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natural gas futures trading buy signal rally higher forecast chart year 2023

Natural Gas and Oil Are Always On Trader’s Radar

This week I wrote a daily trading update on USO, the US Oil Fund.  Plus, I did a video for CMC Markets on Natural Gas...
lit lithium etf trading bullish buy signal investing chart image month may

Lithium ETF (LIT): Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Most associate lithium with EV usage.  The largest holding in the ETF basket (LIT) is Albemarle Corp. (ALB). The U.S. based company is not purely...
dow jones industrial average futures trading elliott wave analysis image year 2023

Elliott Wave Analysis: US Dollar Strength May Impact Stocks

Based on a thorough analysis of the charts, a notable decline can be observed in xxx/USD pairs during the previous week. This coincides...

Are Semiconductor Stocks (SMH) Truly Immortal?

Sister Semiconductors is a character and leading sector in the Economic Modern Family. We use the Semiconductors ETF (SMH) to represent her contribution to the market,...
kre regional banks etf trading price support important year 2023 image

Regional Bank Stocks ETF (KRE) Reaches Critical Price Support!

Supposedly … who knows what is true these days .. 1000’s of banks are underwater. OK … whatever. Here’s when we look at the CHART...
disney stock price decline bearish sell signal chart

Disney Stock (DIS) Seeking Shelter From The Storm

It's been a rough couple of years for Disney and its stock price. A mix of political headlines and lackluster earnings hit the company hard...
inflation cpi data image one year by month

Inflation Down 10 Straight Months!

Given our longer-term investment time horizon, we are not the type to point out a single economic report, however, we believe that this report is...
commodities bullish buy signal reversals may 2023 image

A Closer Look At Currencies, Metals and Soft Commodities 

For today, I am including a clip that covers currency pairs and several commodities. The four-chart screen is a daily screenshot of Gold (GLD), Sugar...
crude oil prices decline lower analysis image russian war offensives

Commodity Price Patterns Signaled Caution Despite Russian Invasion!

Market prices absorb all the information that's out there. Perhaps that's why several commodity prices surged in the months leading up to the Russian...
s&p 500 index trading bullish buy setup investing analysis may 2023 image

Fresh Macro-Economic Look after CPI Release 

I was honored to spend time on Making Money with Charles Payne, Fox Business, and give a brief glimpse into why I am not...

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