biogen biib stock research chart analysis forecast_14 may 2018

Biogen (BIIB): Using Options to Position for a Move Higher

In this post, I’ll take a closer look at Biogen (BIIB) and share some thoughts on its price chart, along with some options ideas...
market volatility extreme lows turning higher_march 2018

Two S&P 500 Indicators Reach Extremes In 2018

For some time we have talked about 2 specific extremes in the S&P 500: Market Volatility & Investor Sentiment. But as a confluence of 3 key...
us equities market cboe options indicators investor sentiment_february 27

U.S. Equities Update: Investors Shrug Off Inflation Concerns

The equity market rallied for the second week in a row last week with the S&P 500 Index gaining more than 50 basis points....
trading covered call options

How To Trade A Poor Man’s Covered Call

Most traders worth their salt have used, or at least heard of covered calls. Covered calls are really easy to implement and are a proven...
options trading

Using Cash Secured Puts To Pick Up Stocks For Less

Getting paid while you wait, I like the sound of that. A cash secured put is a conservative options strategy that can be used to...
investor sentiment year 2018 market euphoria bubble chart

Investor Sentiment Update and Outlook: 5 Charts

The much awaited and widely predicted correction (that no one really ended up predicting) has turned 2 weeks old now, and driven the S&P...
s&p 500 etf spy stock market correction trend chart analysis_february 12

Stock Market Trends Review & Outlook (Week 7 / 2018)

THE BIG PICTURE Investors are operating in a volatile stock market climate for the first time in many months. And the reality of a stock...
nyse composite decline market volatility february

Intermarket Chart Attack: Not Done

This is an Intermarket Analysis chart review that I provided to my fishing club members this past weekend which graphically represents relationships (strong and weak) that can...
volatility index performance vs stock market sector segments_january

Chart Spotlight: Volatility Sinks To Start 2018

Investors read a lot about the persistence of low volatility in the markets throughout 2017. And just 3 trading days into 2018 and volatility is...
skew vix divergence black swan stock market volatility chart_year 2018

SKEW Index Continues To Diverge From VIX Index

The story of volatility has been very one-sided of late. There’s been low volatility despite various geopolitical headlines which in the past would have...

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