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Shane is an investment Analyst at Richardson GMP Asset Management (Twitter: @ConnectedWealth). His interests include global macro, psychology, history, and politics. Shane recently passed L 3 of the CFA program.
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Uncovering Value: Price Discovery And Irrational Investing Behavior

This post was written with Chris Kerlow and Craig Basinger. The essence of money management can be encapsulated in searching for investments that are trading below their intrinsic value. In theory, it works like this:  Buying these companies low, and as the market comes around to realize their intrinsic value,…

From Herd Behavior to GroupThink to Market Bubbles

This post was written with Craig Basinger. The human species learned long, long ago that sticking together is a good thing. During our evolution, larger numbers provided safety from predatory animals and other groups of humans. While this may sound abstract today given the lack of dangerous animals looking to…

The Changing Consumer And What It Means For Retail Sector

This is part 2 of our investing research series on changing consumer and retail trends.  (Read part 1 here). This post was written with Chris Kerlow. The way we spend our time and money has been changing. Selfies are a new form of ‘art’ work, more communication is done with…

Consumer Checkup: Retail Healthy But Trends Bring Change

This article was written by Derek Benedet. One would think given low unemployment, rising wages, still low interest rates, high confidence and a rising wealth effect (thanks to a stock market at record highs and rising home prices) the consumer should be in the sweet spot in terms of spending….

Global Bond Yields Rally: Is The Reflation Trade Back On?

This post was written with Craig Basinger of Richardson GMP. Over the past week we have seen global bond yields rally. This move higher has included an almost doubling of the German 10-year bond, from 0.25% to 0.46%, UK’s from 1% to 1.25%, Canada’s from 1.47% to 1.77% and to…

Crude Oil Market Review And Outlook For 2H 2017

This post was written with Chris Kerlow of Richardson GMP. Crude Oil: A lot Can Change In Just 3 Years… In the 1st half of 2014, the outlook for oil was bright. Prices were rising, companies were investing and free cash flow was gushing. The good times were expected to…

Market Cycle Insights: How Old Is This Bull Market?

This post was written with Craig Basinger of Richardson GMP. Most investors approach the asset allocation decision in what we would call the traditional approach. Determine your long term objectives, liquidity needs and risk tolerance, then select an asset allocation that has historically been a good match for reaching those goals….

How Traders Can Profit Off Volume Spikes

This post was written with Derek Benedet of Richardson GMP. A common saying for investors is that volume tends to lead price. By volume, we mean the number of shares traded from one owner to another in a single day. High volume days are evidence that an increased number of…