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xrt retail sector etf bullish reversal analysis chart march 30

Is the Retail Sector ETF (XRT) Heating up?

Last Thursday, the Retail Sector ETF (XRT) opened near its 50-day moving average (dma). It closed with...
investor technology stocks

Which Stocks Are Set To Thrive In A Cashless Society?

Over the years, consumers and businesses have both been migrating towards an increasingly digital payments ecosystem. This was only accelerated by the...
stock market risk off investing bearish chart

Is the Stock Market in a Risk On or Off Environment?

Wednesday the Russell 2000 (IWM) confirmed a cautionary phase change with a second close under the 50-day moving average.
who pays for government spending chart illustration

Willful Blindness: The Death of the US Dollar and Emerging Societal Rifts

“It was assumed, even only a decade ago, that the Fed could not just print money with abandon. It was assumed that...
stock market etfs biggest impact russell 2000 nasdaq 100 price chart analysis march 23

Why The Russell 2000 and Nasdaq 100 Are Making Biggest Market Impact

Tuesday, the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) came close to clearing the 50-day moving average at $321.08.
investor technology stocks

Global E-Commerce Growth Still In Early Innings

In the U.S., e-commerce has grown significantly over the past several decades, with online sales estimated to comprise 20 to 30 percent...
uso oil fund etf price trend breaks down decline lower chart march 19

Stock Market Weekly Analysis (video): Crude Oil, VIX, and The Fed

The U.S. stock market and broader global financial markets absorbed quite a bit of news last week....
rvrs etf performance chart versus major stock market indexes year 2021

Frustrated By The S&P 500’s Recent Returns? Reverse It.

Small cap returns crushed it since last fall. The move from large cap growth to small cap value has been discussed ad...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Today: Federal Reserve Comments Dovish

Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell’s comments were seen as dovish by investors. The Fed statement sent the S&P 500...
cane sugar etf trading price analysis bullish buy signal march 17

U.S Inflation Coming: Check Out My Special Indicator

Wednesday the Federal Reserve stated that interest rates will continue to stay close to zero along with a new estimate for the...

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