Market Masters

Market Masters: Dynamic Risk Management With ATR Trailing Stops

In today's post, I want to discuss my method of risk management and how I use a modified ATR trailing stop tool for measuring...
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Market Masters: Expanding Your Trading Horizons

by Mercenary Trader      Trading, in and of itself, is a life-altering task. It is not possible to trade well without having other parts of...

Market Masters: Poker-Trading Parallels, Positive Expectation, and Moving Beyond Certainty

by Mercenary Trader      Warren Buffett once said: “I am a better investor because I am a businessman, and a better businessman because...
trading psychology

Market Masters: Getting Past Investment ‘Regret’ and Counterfactual Thinking

By Darren Miller     Regret is an ugly word. Regret leads to remorse which manifests itself as we sit and stew about the action (or...
elliott wave analysis

Market Masters: Elliott Wave Insights on US Equities

By Walter Murphy    Last week’s action is in line with our expectations. The three prior intermediate corrections from (and including) the June 2012...
stock market relative strength

Market Masters: Using Relative Strength During Market Corrections

During a market correction I focus almost exclusively on finding and studying the price action of individual stocks that are demonstrating relative strength versus...
trading log

Market Masters: Why Investors Should Keep A Trading Log

What I wish to discuss is a vital tool that I always require of any trader I mentor (and I have mentored many over...
etf Investing

Market Masters: A Top Down Approach to ETF Trading

I'm honored to be invited by Andy to join the ranks of Market Masters, and know full well the high caliber of other contributors...
stock market bull and bear, bull market

Market Masters: Using Market Breadth for Portfolio Positioning

By Derek Hernquist    The Dow Jones Industrials are up 1% and you make an average of 2% each across your 10 longs. A week...
trend following

Market Masters: The Crude Realities of Trading Through a Losing Streak

By Jon Boorman     We all know the old maxim of running winners and cutting losers. It's been cited numerous times in many of the...

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