highs. At the...
gold miners etf gdx decline testing important price support chart may 20

Will Gold Miners (GDX) Decline Find Support At $30?

It's been a rough past few weeks for the Gold Miners ETF (GDX). A bearish reversal in April has sent shares spiraling into May, down...
copper gold price ratio strong correlation bond yields investing chart

Unique Commodities Indicator Pointing To Treasury Bonds Rally

Higher commodity prices have seeped into every day costs (food and energy), and at the same time, interest rates have also been rising. That's a...
wheat sugar etfs weat cane bullish buy signal rising higher prices chart

Will Fertilizer Stocks Follow Soft Commodities Higher?

So far, this week has been huge for wheat (WEAT) and sugar (CANE) with both gapping up on Monday and continuing higher.  Soft commodities have...
corporate earnings this week large cap stocks to watch image

Corporate Earnings Update: Will Retail Rout Continue?

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. Executive Summary The consumer is holding up despite surging inflation....
euro currency elliott wave five major low price target year 2023 chart image

Euro Currency ETF (FXE) Elliott Wave Trading Outlook (Year 2022)

If you've seen our recent posts about the Japanese Yen ETF and the Dollar Index, you know we're watching for a significant reversal in currencies later this...
euro currency trading at important long term support this month may chart

Euro Currency In Big Trouble If This Support Fails! (Markets Watching)

There is a lot of economic change/concern brewing at home and across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe right now. With the war in Ukraine...

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