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commodities prices decline good for inflation chart image december

Inflation Concerns Easing As Commodities Fall, Bonds Rise

The financial markets have been volatile this year, to say the least. And much of the volatility has been tied to inflationary concerns and...
crude oil price break down long term sell signal bearish chart november

Crude Oil Looks To Be Sending Bearish Message This Month!

Crude oil prices rose sharply in 2022 and this has been a major factor in rising consumer prices and inflation. But the past five months...
us dollar bearish etf udn breakout buying higher chart november

US Dollar Weakness Could Mean Big Things For Stocks and Commodities!

The strength in the U.S. Dollar currency along with treasury bond yields (interest rates) has been relentless all year. And this has pressured stocks...
dbc commodity trading etf price analysis bullish november image

Markets are shifting, should your trading strategy too? 

Mish is at the Money Show, so I am filling in for two days till she returns, and I already managed to miss her Daily...
uso united states oil fund trading higher price targets new highs chart

Oil, Gold, and Equities: The Battle of Supply and Demand

As predicted and we wrote about yesterday, oil prices continued to climb in anticipation of an OPEC+ production cut. Reports confirmed today that OPEC+...
uga united states gasoline fund trading rally higher prices chart

Why Gasoline Prices Matter to the Stock Market 

It's no secret that gas prices significantly impact the economy, discretionary spending, and stock market prices.  Gas prices were at record highs following an incredible...
gold silver ratio etfs gld slv out-performance analysis 4th quarter year 2022

September Market Insights, Stock Calls, and a Look Ahead

As we move into October soon, I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of my recent daily columns from September.  On September 13,...
crude oil price trading pattern double top peak chart history

Are Crude Oil Prices Creating A Double Top Price Peak?

Consumers have taken notice to falling gas prices... and they like it. But will gas prices continue to fall? For that to happen, consumers (and...
xle energy sector etf trading price reversal chart august

Energy Sector ETF (XLE) Trading in Price Compression Zone

The decline in crude oil prices has been swift. For bullish traders, this has been painful... for consumers, this has provided relief at the...
crude oil long term price trend support chart important august

Crude Oil Declines Into Important Price Support!

One of the most visible signs of inflation is gas prices. And, as you know, the price of gas is born out of the...

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