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siegy siemens ag stock price chart bullish buy signal

What Does it Take to Build Electronic Vehicle Charging Stations?

Here is a headline from over the weekend: GM, Other Big Automakers Form EV Charging Joint Venture Tesla is the dominant player in the EV space....
gold etf price trading analysis chart image

Gold ETF (GLD): Watch Rising 40-Week Moving Average

Gold remains elevated but is having trouble getting traction with its recent rally attempt. With a crazy political environment, domestic inflation, and war abroad, one...
xop oil and gas exploration and production etf trading buy signal bullish analysis image august

$XOP Oil and Gas Exploration & Production ETF Bullish Buy Signal

I remain long (bullish) the Oil and Gas Exploration ETF (XOP) and believe that the current pause is a bullish consolidation. Furthermore, I also believe...
gold futures price trading buy signal analysis chart precious metals image

Precious Metals Gold and Silver Trigger Bullish Trading Signals

It looks like the precious metals are gaining some momentum. Gold futures put in an ellipse trading buy signal and we see a potential move up...
united states debt outstanding and effective interest rate historical chart

The Government Can’t Afford Higher Interest Rates For Longer, Much Longer

Jerome Powell and his colleagues endlessly reassert their “higher for longer” plan for interest rates. They aim to weaken economic growth, bringing inflation back...
unp union pacific company stock ticker price chart bullish buy signal analysis

Who Needs Mega-Caps? Blue Chips Q2 Earnings In Focus

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. Sector rotation has been ongoing for the last two...
netflix subscriber growth and net additions data

3 Market Highlights: Netflix, Tesla, and Real Estate Trends

This week we highlight the following market insights: Netflix issues strong report, but average revenue per subscriber left questions. Longer term, the right strategy.  Is Tesla...
ad session growth by social media company platform app instagram facebook twitter

3 Stock Market Datapoints (July 16): Instagram, Ads, and Amazon Prime Day

Looking at the week that was as well as the week ahead, I wanted to share 3 important economic datapoints from corporate america (and...
gld gold etf trading buy signal breakout analysis chart image

Is Inflation Permanently “Dissed”?

I wish I could say that the clearly impressive trend from peak until now in CPI and PPI is sustainable. However, I am more inclined...
us dollar index decline lower breakdown bearish currency markets chart image july 2023

US Dollar To See Further Weakness? Gold Bulls Hope So!

After peaking in 2022, the US Dollar Index has spent nearly a year in decline. But it may be set to fall even further. And...

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