10 year treasury yield breakout resistance chart_bullish_september 10

Bond Market Update (6 Charts): Signs Point To Higher Yields

US Treasury yields have been an investor focus for a long time. Many have been pretty sure yields and inflation were going to rise...
treasury yields interest rates copper gold ratio chart lower bearish

Are Interest Rates Peaking? Watch The Copper/Gold Ratio!

If you spend time researching market relationships you can better understand money flows, rotation, and reasons why money flows rotate. This can be very helpful...
tlt 20 year treasury bond elliott wave trading forecast chart august 2018

Treasury Bond ETF (TLT): Updated Elliott Wave Trading Roadmap

The Elliott wave forecast we posted about the Treasury Bond ETF in February is still working even though price hasn't yet put in the strong...
russell 2000 vs s&p 500 ratio chart performance analysis_year 2018

6 Stock Market Themes Investors Should Watch Into August

With the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA: SPY) trading toward the all-time highs from January, it's important to look at some of the key stock market...
stock market rally higher image

Weekly Market Trends Update: Pause Possible, But Bull Alive

The stock market has stalled out and traded sideways for several days. Is it ready to turn lower, or simply consolidating? Today, we take a...
10 year treasury interest rates breakout resistance higher year 2018

Interest Rates Rising At Fastest Clip In 20 Years!

With the Federal Reserve in interest rate "hike" mode, the market is on edge about the speed with which rates will rise. Rates have been...
tlt treasury bond etf bearish triangle pattern trading_13 june 2018

Are Treasury Bonds Setting Up For A Rally?

Looking at the weekly chart of the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond (TLT), we are seeing price trying to breakout from a potential double...
10 year treasury yield decline pullback tnx analysis_31 may 2018

Interest Rates Losing Momo? Bull-Bear Battle At 3 Percent

Interest rates have been creeping higher over the past several months. This has increased investor uncertainty to levels not seen in a couple years. Many are...
russell 2000 macro trend analysis chart investing research_30 may 2018

Macro Technical Trends & Insights: Small Cap Leadership

The 24-7 news cycle adds an additional layer of noise to what's happening in the marketplace. Though it's good to be up on news and...
10 year treasury yield down trend decline chart image_30 may 2018

10-Year Treasury Yield Driving Broad Stock Market Indices

Heading into this week, it was seen as "more" probable that strength in Technology and Industrial stocks would carry stocks higher despite the increasing...

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