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Stock Market Futures Rally Stalls as Traders Fade the Bounce

The early week rally saw S&P 500 futures falter after testing overhead resistance at 2681.5. Traders lack conviction here which tells me that bounces will...
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S&P 500 Futures Trading Outlook: Is A Relief Rally Underway?

The stock market is bouncing to start the new week. Feels a bit squeezy for short positions but look for overhead price resistance to hold...
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U.S. Corn Market Update (November 26): Soybean Concerns

December corn futures closed down again last week putting corn bulls on the ropes. How much longer will corn bulls have to endure a difficult...
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The Gap’s Stock (GPS) Rises On Earnings But More Weakness Ahead

The Gap's stock (NYSE: GPS) traded 5% higher on Wednesday morning, after posting mixed earnings compared with Wall Street expectations. Investors were pleased with management’s...
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Mid-Week Market Update: A Bear Of A Day For Stocks!

It was a rough day for stock market bulls. All four major U.S. stock market indices finished sharply lower today with the Dow Jones Industrial...
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Bitcoin Crashes Again, Cycles Point To More Downside

Bitcoin continued to crash on Tuesday morning, declining by as much as 10%, after having already fallen 14% on Monday. We don't believe the digital...
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Stock Market Outlook (Video): Credit Tightens, Correction Lingers

When credit tightens, the markets respond in kind with less to invest. We've seen that happen in the latest cycle of weakness. Stock market futures...
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U.S. Corn Market Outlook: A Discussion About Ethanol Margins

December corn futures closed down 5 cents last week to close at just under $3.65. How much of the prolonged malaise is related to Ethanol......
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S&P 500 Trading Outlook: Holiday Sizzle Turns Into A Fizzle

It's holiday week, with turkey day around the corner for investors and stocks. This typically means a low-volume rally, but the markets have been anything...
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Stock Market Futures Update: Bulls Need Follow-Through Buying

Fast moves up and down, back and forth, have the stock market (and traders) lacking conviction. This price action has made for some messy charts. S&P...

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