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s&p 500 index fibonacci retracement downside price targets levels chart october

Look Out Below! S&P 500 Downside Fibonacci Targets

Now that the S&P 500 has broken below the key 4200 level, what's next?   Investors have been focused on the 4200 region on the S&P...
xlk technology sector etf trading sell signal bearish analysis chart october 27

Technology Stocks Teetering At Important Price Support!

Today's technology stocks make the world run. The tech sector and select large cap stocks have lead the broader bull market for nearly 14...
important s&p 500 sectors bearish sell signals warning stock market chart image

S&P Sectors Painting Gloomy Stock Market Picture!

It's been a little bit gloomy for investors lately. Stocks have chopped lower since peaking 3 months ago and volatility has perked up recently. Unsurprisingly,...
s&p 500 equal weight index breaking down through trend line bearish warning stock market chart october

Is Major Stock Market Index Warning Trouble Ahead?

When evaluating the stock market, it's good to look at several key indicators to evaluate risk and positioning. And sometimes those indicators are actual...
stock market valuations when real interest rates greater than 1 percent chart history

Real Rates Drive Stock Prices

My firm's Daily Market Commentary provides market insight, analyzes economic and financial news, and highlights a few graphs worthy of discussion. Occasionally, I stumble upon a...
tlt treasury bonds etf trading price reversal analysis chart october 25 2023

Key Stock Market Relationships for the Next Big Move

First off, we are heading out of town to New York where I will be visiting in studio several media channels and hosts. Then, we...
thematic etfs investment performance chart 2023

Thematic Stock Market ETFs: Proceed With Caution

The essence of ‘Thematic-focused investing’ is, at its core, a really good idea. There is no denying the world changes over time, and often...
gold price breakout chart october

Gold Prices Clear Downtrend, Important Breakout Next?

Gold prices have bounced around during a volatile multi-month pullback. Each rally has been met with more selling. Could that be changing soon? Today's "daily" chart...
total federal debt united states year by year history chart

Bond Market Noise Hides Tremendous Opportunity

Treasury yield levels are overwhelmingly a function of inflation. However, in the short run, a plethora of influences can explain deviations between yields and...
tlt treasury bonds etf elliott wave projection low trading chart end of year 2023

Is It Time For Bulls To Eye Treasury Bonds Now? (Elliott wave analysis)

Following up on our August post about treasury bonds, the market has made a minor new low as expected. Now the pattern becomes more risky...

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