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xlf financial stocks etf bullish breakout higher inverse head shoulders pattern chart february year 2020

One Stock Chart To Watch: Financial Sector ETF (XLF)

For this week’s One Chart, I’m sharing with you the chart of the Financial Sector ETF –...
s&p 500 earnings and stock market valuations year 2020 chart comparison multiple expansion

Corporate Earnings Anemic Growth: S&P 500 Gains Due to Multiple Expansion

Saying 2020 has been a news-filled year so far is probably an understatement. We have had an escalation...
january year 2020 stock market bullish signal confirmation bull market chart

These Charts Say 2018 Produced a Major Stock Market Bottom

RECENT SIGNAL SEEN NEAR 2002 AND 2009 STOCK MARKET LOWS As shown in the chart below, the S&P 500...
gold futures rally forecast rising euro february precious metals chart

Gold Bulls Hope the Euro Holds Long-Term Trend Line!

Currencies play an important role with precious metals. Gold and Silver either have the tailwind of a weak US...
nasdaq 100 index stock price breakout all time highs february 10

Nasdaq 100 Index Leads Market Higher, Remains In Focus

As stocks were pulling back 10 days ago, I wrote an article call "Stock Market Pullback or Correction: Eyes on Large Cap...
stock market sectors ranking week february 10 investing image

U.S. Stock Market Update: The Blue Collar Boom Continues

The U.S. equity markets rallied last week, recording their biggest weekly gain in six months. Stocks were supported by...
investor on stock market rally chart

Investors Shift Focus From CoronaVirus to Market Momentum and Sentiment Indicators

Key Investing Takeaways for the Week: - Bond yields not showing same confidence as stocks.  -...
federal reserve monetary policy year 2020

The Federal Reserve’s Great Betrayal

“Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the...
spain ibex 35 index chart bullish stock market analysis higher year 2020

Spain IBEX 35 Stock Market Rally: Upside Targets

Spanish stocks have been moving lower for several months. But the more recent trend higher (rally) has seen the...

Bull Market Cycle Growing Old and a Bit Less Healthy

Financial markets, including bond, equity and commodities, can be very fickle. Sometimes there is bad news and a...

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