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large cap tech stocks weakness versus small cap stocks strength news market insights chart november 11

Big Decline For Tech Stocks? Could Be Investor DejaVu…

It's always good to monitor the performance of market leading sectors and indices. These leaders provide insight...
stock market commentary forecast investing insights november 11

Stock Market Outlook: Growth To Value Rotation Continues

The S&P 500 Index fell by 0.14% on Tuesday, but don't let that fool you, we had bullish market breadth with advancing...
s&p 500 index rally above bollinger band pullback below image november 10

S&P 500 Trading Outlook: Pullback Should Turn Higher Once More

The S&P 500 Index move higher has seen a strong bout of selling to offset Monday's gains....
s&p 500 index major stock market top peak price target chart image november 9 2020

S&P 500 Index Reverses Lower From Major Price Target

The S&P 500 Index hit a major money flow unit price target (MFU-4) and is reversing lower....
russell 2000 index peak top small cap stocks warning chart november 10

Is the Lagging Russell 2000 Index Ready To Breakout?

For much of the past 2 years, the Russell 2000 Index has been lagging the broader market....
russell 2000 small cap stocks rally island reversal November 9 2020

Russell 2000 Index Confirming Bullish “Island Reversal” Pattern

Small cap stocks have come back in a big way of late. The Russell 2000 Index is out-performing the broader stock market...
bull market stocks image

Stock Market Breadth Strengthens As Weight Of Evidence Turns Bullish

As impressive as the gains in the broader stock market indices are, it is what is happening beneath the surface that is...
tlt treasury bond etf decline lower bottom price target image investing november 9

U.S. Treasury Bonds ETF (TLT) Crashes Lower; Hits Initial Price Target

The long-term US Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) came within 0.63 cents of my $154 price target. This...
first solar stock fslr new highs bullish forecast higher investing analysis image_november 9

First Solar Stock (FSLR) Is Heating Up For New Highs

First Solar (FSLR) is one of our top technical stock trading ideas coming into this week.
small cap stocks etfs banks stock chart analysis week november 6 investing image

Do Key Stock Market ETFs Stand Divided Or With The Country?

The "Economic Modern Family" is made up of several key economically sensitive ETFs. We analyze each ETF,...

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