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s&p 500 etf spy nearing important support chart month june

Market Update: When the Investing Trend Is Not Your Friend

Currently, if we look at the S&P 500 and the Retail Sector through XRT, our foregone conclusion is that for the most part, equities...
tlt treasury bond trading bear market decline analysis month june year 2022

Are Treasury Bonds Nearing Tradable Rally?

The bond market selloff over the past 2 years isn't getting enough attention. It's the other side of the equation making headlines: Interest rates &...
nasdaq under performance year 2022 important bear market sell signal chart

Nasdaq Under-Performance Looks Like Dot-Com Deja Vu!

Tech stocks continue to lead the market to the downside, with the Nasdaq declining over 30% from its 2021 high. Today, we share an update...
investor conferences in-person versus virtual numbers total chart

Q3 Investor Conference and Events Schedule / Highlights

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. The tone among corporate executives has shifted immensely over...
s&p 500 index performance ratio retail sector etf xrt chart history

For Signs Of Relief Rally, Watch the S&P 500 versus Retail Stocks

Pretty much everyone has turned into a bear. And no surprise really. Personally, I think the bears are a bit late to the party. Nonetheless,...
s&p 500 index daily downside price targets june month

U.S. Equity Indices Update: Time For A Bounce?

The S&P 500 Index, Nasdaq 100 Index, and Nasdaq Composite have declined into daily MOB price target bands, which is a zone where we...
nasdaq composite bear market decline important price support target june image

Nasdaq Composite Declines Into Must-Hold Price Support!

Technology stocks have been the market leader for the past 13 years. But what leads on the way up, often leads on the way down....
10 year us treasury bond yield rising interest rates analysis chart image year 2022

Why Bond Yields (Interest Rates) May Pause Soon

Interest rates are on the rise as inflation confounds (and astounds... and crushes) everyday people. With the Federal Reserve behind the curve, they are expecting...
fxi china etf trading buy signal bullish breakout falling wedge pattern chart june

Will China ETF (FXI) Breakout Signal End of Bear Market?

Chinese stocks have been mired in selling for the past 15 months. Just look at the "weekly" chart of $FXI (shares China ETF) below. As you...
tlt treasury bond etf elliott wave price forecast low bottom june year 2022

Treasury Bonds (TLT) Headed Lower Yet (Elliott Wave)

Treasury bonds have remained on track since our early April post, and we expect a bearish trading environment to persist until August. Here we show the...

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