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copper price rally new highs bullish test technical resistance chart

Copper Bulls Getting Greedy As Price Reaches Resistance

Copper has rallied in a straight line higher for the past several months. But this rally may...
gold bars on top of money opportunity

Is Gold Price Decline A Golden Opportunity For Traders?

Investing in gold, either gold producers or bullion, has never been easy. Of course we are not counting the “gold...
gld gold etf decline lower price channel november 27 2020

Gold Declines Sharply Into Big Price Support

Gold came under selling pressure this week and has been in decline since peaking out in August. That selling...
united states covid pandemic related government fiscal stimulus chart

COVID-19 Pandemic Global Economic Price Tag

Our investment firm has hosted well over 50 client events since this COVID-19 pandemic-driven recession began. To be clear, these were all...
investor technology stocks

What Does A Post-COVID World Look Like?

"Innovation is the only way to win." - Steve Jobs It's no surprise that COVID-19 has caused the world...
crude oil futures price forecast trading analysis 45 50 dollars investing chart

Crude Oil Futures Trading Price Targets: $45 & $50

WTI Crude Oil (December futures contract) reversal higher from its late October lows may still have future...
stock market today analysis image

Moderna Vaccine News Sends Global Stock Markets To Record Highs

Global stock markets surged on Monday as Moderna announced positive news regarding COVID-19 vaccine. Several global stock market indexes made new record...
technology stocks image

The History Of Technology Innovation: Making A Better World

"Pessimism never won any battle." - Dwight D. Eisenhower In times of uncertainty, it may seem difficult to remain...

Silver Futures Rally Forecasts New Highs In November

Silver futures prices are rallying as momentum indicators turn higher. My firm has been...
crude oil rigs pumping image

Crude Oil Correction Almost Over, Time for a Rally! (#ElliottWave Video)

Crude oil moved sharply down during the coronavirus lockdown back in March, but energy quickly turned bullish again with economic stimulus packages...

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