Oil & Natural Gas

iwm russell 2000 etf small cap stock buy signal bullish trading chart image

Weekend Stock Market Recap / Action Plan: Small Caps, Beans, Oil

Since we came back from vacation, I wrote 3 Daily’s. The first one was on the Economic Modern Family and how it opened its loving...
uso united states oil etf price decline lower investment analysis chart image

Crude Oil is the New Gold: Buy When There is Blood in the Street

Weaker labor market, manufacturing production slowing, new home prices falling and crude oil inventories rising more than expected are all to blame for the...
crude oil futures elliott wave price projection forecast chart

Crude Oil Elliott Wave Forecast: A Bear’s Playground

The lower high we’ve been expecting in crude oil futures might have happened last week. If confirmed, it would boost the case for a...
united states oil fund etf uso long term decline trading price chart

Monthly Chart Points to Much Higher Oil Prices Coming

Before we begin, just a note to mention that TLT took out the fast MA featured in the October 10th Daily Update, while SPY underperformed....
xle energy sector etf 40 week moving average support chart history

Energy Sector (XLE): Will “Long” Moving Averages Hold Again?

Energy stocks have remained strong as crude oil prices remain elevated. But the Energy Sector ETF (XLE) has traded sideways this year and finds itself...
important stock market ratios to follow for investment analysis chart image

3 Key Relationships to Help Assess Stock Market Direction

If you are finding yourself fluctuating between bullishness and bearishness, then congratulations! Hopefully, that also means you are waiting for certain signals to help you...
ung natural gas etf trading buy signal indicators chart september

Can the Widowmaker Natural Gas Resuscitate?

Probably the worst or at least one of the worst performers in the overall market and in the commodities market, natural gas is choppy...
xop oil and gas exploration etf trading buy price targets chart

Oil and Gas Sector ETF (XOP) and Stocks Continue Bullish Trading

After pausing at the initial MOB target band, the XOP had an impulsive bullish move above that zone. This, to me, signals a strong lack...
xop oil and gas exploration and production etf trading buy signal bullish analysis image august

$XOP Oil and Gas Exploration & Production ETF Bullish Buy Signal

I remain long (bullish) the Oil and Gas Exploration ETF (XOP) and believe that the current pause is a bullish consolidation. Furthermore, I also believe...
us stocks of crude oil in spring strategic petroleum reserve image

U.S. Oil Reserves Drop to 40 Year Lows

On June 12th, Goldman Sachs came out stating how bearish they are on oil. I wrote a Daily about it on June 20th: Bearish at the Bottom-Institutions...

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