trading covered call options

How To Trade A Poor Man’s Covered Call

Most traders worth their salt have used, or at least heard of covered calls. Covered calls are really easy to implement and are a proven...
options trading

Using Cash Secured Puts To Pick Up Stocks For Less

Getting paid while you wait, I like the sound of that. A cash secured put is a conservative options strategy that can be used to...
investor sentiment year 2018 market euphoria bubble chart

Investor Sentiment Update and Outlook: 5 Charts

The much awaited and widely predicted correction (that no one really ended up predicting) has turned 2 weeks old now, and driven the S&P...
s&p 500 etf spy stock market correction trend chart analysis_february 12

Stock Market Trends Review & Outlook (Week 7 / 2018)

THE BIG PICTURE Investors are operating in a volatile stock market climate for the first time in many months. And the reality of a stock...
nyse composite decline market volatility february

Intermarket Chart Attack: Not Done

This is an Intermarket Analysis chart review that I provided to my fishing club members this past weekend which graphically represents relationships (strong and weak) that can...
volatility index performance vs stock market sector segments_january

Chart Spotlight: Volatility Sinks To Start 2018

Investors read a lot about the persistence of low volatility in the markets throughout 2017. And just 3 trading days into 2018 and volatility is...
skew vix divergence black swan stock market volatility chart_year 2018

SKEW Index Continues To Diverge From VIX Index

The story of volatility has been very one-sided of late. There’s been low volatility despite various geopolitical headlines which in the past would have...
treasury bond etf credit call spread options trading chart_news_december 11

Options Trade Idea: $TLT Treasury ETF Credit Call Spread

Last Wednesday, iShares 20+ year Treasury bond ETF (TLT) got rejected at the underside of a broken trend line from March this year.  The...

Volatility Metrics Calling For A Breather For Stocks

Major U.S. stock market indices rallied to fresh new highs last week.  Even small-caps, which until recently had been lagging their large-cap brethren, joined...

How To Trade An Iron Condor

An Iron Condor is an options trading strategy where the seller of the Iron condor is looking for the price of the underlying security...

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