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inflation by category 2021 year over year chart

Just How Transitory Is Inflation?

Would you buy a five year CD paying 5%? We would be shocked if anyone answers “no.” On a relative basis, versus other fixed-income options,...
cattle futures prices rising sharply food inflation worries beef economic image

Cattle Futures Price Pattern Warns Of Food Inflation!

As inflation concerns remain in the headlines, today we look at the potential of food inflation by looking at cattle futures prices (i.e. beef). Earlier...
s&p 500 index pullback lower fibonacci price forecast trading chart july 28

S&P 500 Trading Pullback Should Prove Buyable

The S&P 500 Index may continue its pullback over the next 24-48 hours potentially reaching the 4340-4350 area on the cash index. This would allow...
gold and gold related investments weighting decline stock market index image

Why Gold Has Lost Momentum This Summer

There is a large cohort of investors that loves gold, and a large cohort that dislikes gold; we are neither. Our opinion on the...
social media platforms sponsored posts image

Social Media Platforms Boom As Icons Monetize Personal Brands

Social media has provided consumers with a great way to communicate with family and friends, as well as meet new people, and find new...
bitcoin ethereum crypto currency trading low bottom forecast chart image july 22

What To Watch If Crypto-Currencies Begin To Rally

Two of the biggest cryptocurrencies (by market cap) Bitcoin and Ethereum have perked up near the lows.  Both have been trending down for the past...
coffee futures higher price target 225 investing research chart news image

Coffee Futures Breakout Points To $225 Price Target!

The monster rally that unfolded across the commodities spectrum post-COVID crash lows, carried everything from precious metals to energy to lumber to agriculture price...
bitcoin elliott wave forecast decline bottom low july bottom chart analysis image

Bitcoin Elliott Wave Cycles Approaching Important Support

The on-going decline in the price of Bitcoin has created major news headlines as the cryptocurrency has fallen 50 percent. Most crypto investors are asking...
junk bonds real yields lowest year 2021 in last 25 years chart

Undermining Capitalism with Unreal Values and Crass Distortion

“Compared to What,” a classic jazz tune written in 1966, became famous in 1969 by Les McCann and Eddie Harris at the Montreux Jazz Festival....
bitcoin btcusd trading decline bearish analysis sell signals chart

Bitcoin Now Trading Bearish On Multiple Time Frames

What’s next for Bitcoin? That is a question being asked by many traders and crypto investors. Well, it depends on your investment horizon. Savvy investors...

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