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save stock analysis price chart spirit airlines forecast decline over bullish

Spirit Airlines Stock (SAVE) Higher on ‘Buy’ Ratings, Technical Outlook

Spirit Airlines NYSE: SAVE – Citigroup and Buckingham raise their price targets – technicals suggest that the stock is forming an important...
stock market today news image

Stock Market Today: Higher Highs Amid Negative News

Not a lot is bothering this market. Whether it's negative news politically at home or geopolitics abroad, or soft economic news.
fed funds less nominal gdp since 1980 chart investor analysis

When Will The Federal Reserve Experience Regret?

The Financial Markets case of Yeah... But... Yeah… Barry Bonds, a Major League Baseball (MLB) player, put up some...
stock market winter image bearish

U.S. Stock Market Feels Like Summer, Looks Like Winter

The juxtaposition of snow today seems incongruous compared to the hot stock market. The east coast USA, and in...
gold futures price reversal higher bullish buy signal _ 16 january 2020

Gold Price Reversal Indicates Traders Buying the Dip

Gold has been in a strong "trend" trade that needs to be respected (until the trend is broken). I...
stock market today news image

U.S. Stocks Hit Record Levels on Trade Deal, Bullish Sentiment

Stocks around the globe are rising as the new year starts with a bullish tilt. In today's video, we...
stock market today news image

Stock Market Today: What Will Corporate Earnings Bring?

Investors may face their first test in weeks as corporate earnings season kicks off. Many stocks are priced for...
transportation stocks equities image

Stock Market Update with ETF Trading Levels For January 15

Last night we talked about stock market sectors that are ready to breakdance and used the four kinds of breakdancing movements as...
stock market today news image

Stock Market Today: Which Sectors are Leading / Lagging?

The major stock market indexes are showing strength early this week as buying continues into the new year. In...
stock market bulls celebrate

What Stock Market Sectors are Waiting to Breakdance?

Today we use a breakdancing analogy to highlight stock market sectors on the verge... Breakdancing mainly consists of four...

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