Natural Gas Rally Trading Into Breakout Resistance

After a long and steady decline, natural gas prices finally look like they may be bottoming.

Or at least neutralizing the situation.

One factor that might be providing a short-term tailwind to Natural Gas prices is the war in Ukraine. Both Russia and Ukraine are heavy in energy and hard commodities. And Russia provides a significant amount of natural gas to Europe. And it doesn’t seem like anyone is trying for peace.

So let’s look at today’s chart of the U.S. Natural Gas ETF (USO).

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$UNG U.S. Natural Gas Fund ETF Chart

Here we can see that UNG is trading above its now rising 20 & 50 day moving averages. This is a good sign. However, it still needs to clear its 200 day moving average and falling down-trend line. With momentum trying to curl higher, UNG should be watched here.

Overall, there is still work to do as a falling 200-day MA means it will likely take some time to repair the technicals… and restart a new leg higher. Patience.

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