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qqq spy etfs price performance analysis chart year 2023

The Yin and the Yang of the Stock Market

We started out this year thinking that the economy stagnates, and inflation has a second wave or a super-cycle. At this point, with 5 months...
wynn resorts stock price chart after dividend payout changes image

The Great Dividend Divide: Clues From 2 Companies’ Payout Changes

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. Earnings season has been better than feared, and we...
spy comparison xlu etf trading performance investing analysis chart may 18

Stock Market Analysts are Bearish While Risk On Explodes!

The four ratio indicators track key intermarket relationships which identify risk on/off market conditions.  These four indicators can be used together to confirm or identify...
10 year us treasury bond yields chart last 30 years

3 Headwinds To Lower Treasury Bond Yields

We have been vocal that long-term Treasury bonds are an excellent investment at current yield levels. However, timing the purchase of bonds will prove...
s&p 500 index technical price resistance 4200 important month may chart

The Stock Market Faces Technical Headwinds Into June

The S&P 500 Index reached important price resistance near 4200 and has turned down. Could this be an indication that "sell in May" is...
corporate earnings calendar retail stocks week may 15

Retailers Ready To Report Earnings Against Shaky Backdrop

The following research was contributed to by Christine Short, VP of Research at Wall Street Horizon. After a mixed week of results, S&P 500 EPS...
uso us oil fund etf trading buy signal price analysis image

US Oil Fund ETF (USO): Technical and Fundamental Analysis

USO, US Oil Fund the ETF, invests primarily in futures contracts for light, sweet crude oil, other types of crude oil, diesel-heating oil, gasoline,...
s&p 500 comparison nasdaq price performance investing analysis year 2023 image

New Dow Theory Not Bullish… Yet

The New Dow Theory is a modern take on Charles Dow's original method of analyzing the Dow Industrials and Dow Railroads.  The general concept was...
copper gold price ratio declining lower inflation risks chart year 2023

Economic Slowdown, Falling Interest Rates and Inflation? This Ratio Says Yes!

The world is full of economic concerns. Inflation, economic slowdown, global trade, and international war. So what's next? Today's chart might just might share a glimpse...
bank stocks correlation to high yield spreads investing analysis image

Have Bank Stocks Bottomed? High Yields Spreads Say No!

The stock market is stuck in neutral, with several sectors failing to keep up. Call it a lack of leadership. One key sector that has...

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