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stock market etfs trading decline lower analysis 200 week moving averages important

Can the Consumer Save the U.S. Economy?

Last week I did a part educational, part actionable webinar for the virtual money show. My theme was and always is, the Economic Modern Family. On...
10-year treasury bond yield rising interest rates breakout chart year 2022

Rising Interest Rates Are Spooking Stock Market!

Have interest rates gone up enough? Odds are high, this question is on the minds of global investors. This chart looks at the 10-year treasury bond...
consumer confidence measures history united states

The U.S. Consumer Is Getting Squeezed

Consumers are being squeezed by negative real wage growth and inflation at 40-year highs. As a result, consumer sentiment is declining, and personal consumption...
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Watch For Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 to Clear Tight Price Ranges 

On Wednesday, the Russell 2000 (IWM) failed to make a second close over its 50-Day moving average. As the current leader of the major indices,...
citigroup economic surprise index signal weakness

Market Cycle Indicators Weaken, Can U.S. Hold Off A Recession?

From a markets’ perspective, in normal times, good news is good and bad news is bad. Who doesn’t like getting some surprisingly good news?...
copper price trading next big move chart analysis month june

Why Copper Prices Are Nearing A Big Move

Seems the 'Metals' arena may be nearing a bigger move. Earlier this week, we touched on precious metal Silver, and now we will turn our...
silver price decline trading analysis technical support month june

Silver Trying To Hold Key Price Support Level!

With the US Dollar Index trading over 100, precious metals prices have stalled out. And if this headwind persists, it could push Silver below a...
eurusd euro trading bullish price analysis image june

EURUSD Currency May See Further Upside On ECB Actions

EURUSD currency trading is slow for the start of the week due to the holidays in Germany. The pair, however, may not move much until...
stock market etfs important trading price ranges chart image

What Does a Trading Range Look Like? 

Buying ahead of taking out last week's high was premature. Getting overly negative unless we fail last week’s low is equally premature.  I realize how sexy...
federal reserve balance sheet since financial crisis when music stops

Quantitative Tightening Begins, But It’s Yesterday’s News

The U.S. Federal Reserve is about to commence quantitative tightening (QT). For those not all up to speed on “quantitative” maneuvers by central banks, QT and...

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