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bitcoin gbtc etf trading reversal buy signal chart january 22

Will Bitcoin Trading Reversal Lead To New Highs?

Back in December, I highlighted a bitcoin breakout and shared targets of 25120, then 36000. That target was briefly...
iyt transportation sector etf bearish reversal warning chart image january 22

Is Momentum Divergence in $IYT Transports a Warning Sign?

Recently our proprietary momentum indicator (RealMotion) seen in the chart above, shows a divergence in momentum and price for the transportation sector...
stock market today analysis image

Are FAN-MAG Stocks Ready To Lead Bull Market Again?

Over the past several years, the stock market has enjoyed leadership from large cap tech stocks like Facebook (FB), Apple (AAPL), Netflix...
stock market today analysis image

Market Breadth Supporting U.S. Equities Rally

The major stock market indices in the U.S. are at all-time highs as market breadth continues to support the on-going rally.
stock market today analysis image

Stocks Remain Strong Into Inauguration Day

The broad stock market is pointing higher yet again as energy stocks and growth stocks lead the way. News headlines are firmly...
iyt transportation sector etf bearish momentum price divergence warning chart image january 20

Stock Market Momentum Divergences Usher In Near-Term Caution

The Transportation Sector ETF (IYT) closed .36% lower Tuesday. It was the only member of our Economic ETFs to end the day...
share of us mobile video users year 2020 by time spent youtube netflix hulu twitch leaders

YouTube Dominates Mobile Streaming Video Usage Data

"The iPhone was not just a communication tool, but a way of life." - Steve Jobs Early mobile devices...
stock market today analysis image

This Bull Market Heads Into Earnings Season

The broader stock market took a breather last week as investors prepared for this week's corporate earnings reporting. The major stock indices...

As Corn Futures Prices Surge, Caution Warranted

Today, I share my continued caution to Corn Bulls. Friday’s Commitment of Traders report showed Managed Money long positions...
ratio total debt to gdp united states history by year chart image

Is Inflation In Your Best Interest, Or The Federal Reserve’s?

"We want to see American citizens pay higher prices for milk, butter, eggs, bread, and toilet paper. To reach our goal, we...

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