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Market Masters: Investing in Trends As Easy As 1-2-3

Even Warren Buffet Needs Trends To make significant gains over longer periods of time (weeks, months, years), any investment position must be in an uptrend. ...
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Market Masters: Analyzing Cloudy Markets with Ichimoku

Ever met someone you'd call "a real numbers guy"?  I've come across a few. Roughed-up card counters dumped headlong into Vegas casino kitchen dumpsters.  A...
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Market Masters: Short-Selling; Sell High, Buy Back Lower

By Madison Montana      One advantage of short-selling is that an active investor can be profitable in a rising or falling market environment. In uncertain markets...

Market Masters: Why Investor Confidence Is King

For today’s Market Masters column, I’m going to focus on investor psychology. And more specifically, the value of personal investor confidence. As many of...
rising interest rates

Market Masters: Preparing for Rising Interest Rates

By Naufal Sanaullah    The impact of Fed's large-scale asset purchases (LSAPs) on interest rates continues to be one of the most contentious topics...
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Market Masters: Trading With the Trend

By Joe Acevedo     At the we have a quantitative model developed by Kevin Ferry that is a trend following model for...
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Market Masters: Two Strategies For Identifying Price Targets

By J.C. Parets  It’s a privilege to be the next guest blogger in the Market Masters series that Andy Nyquist has put together. When considering...
investor sentiment

Market Masters: Why Investor Sentiment Matters to Your Trading

I’m honored that Andy asked me to be part of the “Market Masters” series. Given I go first, I like the fact there is...

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