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Has the US Dollar Index Topped Out Yet?

Assuming the answer is yes (to the title question: Has the US Dollar Index Topped Out?), here are three points to explore...
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Fundamentals Matter for Investing: A Look Ahead to 2020

The ongoing China/U.S. trade war certainly provides a glimpse into the market’s confidence. One day there is a tweet...
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The Top 15 Risks to the Stock Market Right Now

The S&P 500 Index has broken above all-time-highs. Many investors see blue skies. Since late-to-the-party bulls are typically the...
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Why Bitcoin? And What’s The Rally All About?

Top Charts Bitcoin exploded UP on Friday: We’d be looking at the 3rd highest 1D return...
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New Gold Bull Market? Not Until This Happens!

After a big summer rally, Gold peaked out at $1566/oz in September. Since then, Gold prices have been consolidating...
usdmxn currency pair triangle formation elliott wave bearish decline chart october 9

USDMXN Trading Within Triangle Formation, Could Drop To 19.00 (Elliott Wave Analysis)

After a very sharp and extended move up on USDMXN from 2014 through 2016, the currency pair have been trading sideways.
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The Investor Crowd Awaits Buy Signal in Cannabis Stocks

Canada legalized recreational pot / cannabis.  Mexico is working on legalization. That would put the U.S....
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When Will Bitcoin Bottom? Cycles Suggest Selloff Will Continue

Bitcoin crashed as the launch of the much-discussed Bakkt futures exchange was greeted with limited uptake. Having risen...
s&p 500 futures lower monday september 16 saudi arabia attacks

Stock Market Futures Turn Cautious On Weekend News Headlines

S&P 500 Futures Trading Chart Analysis – September 16 MARKET COMMENTARY

World FX Currency Trading Update: US Dollar Reversal?

The US Dollar Index reversed sharply when it found resistance Thursday at its regression trend channel.  The Euro achieved...

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