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Stock Market Today: Investors Eye FOMC Meeting

Stocks have been trading sideways for the past several days as investors await the market's next move. Could today's Federal Reserve's meeting...
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Are Investors Losing Faith In the US Dollar?

US Dollar Currency "Weekly" Chart The US Dollar is the King of the currency...
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Stock Market Today: Sector Breakdown (Leaders and Laggards)

Investors continue to bid up tech stocks to start the week, with the Nasdaq rising 1.7% on Monday. In...
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Nasdaq 100 Futures Trigger Trading Buy Signal

The Nasdaq 100 August Futures triggered two buy signals this morning. The first chart...
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Stock Market Today: Nasdaq Oversold After Rotation

Stocks are set for a mixed to higher opening on Monday as investors weigh the latest pullback against a noisy week of...
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Stock Market Today: Minor Pullback or Bigger Reversal?

Stocks went from green to red on Thursday as investors sold stocks into the afternoon session on concerns about a probe into...
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S&P 500 Futures Trading Reversal Is Short-Term Bearish

S&P 500 Futures Trading Chart (as of June 23) Catching moves is important for...
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Stocks Grind Higher As Investors Await Stimulus News

Stocks continue to push higher as investors await word on the next round of stimulus negotiations in Congress. There are many variables...
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Gold Futures Trade: Is It Time to Take Some Profits?

I have been bullish on Gold for much of this year. But as an active investor and analyst, I'm...
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Investment Risks and Insights Heading Into the Presidential Election

There has been a lot of discussion and questions about the November elections and possible portfolio implications. Today I...

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