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vix volatility index rising stock market concerns chart january year 2022

2 Threats To The Bull Market In 2022

The bull market is undergoing a serious questioning period as we enter 2022. And for good reason. The S&P 500 Index and Nasdaq Composite have...
new york stock exchange peaking top forecast chart january year 2022

Is NYSE Index Trading At Major Inflection Point?

The stock market continues to trade at elevated levels as traders ring in the first week of the new year. But there are a few...
growth versus value stocks price performance ratio trend decline turning lower chart year 2022

Here’s Why Value Stocks May Shine In 2022

Growth stocks have out-performed value stocks for nearly 15 years, with a major surge from 2017 to 2020. But the past two years have seen...
annual federal deficits by month history united states chart

2022 Financial Markets Outlook Faces Several Headwinds

The first part of our 2022 outlook looks through the front windshield and contrasts 2021s tailwinds with 2022s growing headwinds. While no one knows...
nasdaq price under performance weakness investing chart january

Will Tech Stocks Under-Perform In 2022? Watch This Ratio!

Tech stocks began under-performing the broader market several months ago when the ratio of the Nasdaq Composite to S&P 500 Index peaked out at...
stock market research trading image january 5

Stock Market Indices Remain Bullish Despite Interesting Internal Data

This was one of the most interesting days we've seen on Wall Street in quite some time; while the percentage movements weren't extreme, the...
iyt transportation sector etf trading near all time highs stock market outlier chart january

What Are Current Stock Market Outliers Telling Investors?  

Earlier this week, I wrote about the potential for the stock market to get stuck in rangebound trading if pivotal price levels were not...
natural gas price decline analysis trading at buy support area chart

Natural Gas Price Decline Reaches Critical Support!

While several commodities rode strong buying waves to new highs in 2021, some commodities have really cooled off over the past several months. One of...
xle energy sector etf trading breakout analysis investing chart

Is The Energy Sector (XLE) Nearing Inflection Point?

The coronavirus era has enjoyed higher stock prices, while also seeing higher energy and food prices. This is an odd dilemma... often referred to as...
stock market indexes trading breakout higher santa rally investing chart

Key Stock Market Sectors to Watch Into The New Year

With the Holidays upon us, let's do a quick review of Mish’s Economic Modern Family of ETFs for new trends and ideas as we...

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