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crude oil price crash new lows forecast analysis march 25 2020

Crude Oil Crash Follows Topping Signal 11 Weeks Ago

Crude Oil Topping Pattern and Market Crash Charts The importance of crude oil to the...
crude oil price crash elliott wave forecast chart_march_year 2020

Crude Oil Crash and Elliott Wave Trading Forecast for Year 2020

With oil prices being so volatile, we wanted to call attention to the possibility of a tradable low nearby.
stock market bottom copper crude oil price support reversal levels chart image

Could Be Bottoms Up If Stocks, Doc Copper, and Oil Reverse Higher Here!

The past couple of months has delivered a lot of bad news for investors. Several key ingredients to a...
ovx crude oil fear index cboe all time high spike bear market chart_march year 2020

Crude Oil Crashes as Fear Index Spikes: Prices to Bottom Soon?

Crude Oil Fear Index vs Crude Oil Prices Chart The coronavirus has caused severe...
us dollar index weakness testing trend line implications commodities precious metals_march year 2020

Precious Metals Bulls Hope US Dollar Breaks Key Trend Support!

US Dollar Index versus Euro Currency Performance Chart The forex market is the largest...
crude oil price support trend line analysis chart image investing news february 19

Will Crude Oil Reversal Add Fuel to Stock Market Rally?

Crude Oil prices have been volatile the past year, swinging between $50 and $65 like a ping pong ball.
canadian dollar petrol oil currency

Is the Canadian Dollar Reverting Back to Reputation as Petrol Currency?

If you were to gauge global risk appetite by stock market performance, the answer would be clear. Investors are hungry for risk...
crude oil price analysis long term support important test 31 january 2020

Crude Oil Bulls May Need To Take Cover If This Support Breaks!

Crude Oil has seen some pretty wide price swings over the years. And, as we wrote about earlier this...
crude oil price decline lower january how far lower image

Crude Oil Bearish Price Reversal Lower: It’s the 61.8 Fib Again!

Earlier this month, we wondered if January would mark a top for Crude Oil and stocks? Well, crude oil...
gsg commodity index etf directional price change analysis outlook image _ january 21 year 2020

One Chart: Commodities (and why investors should pay attention)

The one question I pose to all of my interviewees and fellow investors is ‘if you had one chart, other than the...

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