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bitcoin price rally highs double top pattern resistance chart year 2024

Can Bitcoin Rally Hold Above Key Fibonacci Level?

Bitcoin has struggle to overcome a very important price level for more than two years: the 1.618 Fibonacci extension level. This price area is especially...
gold price breakout new highs inverse head and shoulders pattern analysis trading chart march 2024

Gold Breaking Out of Bullish Inverse Head & Shoulders!

While all the headlines are focused on Bitcoin and the new highs for the major stock market indices, the price of gold is creeping...
smci stock price top peak analysis investing chart image - super micro computer year 2024

Did Super Micro Computer Stock (SMCI) Peak and Reverse Lower?

The stock market is beginning to swerve up and down here at elevated levels. This has lead to some winners and some losers... and...
federal reserve dot plot interest rates chart

Was the Federal Reserve Dovish or Hawkish… or a Bit of Both?

The Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged and essentially suggested 3 rate cuts on the table for 2024. Both the commodities and equities markets took...
federal reserve balance sheet by year past 20 years chart

QE By A Different Name Is Still QE

The Fed added Quantitative Easing (QE) to its monetary policy toolbox in 2008. At the time, the financial system was imploding. Fed Chair Ben Bernanke...
tlt treasury bonds etf trading price bearish sell signal into federal reserve meeting image

Ahead of Federal Reserve Meeting, Investors Eye Long Bonds (TLT)

Over the weekend Geoff Bysshe wrote an Market Outlook wherein he highlighted some “Long-Term Interest Rate Tipping Points. While most investors consider the level of interest...
10 year us treasury bond yields fibonacci analysis investing chart year 2024

10 Year Bond Yield Testing Key Resistance This Month!

The 10-year treasury bond yield is very closely watched by banks, consumers, and active investors. It is used as a measuring stick for interest...
gold miners etf gdx price performance rally analysis chart

Can Gold Rally Further? Ask Silver and Gold Miners

This past week, silver, gold, and gold miners all rallied, So did oil and sugar. DBA, the agricultural ETF, made new all-time highs. The water ETF PHO...
TikTok shop user consumer growth chart image

TikTok Shop, TikTok Ban a Win for Instagram

Notable news emerged regarding the potential TikTok ban, positioning Instagram favorably for social commerce. This, along with the fact that the TikTok Shop is beginning...
personal savings rates by year united states history chart

Bougie Broke the Financial Reality Behind the Facade

Social media users claiming to be Bougie Broke share pictures of their fancy cars, high-fashion clothing, and selfies in exotic locations and expensive restaurants....

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