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devon energy dvn stock price bullish investing trend chart

3 Energy Stocks With Potential Upside

The Energy sector has been moving higher on our potential breakout list, following this recent consolidation. The ETF (XLE), at +27.84%, is the #2...
stock market forecast volatility september image

Stock Market Outlook Dampened By Bearish Signals

The excitement from the Apple product event wore off by late morning Tuesday and all major U.S. stock market indices closed negative and near...
xrt retail sector etf trading decline analysis chart september 14

Stock Market Correction Nearing? Watch Consumer / Retail Stocks

Stocks have stalled out in September. Is this an ominous sign of a bigger stock market decline to come? Or is this simply an...
equity bond ratio correlation positive has strong impact on modern portfolio theory chart image

Modern Portfolio Theory Faces Issues As Correlations Turn Positive

Modern Portfolio Theory sits at the core of just about every portfolio construction process. Although developed some seventy years ago, the core beliefs of Modern...
s&p 500 index price earnings over 20 investing returns history chart

3 Reasons Investors Should Temper Return Expectations

When it comes to return assumptions for equities, very often numbers such as 8% are thrown around or used in long-term assumptions. Which is...
pimco high income bond etf trading at important sell signal price support _ investing chart september

Pimco High Income ETF Breakdown Would Be Bad For Stocks!

Watching high income (or high yield) bond funds has always been a good indicator of risk for the overall market, especially for stocks. Today's chart...
important stock market etfs selling bearish decline lower forecast chart investing

Does the Transportation ETF (IYT) Hold Fate of Stock Market?

When the market struggles to decide which direction to travel in, we tend to see increased volatility. Throughout last week the market was struggling to...
tesla stock price forecast investing analysis future chart tsla ticker

What’s Next For Tesla’s Stock Price?

Tesla is the stock people love to hate. For every investor telling you Tesla's stock price (ticker TSLA) will go to the moon, there’s...
amex airlines index consolidation investing analysis chart september 8

Airlines Uncertainty Continues To Weigh On Stocks

Airline stocks are moving into the fall months with a lot to prove, from a time and price perspective (looking at the charts) as...
russell 2000 etf pullback analysis etf investing chart september 8

How Momentum Plays A Role In Russell 2000 (IWM) Performance

Representing 2000 small-cap companies, the Russell 2000 (IWM) gives a great view of the overall market picture. Recently we talked about watching our Real Motion...

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