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stock market investing defensive portfolio allocations chart image year 2023

Investors Face Tough Market: Time for Defense or Offense?

Good news – the world’s largest central bank hit the pause button on rate hikes last week. After embarking on a rate hiking cycle...
lnc stock ticker banks crash concerns worries investing chart image

Financials Brace for Volatility Amid an Uncertain Corporate Earnings

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. Fed Chief Jerome Powell did no favors for the...
vnm vietnam rtf trading investing buy bullish analysis chart image

Stock Picks from the 2023 Market Outlook 

The Market Outlook for 2023 was written in December 2022.  I have a designated radar screen for all the predictions and stock picks. The picks especially remain a...
s&p 500 etf spy trading buy signal investing analysis chart image may 9

Stock Market Trading Insights For May 8th

I am back from 2 weeks of whirlwind travel and presenting at both the Money Show in Las Vegas and Charting Forward at I...
semiconductors stocks bullish buy signal chart image

Stock Market Outlook: Gold Drops & Semiconductors Pop

Today I’ve got a handful of bullish stock charts for your watchlist next week.  The importance of these stock charts begins with the table shown...
dow jones industrial average large bullish base cup pattern forming investing chart

Dow Jones Industrial Average Building Bullish Base

One investing indicator/tool that gets overlooked is the bullish base. And as the old say goes, "the bigger the base, the higher in space." ...
treasury bond yields trading support sell signal breakdown chart may 3

Treasury Bonds Are Setting Up For A BIG Move!

As the Federal Reserve continues to fight inflation by raising interest rates, the market is growing uncertain about futures rate hikes. Today, we share a...
number of shareholder meetings by month year 2023 chart

Welcome To May: Shareholder Meetings Month!

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. As the first quarter reporting period wraps up, shareholder...
commercial banks balance sheet and leverage chart

Bank Stocks: Do the Rewards Warrant the Risk?

The recent failures of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic and the poor performance of other regional banks serve as a reminder...
spy s&p 500 index etf trading bearish sell signal pattern chart may 3

Will The Federal Reserve Make Gold Shine?

Stocks began the day weak, and weaker than most traders probably realized. As you can see in the intra-day chart below, short-term momentum, as...

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