Oil & Natural Gas

natural gas price decline analysis trading at buy support area chart

Natural Gas Price Decline Reaches Critical Support!

While several commodities rode strong buying waves to new highs in 2021, some commodities have really cooled off over the past several months. One of...
xle energy sector etf trading breakout analysis investing chart

Is The Energy Sector (XLE) Nearing Inflection Point?

The coronavirus era has enjoyed higher stock prices, while also seeing higher energy and food prices. This is an odd dilemma... often referred to as...
uso oil etf price analysis trading chart november 26

What Is Going On With The Oil Market?

The oil market has the media spotlight with projected prices continuing to rise. Shortages, inflation, and economic growth have all been major factors in the...
precious metals investment analysis gold silver price chart

Is It Time For Inflationary Trades To Take Off?

Monday, we talked about watching High Yield Corporate Bonds (JNK) and 20+ Year Treasury bonds (TLT) ETF as risk-on or off indicator.  With risky JNK...
natural gas futures price reversal higher buy signal analysis chart november 2

Natural Gas Futures Price Reversal Triggers Ellipse Buy Signal

We have been bullish on natural gas for some time. For market timers, however, it's been choppy with some wide swings during its move higher....
natural gas rising prices breakout new highs future chart image

Natural Gas Prices Near Highest Monthly Closing Since 2009!

Rising energy prices are stirring up plenty of inflation concern across the financial markets. And major breakouts for Crude Oil and Natural Gas are...
citrix systems stock price chart corporate earnings investing research image

3Q Corporate Earnings Strong Start, But Energy Markets Uncertainty Weighs

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. Earnings Outlook (week of October 25th) Executive Summary: - After...
natural gas futures price reversal higher trading chart analysis

Will Natural Gas Price Reversal Mark Elliott Wave 4 Low?

The price of Natural Gas appears to be reversing course and looking to head higher once more. Today, I highlight an ellipse buy signal that...
crude oil price breakout inflationary pressure rising interest rates chart image october news

Will Crude Oil Price Breakout Signal Rising Interest Rates?

When crude oil prices rise, investors typically think of an improving global economy. But when crude oil price rise sharply (by a large amount over...
natural gas etf ung price rising breakout higher investing chart image

Natural Gas ETF (UNG) Testing Top Of 7-Year Falling Price Channel

Over the past several weeks, I have dedicated a hefty sum of my time to looking at the rise in commodities (as it ties...

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