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uso oil fund etf higher price targets forecast chart investing news image june 24

Will Crude Oil Prices Continue to Climb?

Since the stock market low in March 2020, investors have witnessed a huge rally that has seen new highs in all the major stock...
us dollar index breakout higher rally strength investing news chart image week june 18

US Dollar Breakout Could Cool Off Commodities Prices

Rising commodities prices have been all over the news for several months. The rally has been broad-based and persistent. So what could possibly derail the...
xop oil gas exploration etf elliott wave top peak warning chart june 14

Oil and Gas Stocks Lose Momentum, Short-Term Caution

I have been bullish on the Oil and Gas Exploration ETF (XOP) for several months now, sharing multiple articles here on See It Market. While...
ung natural gas price etf strong base for explosive rally chart june 12

Natural Gas Breakout Strengthens Long Term Outlook

A couple weeks ago, I highlighted natural gas as yet another rising inflationary concern. It was testing it's overhead 10/40 week long-term moving averages and...
bull market in all commodities super cycle

Commodity Super-Cycle “Calls” Trendy, But Unlikely

Broadly speaking, all commodities have overcome pre-pandemic levels by a large degree. Looking at the featured chart for today (above), we can see respective period returns...
xop oil gas exploration etf breakout signal higher price target chart june 2

$XOP Oil and Gas ETF: Higher Price Targets As Energy Turns Bullish

The energy sector is ready for another bullish move. After a multi-week pullback, the Oil & Gas Sector ETF (XOP) has broken out above...
ung natural gas price bottom long term chart may 31 2021

Natural Gas Prices Forming Base, Breakout Confirms Inflation

Prices are rising across several commodities... oil, gold, corn, soybeans, wheat, lumber. And this has economists and investors beginning to eye inflation. I agree, inflation...
crude oil price chart long term resistance important_news image may 19

Crude Oil Trading At Critical Inflection Price Point

The past several months have seen the price of crude oil rise substantially. This isn't all that surprising given that the economy is slowly...
xle energy sector etf breakout higher rally buy signal chart news may 6

Which Commodities Are the Safest Way to Combat Inflation?

Recently there has been a surge of articles pertaining to rising inflation as the Federal Government plans to add more debt with upcoming spending...
uso crude oil etf breakout price resistance analysis chart image april 30 2021

US Oil Fund ETF (USO) Eyeing New Highs

Crude oil prices raced higher from late October to early March this year. After a multi-week move lower, traders wondered if the crude oil rally...

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