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investor stressed by markets

Market Masters: The 3 Development Phases Of A Successful Trader

I would like to thank the late William McRae for instilling this understanding in me early in my career.  I enjoyed putting this together...

Market Masters: The Trader’s Journey; The Hero’s Journey

I am a quantitative-discretionary trader. I have made it one of my life’s goals to understand how financial markets move, to understand how to...
S&P 500 Sectors

Market Masters: Stop Trading! – What’s Your Edge?

by Charlie Bilello “Both poker and investing are games of incomplete information. You have a certain set of facts and you are looking for situations...
investor with emotional intelligence

Market Masters: Why Emotional Intelligence Gives Investors An Edge

The amount of information available to investors today is mind-boggling. Not only is there a ridiculous number of opinions and research reports available, but...
secular p/e low

Market Masters: Durable Secular P/E Lows Are a Combination of P and E

By Dana Lyons It is a distinct pleasure and honor to participate in the Market Masters series on See It Market. I sincerely appreciate the...
trading stocks

Market Masters: Learn To Trade Like A Pro

By Mike Bellafiore What is one of the biggest differences between a Consistently Profitable Trader and lesser traders?  The Consistently Profitable Trader doesn’t care if...
options trading sign

Market Masters: How To Manage An Iron Condor Trade

For many professional option traders, iron condors form the basis of how they generate monthly income. Iron condors are a strategy that allows you...
stressed out trader

Market Masters: Trade The Chart, Not Your Heart

“Man, I wish I’d gotten out of that trade when price dropped under that support level.” Does this sound familiar? Have you ever let a...
price chart for traders

Market Masters: Using COT Data To Identify Turning Points In The Market

While I've been writing for See It Market for several months, it's a great honor to write a "Market Masters" article. With my focus...
investing personality

Market Masters: How To Find A Trading Style That Suits Your Personality

By Jon Boorman      Having interviewed many of the greatest ever traders over many years in his Market Wizard series, many of...

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