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Market Update & Interview: Investing Trends to Follow This Year

Instead of written commentary today I invite you to have a listen to a segment I did...
scary stock market bear

Stock Market Bears Are Not Aging Well

They may have gold-leafed angel wings and paws, but overall, market bears have not aged very well. I had...
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Stock Market Today: Middle East Tensions Stir Investing Pot

Stocks are feeling some pressure as news of Middle East tensions ushers in some volatility. S&P 500 Index futures...
crude oil futures prices rally higher middle east war tension chart january year 2020

Crude Oil Rally Tests Fibonacci Resistance… for 3rd Time!

Crude Oil Futures Price Chart The Crude Oil rally is gathering momentum as Middle...
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Stock Market Today: Small Caps Test Relative Support

Investors enjoyed a fast start to the new year but stock market futures are pointing lower on Friday. Will...
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Stock Market Outlook: New Decade, New Calendar Range

Welcome to the new year and the new decade! As we look ahead into January, the 6-month calendar range...
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Stock Market Today: Breadth Indicators Remain Constructive

The S&P 500 Index (SPY) is pointing higher this morning as investors start the first day of trading in the new year.
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Gold and Silver Breakouts Send Short-Term Bullish Signal

Precious metals investors have enjoyed a great year for returns. Heading into the final trading day of the year,...
gold futures prices breakout higher rally into year 2020 targets

Gold Futures Rally, Miners on the Rise Into 2020

Gold Futures Rally - Price Forecast Chart The Gold futures rally has arrived at...
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Stock Market Today: Watch That Dollar!

2 more days and 2019 is in the books for investors. It's been a great year for stock market...

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