Biogen (BIIB): Using Options to Position for a Move Higher

In this post, I’ll take a closer look at Biogen (BIIB) and share some thoughts on its price chart, along with some options ideas I’m looking at.

I have a daily and weekly chart attached.

$BIIB Daily chart

1.  Shares closed above $280 for the first time in two months

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2.  The RSI has been trending higher since late March.

3.  Now the average directional index (ADX) is confirming the reversal. It is important to note that the indicator was a confirmation signal for the previous downtrend (decline of more than 20%).

biogen biib stock research chart analysis forecast_14 may 2018

$BIIB Weekly chart

1.  The weekly chart shows the stock found long-term support at the $250 level

2.  Major resistance isn’t until the $300-$310 area.

biogen biib stock research chart weekly price bars_14 may 2018

Biogen (BIIB) Options Trade Ideas

Idea #1  I’m looking at the June 18 $285/$310 bull call spreads for $7.00 debit or better.

Stop loss:  $3.50

If the biotech stock continues to climb higher, I would look to take a majority of my position off in the $295-$300 range. A move to the top of the resistance area highlighted on the weekly chart ($310) would be an opportunity to close out the rest of the trade.

Idea #2  I’m looking at the June 18 $255/$265 bull put spreads for $1.60 credit or better

Stop loss reference:  close below $265 in the stock

For credit spreads you are positioning for where the stock won’t go as opposed to a directional trade. As long as the stock doesn’t drop and close below the May low by the June options expiration, the put spreads will expire worthless. However, as a function of risk management, look to close out the trade for a $0.25 debit or less.

Disclosure: I plan on opening the BIIB June 18 $255/$265 bull put spreads.


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