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december 2018 corn futures trading analysis forecast outlook_november 5

U.S. Corn Futures Weekly Trading Outlook: Upside Limited

December corn futures closed up 3.5 cents last week to close at $3.71. Do the bulls have more gas in their tank? Let’s review current...
december corn futures trading forecast bullish higher year end 2018

U.S. Corn Futures Trading Outlook: Base Building

December corn futures are attempting to firm up into the end of October. Let’s review current news, data releases, and market trends with a look...
tiffany company stock chart investing outlook forecast tif_october 2018

Tiffany & Co (TIF) Outlook: More Downside Likely On China Slowdown

Tiffany & Company (NYSE: TIF) traded 7% lower on Wednesday morning on concerns about a slowdown in Chinese consumer spending. French luxury retailer Louis...
december 2018 corn futures trading chart price analysis_october 1

U.S. Corn Market Outlook for the Week of October 1st

December corn futures traded lower by 1 CENT per bushel week-on-week, finishing Friday at $3.56 1/4. Let’s review the latest news, data releases, and market...
bitcoin cash rally price resistance pivots month october 2018

Bitcoin Cash (BCH.USD) Trading Outlook For October

The bubble up in Bitcoin prices brought a high in late 2017 and its been tough sledding for enthusiasts since. There are a few different...
ethereum price support buy target pivots crypto currency chart_september 7

Ethereum Nears Key Support As Crypto Traders Look For A Bounce

Last year, many people made bets that Crypto Currencies would be the "next big thing". Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin were a few of the larger...
equal weight commodity index bearish breakdown lower_5 september 2018

Commodity Bulls Are On The Ropes!

Last month, we wrote an article about the downturn in commodity prices. And more precisely, the decline in the Equal Weighted Thomson Reuters Commodity...
try usd turkey currency cross analysis chart_22 august

Trade Wars, Negotiations, and Weaponization of the U.S. Dollar

The Uncivil Civil War discussed the sanguine approach many investors take towards equity risk despite clear signs of domestic political turbulence. The article put the...

U.S. Corn Futures Market Outlook: A Bullish Glimpse of the Future

SEPTEMBER corn futures closed up 6 1/2 CENTS per bushel week-on-week, finishing at $3.64 1/4. Let’s review current themes, news, data releases, and trends for...
commodity index break down bearish falling lower research_august 2018

Are Commodities Sending Global Macro Message To Investors?

Commodities are becoming a hot topic... and an important investing theme. With the US Dollar coming back to life, commodities have pulled back. And that pullback...

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