tlt versus tbf etfs price performance investing chart 2 years

$40 Billion In Wrong Bond Fund Past 2 Years!

When treasury bond yields are rising, bond prices are falling. It's an inverse relationship. And so it makes sense that the 20+ Year Treasury Bond...
tlt treasury bonds etf trading higher wednesday investing analysis chart image

Time for a Fresh Look at Long Bonds 

I doubt any of our readers are too surprised by the CPI reading coming in a bit hotter than expected. The bulk of it was...
tlt treasury bonds etf trading reversal higher chart

U.S. Economic Data Insights: The GDP, PCE, ADP Waltz

Conference Board Economic Forecast:  Looking into 2024, we expect the volatility that dominated the US economy over the pandemic period to diminish. In the second...
tlt treasury bonds etf elliott wave analysis wave 5 low - investing chart

Treasury Bonds ETF $TLT Nears Buying Opportunity (Elliott wave analysis)

Treasury bonds appear ready to break beneath their previous low, but the larger pattern suggests price is seeking a platform to support a bounce....
tlt treasury bonds etf trading price support important long term investing chart

Treasury Bonds Wobble… Can $TLT Hold Support?

As bond yields and interest rates rise, bond prices fall. Pretty simple. And this has been happening for a while now, forcing one of the...
slv silver etf trading breakout higher investing chart

Stock Market Trading Insights: We Rarely Miss a Beat!

Over the course of our writing the Daily, it has served as a reliable and remarkable guide for investors, traders, and investments. For example, looking...
us treasury bond yields interest rates long term trend change breakout higher chart image

Have U.S. Bond Yields Began A New Long-Term Trend Higher?

Rising interest rates are beginning to spook investors. And rightfully so. It's been the fastest rise in rates in decades. And just when we thought...
technology stocks correlation interest rates important time right now chart image

Tech Stocks versus Interest Rates Reaching Breaking Point!

The correlation between technology stocks and interest rates is pretty simple. As interest rates fall, tech stocks rally. As interest rates rise, tech stocks...
tlt treasury bond etf decline new lows price trend analysis investing image

What’s Up or Down with Long Treasury Bonds ETF (TLT)?

Many, in fact most retail investors that were surveyed, believe that the bonds have bottomed. Bill Ackman came out last week extremely bearish. Here’s the technical...
10 year united states treasury yield long term trend reversal higher historical chart

Are 10-Year Yields Nearing Historic Breakout To New Highs?

Interest rates remain in the spotlight with investors watching every economic data release and wondering when the Federal Reserve will stop raising rates. Well, one...

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