Oil & Natural Gas

oil gas exploration etf xop trading buy signal price target forecast image november

$XOP Oil and Gas Exploration ETF Hits First Price Target, What’s Next?

The Oil and Gas Exploration ETF (XOP) is up over 10 percent from our initial buy level and...
oil and gas stocks etf xop bullish forecast higher prices chart analysis november 23

Oil and Gas Stocks: Bullish Forecast With price Targets

Market breadth and momentum readings are expanding in the Energy Sector (XLE).  One industry ETF within the...
crude oil futures price forecast trading analysis 45 50 dollars investing chart

Crude Oil Futures Trading Price Targets: $45 & $50

WTI Crude Oil (December futures contract) reversal higher from its late October lows may still have future...
xop oil and gas exploration etf bullish buy signal higher outlook investing image

Is it Time for Oil and Gas Exploration Stocks to Wake Up?

Today Goldman Sachs announced that commodities were poised for a bull market. We have...
s&p 500 index futures trading selling area stock market chart friday november 6

S&P 500 Futures Outlook: Election Cycles & News Requires Patience

MARKET COMMENTARY As traders await employment numbers, the big move upward in the stock market has stalled. Prices are...
crude oil correlation s&p 500 index equities peak history investing research chart image

Are the S&P 500 Index and Crude Oil Peaking Together Again?

The price of crude oil has been an important indicator of the economy for quite some time....
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Today: Actions Will Speak Louder Than Words

Investors are very focused on the news flow and awaiting a catalyst to confirm the next directional move in the stock market....
xle energy sector etf trading decline down trend chart image year 2020

Hard-Hit Energy Sector Needs More Than Stimulus Bill

The price of Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and related energy stocks have been decimated this year (2020). The trends...
crude oil rigs pumping image

Crude Oil Correction Almost Over, Time for a Rally! (#ElliottWave Video)

Crude oil moved sharply down during the coronavirus lockdown back in March, but energy quickly turned bullish again with economic stimulus packages...
equal weight commodity index trading higher forecast image august 28

Is Inflation On The Horizon? Watch This Market Chart!

In Thursday's speech from Jackson Hole, Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell said he is targeting inflation. Perhaps the market...

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