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5 Key Investing Themes For the Week of September 14

It was a rough week for stock market bulls, with the major indices slumping lower. The carnage appears to...
teck resources stock forecast bullish price higher breakout chart image september 13

Teck Resources: Coal Is Still A Dominant Energy Provider

Partly inspired by our recent trip throughout the West, and partly inspired by our long position in Teck Resources Ltd (TECK) which...
dow jones industrial average gap fill bearish stock market september 11 2020

Dow Jones Industrials Could Be Topping After Filling Big Gap!

Dow Jones Industrial Average "weekly" Chart Shortly after the first rumblings of coronavirus hit...
junk bonds etf forecast lower investing caution stock market top september 10

Are Junk Bonds Warning of a Stock Market Top?

Junk Bonds ETF "monthly" Chart As investors, we have several tools and indicators at...
nasdaq 100 etf qqq reversal higher stock market rally investing image september 9

Stock Market Bears Flee As Nasdaq Reverses Higher

The 50-day moving average did its job! After a perfect touch-down in the NASDAQ 100 ETF (QQQ) to the...
s&p 500 index futures reversal signal rally higher september 9

S&P 500 Futures Reversal Signals Trading Rally

S&P 500 e-mini futures Chart The S&P 500 e-mini futures selloff saw the broad...
stock market analysis news image september 9

Stock Market Outlook: 3 Red Arrows Signal Emerges

The S&P 500 Index sold off in heavy volume for the third consecutive session on Tuesday, falling 2.78%. It...
qqq nasdaq 100 etf 50 day moving average support chart september 9

Stock Market Update: If the 50-Day Moving Average Breaks…

Last Friday we noted how several major stock market index and sector ETFs (QQQ, IWM, JNK, SMH) bounced off the 50-day moving...
s&p 500 index correction decline fibonacci support price levels investing image september 8 2020

S&P 500 Index Fibonacci Levels (Short and Long Term)

After a multi-day stock market decline, many are wondering how far the stock market will fall. Although I will...
stock market indicators bearish week september 8

U.S. Equities Update: Bad News Catches Up To Investors

The stock market experienced a pullback last Thursday and Friday as many of the largest-capitalized stocks underwent an expected correction.

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