financial stocks xlf decline lower chart february 9

Intermarket Chart Attack: Not Done (Part 2)

This is an Intermarket Analysis chart review that I provided to my fishing club members Wednesday to prepare for the stock market downdraft I expect to continue. These...
high yield bonds relative to treasury yields chart_bearish equities february

Bond Yield Spreads Don’t Bode Well For Equities

With the recent equity market turmoil, many traders and investors are looking for signposts. Is the sell-off contained to equities and VIX-related ETPs or...
10 year treasury yields rising interest rates chart_february 2018

Are Rising Interest Rates About To Hit A Wall?

Rising interest rates are finally getting some attention here, and by all accounts, investors are concerned! The rate with which treasury yields have moved higher...
short bonds etf tbt breakout higher chart_february 5

Short Bonds ETF (TBT) Breaks Out On Rising Treasury Yields

Back in December, I wrote a blog about rising rates and the impending breakout for the Ultrashort Treasury Bonds ETF (TBT). Since that post, treasury...
tlt treasury bond etf price chart analysis trading resistance_january 2018

Treasuries Update (TLT): Bond Bulls Have Work To Do

iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) On the daily chart (shown below), TLT remains extremely subdued, showing little change over the past seven months....
s&p 500 stock market seasonality composite chart_year 2018 investing

Market Seasonality Composite Charts For Stocks & Bonds

Earlier this week, I shared some stock market seasonality charts on my research blog and Twitter feed.  I'd like to highlight a couple of...
stocks vs bonds ratio performance breakout rally higher_january 2018

Stocks To Bonds Ratio (SPY/TLT): Parabolic Rally

One of the more interesting relationships to watch is the price relationship of stocks to bonds. Investors can watch this performance battle using a ratio...

Macro To Micro Trading Update: Market Themes & Insights

Note that this post went out to my “Gone Fishing” newsletter subscribers this weekend.  You can subscribe here.   Reflections and Inflections The Bloomberg Commodity Index started the...
developed economies capacity running out

Top 10 Charts For Investors To Watch In 2018

I spent a lot of time this past week looking back across 2017.  I reviewed some of my best charts and market/macro calls of...

Rising Treasury Bond Yields Could Fuel $TBT Breakout

The treasury bond market has been playing ping pong with investors for the past several months. Back in October, I provided an update to the...

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