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stock market etfs reversal exhaustion indicators chart nasdaq april 15

Here’s Why the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) Needs to Hold Near Highs

On Tuesday, we talked about the Coinbase (COIN) public listing (IPO), and how waiting for the dust to settle would be a...
qqq nasdaq 100 etf rally leadership buy signal chart image april 13

How Does Coinbase IPO Affect Other Technology Stocks?

The Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) has made new all-time highs on the heels of Coinbase direct listing on...
consumer spending trends by industry us economy chart april

U.S. Financial Markets Update: The Path To Normal

Over the past number of years there has been a deluge of new data sources. Investors no longer have to wait for...
transportation sector stock market image

TSA Data Shows Americans Ready To Travel Again

One of the most impacted activities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic was air travel. Through early 2020,...
2020 surge money supply change year over year chart image

Inflation: Making The Complex, Simple

The quarterback signals for the Y receiver in the trips formation to shift left toward the right tackle. At the same time,...
iyt transportation sector etf relative strength stock market leader analysis chart april 7

Can The Transportation Sector (IYT) Hold Up Stock Market?

The FOMC Minutes report released Wednesday stated little to no change. Interest rates will stay low until 2023...
russell 2000 etf iwm weakness bearish under performance chart april 6

Has the Stock Market Run Up Too Quickly?

Monday, we talked about the momentum in the Transportation (IYT) and Semiconductors (SMH) sectors, which showed strength...
upward inflation drivers indicators analysis

Inflation Is Stirring Beneath The Market’s Surface

With nominal bond yields now back to levels on par with before the onset of the pandemic,...
xop price reversal buy signal oil gas exploration etf rally chart april 6

Will $XOP Oil & Gas Sector ETF Trading Buy Signal Hold Up?

Following a price reversal higher, the momentum shift in the energy sector appears to be taking hold. Although traders...
iwm russell 2000 etf sell pressure indicator chart april 1

2 Stock Indices Clear Resistance, But Beware This Common Pitfall

During the week's final trading session, both the Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) and the Nasdaq 100 ETF...

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