30 year us treasury bond yield breakout higher interest rates chart january year 2021

Treasury Bond Yields At Make-Or-Break Decision Point

Treasury bond yields (and interest rates) have been falling for so long now that investors have taken it for granted...
gold bull bear market money image investing

The Stock Market and Media Are Painting 2 Different Pictures

The market digests its recent highs amidst a rush of politically charged news as more riots and a second impeachment dominate headlines.
stock market outlook forecast analysis january 13

Stock Market Outlook: Price Action Remains Bullish

The S&P 500 (SPY) finished flat on Tuesday (+0.04%), but it was actually quite a bullish day under the hood; the index...
stock market today analysis image

US Stock Market Indices Record New Highs, Treasury Bonds Waver

The major US stock market indices continue to record new highs as investors look to keep the rally going into the weekend.
financial conditions loosest easiest ever on record chart

The Federal Reserve Is Juicing Stocks

We came across the following bullet points from a Seeking Alpha article titled- The Fed is not Juicing the Stock Market.
treasury bond market top peak chart year 2021 warning signal

Is the 30 Year Bond Bull Market Over?

For the past three decades, one thing investors could count on was lower yields and rising bond prices (due to inverse relationship).
tnx 10 year us treasury bond yield interest rates rising chart year 2021

Will Interest Rates Follow Commodities Higher In 2021?

As traders, investors and economists begin to take note of the rise in commodities prices, another related area is quietly gaining importance.
copper prices versus 10 year treasury bond yield ratio performance chart catch up

Copper/Gold Ratio vs 10-Year Yields: Time To Play Catch Up?

Commodities prices have been very strong for the past several months. And this has many investors eyeing...
jnk junk bonds etf trading signal bullish chart investing analysis december 16

When The NASDAQ Leads, Stock Market Bulls Worry

The FOMC report came out today keeping rates unchanged as the Federal Reserve continues to buy into bonds, thus supporting the market going...
stock market today analysis image

Bull Market Powers Higher, Crude Oil Breaks Out

Stocks are moving higher in early trade on Monday, as investors cheer on the first round of vaccine rollouts. Currently, the S&P...

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