Oil & Natural Gas

thomson reuters commodities index crb breakout price resistance test chart image march 2

CRB Commodities Index Testing Important Trend Line Resistance

The broad rally in commodities prices has been very strong, taking turns heating up various commodities along the way.
gasoline futures prices trading chart rise rally higher analysis february

Gasoline Futures Surge: A Look Back… and Ahead

I was chatting with Andy Nyquist, SeeItMarket founder, earlier this week. I mentioned that my first post to the site was over...
inflation correlation higher bond yields crude oil indicator signal chart february year 2021

Is Rising Inflation About To Hit U.S. Economy In Big Way?

Inflation seems to be a thing of the past... but current trading in bond and commodity markets tell us that it could...
stock market forecast trading outlook analysis February 16

Will Rising Interest Rates Halt Stock Market Rally?

The S&P 500 Index finished flat (-0.06%) and hit a new intraday all-time high earlier in the session. The Dow Jones Industrial...
natural gas price targets forecast higher chart analysis february

Natural Gas Prices Surge; Targets At $3.25 / $3.70

The cold weather snap across the United States has aided the surge in natural gas prices. But I didn't...
apache stock price reversal buy signal apa chart february 3

Apache (APA) Stock Price Reversal Higher; Buy Signal

I have been bullish on Crude Oil for some time now. And this extends itself to the equities market with buy signals...
stock market outlook forecast january 20 year 2021

Stock Market Continues To Ride Energy and Small Caps Higher

The S&P 500 Index rose 0.81% on Tuesday as Janet Yellen's dovishness was greeted with cheers on Wall Street. As well, the...
xop oil gas exploration etf bullish price target hit analysis chart image

Oil and Gas ETF (XOP) Hits Price Target, Watch For Pullback

I have been bullish on the Oil and Gas Exploration ETF (XOP) for several weeks now. The main trading price target that...
stock market outlook forecast analysis january 13

Stock Market Outlook: Price Action Remains Bullish

The S&P 500 (SPY) finished flat on Tuesday (+0.04%), but it was actually quite a bullish day under the hood; the index...
euro currency breakout higher important commodities prices rising chart year 2021

The Commodities Rally Hinges on a Euro Breakout!

Over the past year, there has been a lot of buzz about rising equities, the surge in Bitcoin, the strength of gold,...

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